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The Punjab in Prishtina

The old Indian place near the US Embassy in Dragodan closed ages ago. A casualty of the declining expat workers. But we are now lucky enough to have Punjabi Kitchen on the second row of Kafe e Vogel. 204 more words

Spark Food

The Wraprito: My New Favorite Food

What constitutes a burrito? Is it anything wrapped in a tortilla? No, because there are also wraps, and wraps are most assuredly not burritos. I’ve never been eating a turkey, avocado, and cheese wrap and been wondering to myself if perhaps maybe I was eating a burrito, but the lines do become blurred when both wraps and burritos share common filler ingredients. 564 more words


Sandra’s Best Decaf Bean Discovery Testimonial

Having switched to decaf coffee several years ago, I was on the hunt for a decent decaf bean.  I learned quickly how incredibly hard it is to find a good decaffeinated coffee beans for use at home.  423 more words

Pêches Et Poivre

Could You not eat carbs..?

It’s a semi rhetorical question. Every body is different and everyone has their own requirement and routines that determine what they eat. Seriously though, (for those not already on a lchf type w.o.e.) would you ever consider pulling up the roots on all those delicious carbohydrates. 278 more words


March 16th, 2018

A Fraction of A Friday

It has been a week of hell. Demands, nows, requests, and unforgiving illustrations that needed to be done. I made it through until this morning. 472 more words

My Journal

Boston Public Market

Hi, I’m H! And I’m G! We are super excited to start our new blog, all about food! Today, after the highly-stressful (and slightly disappointing) Bruins vs Blackhawks game(go Blackhawks!) (go Bruins!) we went to the Boston Public Market, located on 100 Hanover Street in Boston, Massachusetts. 376 more words


TWOI Bites: El Otro Tiesto - Miami, Florida

I’ll be very honest with you, I’m a PICKY eater. I’ve been this way my entire life, but now in my 20s, I’ve been trying to branch out and try new things.  205 more words