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New Favorites: Swans Island's S/M/L cable scarves

I know I don’t have to tell you how happy I am that the annual July seepage of Fall patterns has begun. In a rare deluge,  226 more words


New Favorites: Retro cable Bliss

Now that the 4th of July is behind us, it’s safe to start dreaming about Fall — which will be here in a heartbeat, people. I know I’m not the only one mired in reveries, because my Instagram feed is suddenly full of fall feelings.  91 more words


New Favorites: Kveta

Ok, in all honesty, I chuckle a lot about the number of garter-stitch shawl patterns that get published in any given month. And yet today I’m favoriting… 113 more words


New Favorites: Andean-inspired hats

It’s making me laugh how hilariously out-of-season this is, but with the sopping wet blaze of summer upon us, all I can do is dream of Fall. 231 more words


New Favorites: Crochet shawls

There was a whole lot of crochet going on around me on my trip last weekend, further stoking my urge to crochet right now. I’m holding steady on my no-shawl-knitting vow, but I wonder if the long rows would bother me as much with crochet, given the difference in how they’re worked? 81 more words


New Favorites: WATG knitted denim jammies

The big news out of Wool and the Gang this week is that they’ve got a new yarn called Billie Jean, upcycled from the copious denim scraps of the blue jean business into an intrinsically blue cotton yarn ( 151 more words


Meet Jacob's Ladder

I just wrote about the step mill. I walked into the gym the next day and it was gone. My baby! In it’s place against the wall is a step mill-like creature with wooden rungs where steps should be. 366 more words

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