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A whole new Zooniverse

Anyone heading over to the Zooniverse today will spot a few changes (there may also be some associated down-time, but in this event we will get the site up again as soon as possible). 516 more words


Starting with Oracle In-Memory (aka IM) new Feature

I recommend that DBA be aware of this feature, because this feature will really bring a HUGE difference in performance matter to our databases.

Note: This feature is available starting with Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( 108 more words


Even more Vagrant love in Bintray

You, of course, know, that for nearly the last two years, you have been downloading your Vagrant software from JFrog Bintray. But recently, Bintray has taken Vagrant support to a whole new level; it is now is a fully fledged Vagrant repository allowing you to distribute your public and private Vagrant boxes from Bintray! 127 more words

Publishing Binaries

New Streamlined Registration for New Records

You probably did not notice this, unless you were testing a registration; but over the weekend, we published a new version of online registration. While this has some new features which we will list below, the biggest change will be noticed by those registering whose records are not found in the database. 227 more words

New Features

New Feature: Gallery Downloads for Your Visitors

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added one more card to the digital-file delivery deck: Gallery Downloads for your viewers. You’ll now be able to give friends, family, or clients the power to quickly and easily download an entire gallery of full-quality photos themselves. 228 more words

Release Notes

#FixingTinkercad - Remember Me activated!

Hey Everyone,

You may have noticed a change in the sign in since last week – we’ve instituted a persistent log in so you don’t have to enter your credentials every time. 14 more words