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Storbie Update: Full-width header with parallax hero image!

Would you like a full-width photo in your header? How about a dose of parallax scrolling with a dash of animation to give your website a bit more zing? 141 more words

Storbie Updates

Why Use Video on Social Media?

By 2019 80% of the world’s traffic will be video. With this in mind it is an important consideration for any business to implement video into their marketing strategy, to ensure that their messages don’t get lost amidst the sea of video. 721 more words

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New Feature: Add Images to Question Workspace

So you have spoken and we have listened. Students who have been longing to draw on diagrams from the questions, without having to redraw them can finally make that happen! 202 more words

New Features

Twitter Set to Make Changes to Character Limit

Twitter are making some changes to its platform in the coming weeks and users are delighted at the prospect. Which gives a nice change to the usual uproar from users when any social platform announce changes. 641 more words

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Localized Currency

One of the best parts about being an e-commerce marketer is that you can literally work from anywhere as long as you have a computer and a good internet connection. 126 more words

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Seller Bonus Program

ThreadMeUp is dedicated to you, the seller. We made this platform for you, we are constantly adding features that you ask for, enhancing the selling experience, and we work every day to make e-commerce a little bit easier for, you guessed it, you. 281 more words

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