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The Curse of La Llorona - prepare to be genuinely spooked

A possible new franchise for The Conjuring universe. The story is based on an old Mexican folk tale created to keep the children in line and stay obedient to their parents. 104 more words

New Film

Teen Spirit - the little movie that could

I don’t know why the film maker roll out the first trailer to Teen Spirit showing Elle Fanning singing at the early part of the movie. 134 more words

New Film

New Books, Films and TV Series I'm Excited About

For today, a more relaxed post as it turns out being home for the Easter holidays is more busy and chaotic than I had expected. In this post I will be sharing some new releases I’m excited about. 258 more words

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MasterZ: Ip Man Legacy - decent fight scenes, bad directing effort

Directed by master fight choreographer Yuen Woo-Ping who did second unit director duties on The Matrix Trilogy, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and The Grandmaster (about Ip Man), the acting and very dated storyline in this movie feels like a throwback in the Shaw Brothers days. 274 more words

New Film

Pet Sematary 2019 - new but not improved

After seeing the new remake of the Pet Sematary,  I went home and dust off the original dvd and rewatched it again because somehow I found the new remake is not as scary as the original one despite the fact that the second half of the new version was completely altered to keep the story fresh. 62 more words

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Hellboy - the way it should be

In the capable hand of horror director Neil Marshall (The Descend, Doomsday, Dog Soldier), the Hell boy franchise finally get the tone correct. It’s also a good decision to completely ignored the previous two movies and go for the ultra violent and super gory version of Hell boy just like the comic intended it. 145 more words

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Unplanned And Restricted

The hard truth is your teen could have an abortion without your consent,but would need permission to see the film Unplanned. 

The film Unplanned… 285 more words

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