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New Media: An SMM Calendar of Sorts

First, we have a new About page which rather fails, unfortunately, at explaining any questions you may have about SMM. We’ll take this failure in stride, since explanations tend to ruin things. 233 more words

OptiML: The Nitty Gritty

One click and you’re done, right? That’s the promise of OptiML and automated Machine Learning in general, and to some extent, the promise is kept. No longer do you have to worry about fiddly, opaque parameters of Machine Learning algorithms, or which algorithm works best.  2,152 more words

Machine Learning

WhatsApp rolls out new features for group chats, provides power to admin

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Instant messaging platform WhatsApp announced the rollout of a number of new features for group chats, in a bid to make the platform more interactive and engaging. 206 more words


WhatsApp rolls out new features for group chats, provides power to admin

Among the new features is group descriptions, wherein a short blurb will appear under the group info tab that allows users to set the purpose, guidelines, or topics for the group. 231 more words

DeepKnowledge is now available on Android

Today we are excited to announce the Android version of our mobile app
It is powered by the same DeepKnowledge engine and offers features such as sign in once and usage dashboards for administrators… 55 more words

New Features to Simplify Selling Online

With new and upcoming marketing resources, like the marketing section, BOGO discounts, and dynamic checkout, we’re demystifying digital marketing and making it easier for you to get the right product in front of the right people at the right time. 7 more words

Find the Perfect Image with the Free Photo Library

You’re finishing up a blog post and want to add a photo, but you don’t have the right image. There’s a solution right in your WordPress mobile app: the Free Photo Library. 391 more words

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