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Mars Bites, Twix Bites & Snickers Bites

WITH CADBURY leading the way in turning their Chocolate Bars into bite size sharing packs that are usually half filled despite their hopeful addition of being able to reseal the bag for later use, Mars have now caught up by doing the same with three of their most popular products. 598 more words

New Food

New York Bakery Co. - Cheese Bagels

IT’S SUCH an obvious partnership, it’s a real wonder why it has taken a company like The New York Bakery Co. so long to create a product like this. 118 more words

New Food

Big Red: In a Pinch (Hitter)

Greetings Eaters and Readers!

This month’s pick was:
Big Red
8100 Cass St
Fare: Bar and grill
Cost: $50 for drinks, shared appetizer, dinner and shared dessert. 659 more words

Cinnamon Roll Muffins

Good Lord. If you have the chance to make these muffins, MAKE THEM. I literally woke up, wanted a yummy breakfast, went on Pinterest searching “muffin recipes” and just saw this at the top of the page. 407 more words

New Food

You ate what?! [Episode 6]

いただきます!/itadakimasu/ Let’s eat

On the sixth episode of “You ate what?!” we visit sushi! Real sushi! Ok, I feel like I need to explain that last part. 201 more words

Ritz Crisp & Thin - Roast Chicken

CRACKER Crisps were arguably the most successful release in 2015 but the flavours have all been quite similar and not too experimental. There’s been the typical Cheesy and Salt & Vinegar flavours that helped to make these products really popular, but there hasn’t been a Meaty flavour until now. 150 more words

New Food

You ate what?! [Episode 5]

いただきます!/itadakimasu/ Let’s eat

On the fifth episode of “You ate what?!” we revisit Japanese pickled foods! This one is my new favorite! This week I have been introducing myself to all 8 of my English classes. 148 more words