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New Food Friday: Persimmon

Here’s the next installment of New Food Friday. Today we’re looking at another fruit: persimmons. Sometimes labeled as “sharon fruit,” persimmons are another example of produce at its best in the winter. 558 more words


Kumquat & Ginger Oatmeal

This is the first follow-up recipe from a New Food Friday–see the previous post for a quick overview on kumquats including where to get them, how to store them and some other ideas for using them. 172 more words


#20 - Cook 300 Pinterest recipes. (January Edition)

The original goal on my 30 Before 30 list was to cook an entire cookbook. I looked at a few and I was having a hard time finding one that I loved enough to commit to 100%. 355 more words

Mr. Kipling Deluxe Whirls

THE LATEST company to go upmarket and release a fancy new product line is Mr. Kipling with their Deluxe range. As well as adding some new cakes, Mr. 355 more words

New Food

Van's Vietnamese - Albany, NY

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Van’s Vietnamese Restaurant. Seems like every time I’m on that stretch of Central Ave, I inevitably wind up going to Taiwan Noodle, but this time I managed to resist that siren call as my sister called for a dinner at Van’s Vietnamese on account of their menu having a good selection of vegan and low gluten/maybe gluten-free dishes (I’m not really sure about the gluten-free part, but the sister unit says they are and I don’t have a gluten issue so if she’ll eat at a restaurant with lots of dishes like Van’s then I’m not going to argue). 492 more words


Foodgasm: Afghani Naan

Food. One of the things I live for. A few days back, I had a chance to go to a restaurant that served Afghani food. And the one thing that I just loved was the Afghani naan. 341 more words


The Collective - Morello Cherry Kirsch

CHERRY yoghurts have long been a favourite amongst many people. Whether it’s a top brand or a black cherry variety, everyone has attempted to release a yoghurt and now The Collective have joined the party. 287 more words

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