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Now VersionEye has support for .NET

VersionEye had already support for 12 package managers and now we are adding Nuget, the package manager for the .NET platform from Microsoft! As Microsoft Windows is all about continuous updating, Microsoft will like VersionEye very much, because VersionEye is continuous updating for .NET packages :-) 571 more words

New Feature

New Design Launched - Vogue

New Design Launched – Introducing Vogue

Vogue is much more than an eCommerce template. It’s a template that catches your shopper’s eyes, drags them into your store and succeeds at providing a visual and flawless shopper experience. 30 more words

New Feature

New Blog Feature: Coming Soon!

Thank you for stopping by my blog again today! It’s kind of growing on you, I see, and I secretly hoped that it would. So, welcome back my friend. 267 more words

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Graphical User Interface to create automator packages

Business case:

Until now the only option to generate automator packages was to write code. The automator code is easy to learn and very efficient, meaning that with a couple of lines you can achieve great things. 95 more words

ITRP Functional Enhancement

WhatsApp gets a new font; know how to use them all

WhatsApp has been making headlines ever since they announced that the messaging platform will be completely free for use. In fact, the Facebook Inc-owned company has been constantly in the news with facts, leaks and rumours about its upcoming features. 8 more words

Whatsapp with Invitation Feature

No need of An introduction to Whatsapp .. Millions of Peoples are using it . but Compared to other chatting apps still Whatsp has less features. 97 more words

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Showing sync status in VersionEye Enterprise

If you start your own instance of VersionEye, like described here, your locale VerisonEye database is empty. If you create a new project in your locale VersionEye then all the project dependencies are displayed as UNKNOWN, because the database is empty. 114 more words

New Feature