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Big Update: 60 Enhancements in 60 Days!

Well, not quite, but you get the point, don’t you? This is the first update since our beta launch back in September, and it is big. 535 more words


Welcome to the New WordPress.com and WordPress.com App for Mac

What if WordPress.com helped you…

… update your pages and respond to comments from a desktop app?
… manage all your WordPress blogs and sites in one spot, on any device? 621 more words


The Crew Wild Run First Impressions

…Everything was extreeemmmeee!

So, after much anticipating since it’s announcement at E3 (What? Well, I was extremely excited for it!) Did it live up to my expectations or does , like my drag racing skills, keep missing that perfect gear change? 485 more words


Estimated Ship Time Only for Custom Items, Shipping Performance Explained, Cyber Sales, & More

Estimated Ship Time Only for Custom Items, Your Shipping Performance, Cyber Sales Opt-in Deadline Extended, & More

Estimated Ship Time Only For Custom Products

Plus what your shipping stats mean, Cyber Sales promos & more…

1,148 more words

OpenSky Announcements

Get SmugMug on the go with all-new mobile apps.

With hundreds of thousands of installs and a 4+ review rating in the app stores, our iOS and Android apps have been a huge success and a helpful tool for uploading, as well as accessing photos on the go—for you, your family, and your clients. 508 more words

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Indexkép kiválasztás lehetősége

Odaát a Twitch-nél törődnek vele, hogy a már feltöltött tartalom milyen formában tűnik fel. Ez azt jelenti, hogy mától ki lehet választani milyen kép jelenjen meg a videók indexképeként. 48 more words