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Pillsbury Apple Pie

I know I don’t need to sell you on apple pie. Especially during fall, it’s an essential treat, pretty much at all times. Is there anything bad you can even say about apple pie? 427 more words

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Bernard Matthews Thai Green Chicken Pieces

A TASTE of Asia has come to the UK’s biggest exporter of Chicken.

Bernard Matthews’ refrigerated, ready to eat, Chicken Pieces have gone a touch of green. 151 more words

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Kit Kat Bites

NESTLE have joined Cadbury and Mars in turning their Chocolate Bars into bite size chunks and now there’s a new way to take a break. 287 more words

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Ritz Bakefuls

THE LATEST product to come out of the booming Cracker Crisp industry is the new Ritz Bakefuls.

Available in Cream Cheese & Onion and Sea Salt & Vinegar flavours, these new Crisps are a little thicker than Ritz’s own Crisp & Thin and are as buttery as Jacob’s Cracker Crisps which is what originally made them so moreish. 177 more words

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Basic Gingerbread Cookie

The amount of holiday recipes I’m going to put on here is unreal. Seriously, if you hate Christmas cookies and holiday tarts and just all-around seasonal goodness, stay away. 275 more words

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It Might Taste Good

Last month, the 3-year old daughter of some friends was singing a cute little diddy from Daniel Tiger about how you need to try new foods ’cause they might taste good, and I thought, that’s some great advice. 348 more words


Robinsons Citrus Sours

For those of you who like Sour things, Robinsons have released a new Juice hoping to suit your needs.

If you enjoy their Lemon flavour, which is a very popular flavour, then you are also likely to enjoy this new Citrus Sours flavour. 94 more words

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