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Revise & Resubmit Workflow added to Pay Apps


Sometimes a Contractor submits an application for payment that doesn’t quite get a passing grade from the Contract originator. Maybe something is listed as complete that really isn’t. 185 more words

New Feature

Google’s upcoming mobile-friendly algorithm changes

We are approaching a major Google algorithm update on April 21st:   This update affects the search results on mobile devices.  After the update only pages that are optimized for mobile devices will be displayed in the Google searches on smartphones. 86 more words


Colour correction when a passport has been issued

When a passport had been issued in WorldFengur it was not possible to change the colour of the horse in question. The reason was that according to EU rules basic information in a passport couldn’t be changed except by re-issuing the passport. 96 more words


Unique Projects for Enterprise

New features are out there for VersionEye Enterprise. In an Enterprise environment it makes sense that ALL users can see ALL projects. If everybody can see everything you want to avoid to monitor the same project twice. 253 more words

New Feature

Default License Whitelist

We just improved the license feature at VersionEye! As you know already you can manage multiple license whitelists at VersionEye. Up to now you had to assign them manually to your projects. 74 more words

New Feature

Keyboard Shortcut: Use ESC to quickly switch login pages

Press ESC key to quickly switch between ‘Property’ and ‘Partner’ logins.

New Feature

VersionEye Enterprise

In the last months we worked hard on VersionEye Enterprise! For a long time it was under the radar, because it was unclear if it will work or if customers are willing to pay for it! 84 more words

New Feature