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Don’t get lost in translation. Introducing SmugMug’s Google Translate widget!

We all know the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but while photography may universally speak to us, language can often be a barrier. 222 more words


Automating Logistic Regression Workflows

Continuing with our series of posts about Logistic Regression in this fifth post we will focus on the point of view of a WhizzML user. WhizzML is BigML’s popular domain specific language for Machine Learning, which provides programmatic support for all the resources you work with in BigML. 643 more words

New Features

Predicting Airbnb Prices with Logistic Regression

This is the third post in the series that covers BigML’s Logistic Regression implementation, which gives you another method to solve classification problems, i.e., predicting a categorical value such as “churn / not churn”, “fraud / not fraud”, “high/medium/low” risk, etc. 928 more words

New Features

New Email Replacement Codes for Pledges

We just published two new email replacement codes. One is for the amount of a pledge to a specific fund. The other is for the… 179 more words

New Features

Get ready for some big changes at LinkedIn.

The platform has today showcased their new look desktop experience, which, as per LinkedIn, will deliver “a world class, elegant and sophisticated user experience”. 687 more words


Logistic Regressions: the 6 Steps to Predictions

BigML is bringing Logistic Regression to the Dashboard so you can solve complex classification problems with the help of powerful visualizations to inspect and analyze your results. 1,463 more words

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