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Bored in your kitchen?

We all have those days (weeks, in fact), where we open the fridge or go to the store and walk the isles in complete and utter confusion – what am I going to cook for supper?  246 more words

Bored Chef

Jacob's Cracker Crisps

JACOB’S have been at the pinnacle of creating some of the tastiest baked snacks around, like Cheddars and Twiglets, and now they have combined two of Britain’s favourite snacks to create an even tastier treat for us all to enjoy. 471 more words

New Food


Today was an awesome adventure starting with seeing a sunrise from above the clouds, to enjoying a very informational taxi ride from the airport to Trinity Community College, to doing a walking art tour with my friend Mady, eating a hearty Irish Stew at O’Neils down the street, and ending with a night in a true Irish pub that had a great performer singing pretty familiar American classics (I guess it was American-song night?) Who knew they like singing Sweet Home Alabama over a nice pint of Guinness? 479 more words

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J20 Spritz

J2O HAVE increased their Summer itinerary by creating three spritzer style drinks, all non-alcoholic, and very refreshing. The new flavours are Pear & Raspberry, Peach & Apricot and Apple & Watermelon. 328 more words

New Food

What Are Scapes?

This summer we’re trying a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and we’ve already enjoyed eating a new food after just one week!

A little background information…  I had looked into a CSA last year, but with us moving at the end of June and Natalie being really young still, it just didn’t happen.   401 more words


Doritos Roulette

WE’VE all done it. We’ve all sat around the kitchen table, picked up a piece of chocolate and waited in anticipation. We’ve taken a taste and felt relieved that it’s not us, looked around the table to see whose face has scrunched up in ways no-one thought possible and laughed at their hilarious misfortune. 355 more words

New Food

The Early Bird

On Saturday Grandma and I had another outing. This time it was my treat. We made plans weeks ago to get together and have a trip to the city’s core using public transit. 552 more words