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New Favorites: Summer sweaters

This might be a bit whiplashy — we were just talking about ski sweaters two days ago — but happy summer! Have you thought about knitting a little summer sweater? 171 more words


New Favorites: Colorwork plus

A variety of conversations and previews and proximity to experts lately has me itching to get some colorwork into my knittin queue, and I’m particularly smitten with these two patterns with just a little spot of something extra: 86 more words


New Favorites: Whelk

I keep telling myself I really need to make more things with sleeves (both sewn and knitted) but for the past few years, I’ve been dying to knit a sweater vest. 95 more words


New Favorites: Crocheted slippers

Every single summer I say I want to do two things: crochet something, and make some socks or slippers. For some reason, both seem like perfect little summer projects, and yet I never do either. 106 more words


New Favorites: Banded ribs

I don’t know if this interrupted-ribbing stitch pattern has a commonly accepted name (if it does, fill me in! and is it ribbing or brioche?) but I fell in love with it upon first seeing Helga Isager’s… 96 more words


New Favorites: Bits to borrow

You know that feeling when you see a stitch pattern and your fingers start twitching with the urge to knit it? But sometimes it’s on a garment or accessory that doesn’t quite suit you.  112 more words


New Favorites: Marmor

This might sound funny but I’ve always wanted a garter-stitch sweater. It’s one of those things that is forever rolling around in the back of my mind. 92 more words