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He tried a food!

This is so huge!

Mr. K has had food aversion since he was a toddler. He has never been very willing to try much new stuff that didn’t fit directly into the bread or chicken nugget group. 284 more words


New Places

Jos! Plateau state is the most beautiful place I’ve been to recently with lush lands, mountains and plains. To see this you have to go by road and then enjoy the view. 479 more words

{Video} BCBSKS employees try cauliflower tots

We asked employees to try a new food, but we didn’t tell them what they’d be trying. Watch their reactions as they try cauliflower tots for the first time! 25 more words


Haskap Berry from Nova Scotia

When we travel, we come across new and tasty products.  This is no exception!  When we visited Nova Scotia we came across many tasty products made with the Haskap Berry. 464 more words

Pêches Et Poivre

Turning a New Leaf

Has seat her now after months of not posting anything, I don’t even know how to begin. I wanted this Blog to be about my life, a little bit of things that I love mostly food to be honest. 323 more words

McVitie's Hobnob Nibbles

ONE of the biggest successes of last year was McVitie’s Digestive Nibbles. Four differing flavours of snacking Chocolate covered balls of one of the nation’s most popular Biscuits that became an instant hit for sharing or just munching on in the cinema or on the sofa watching television. 146 more words

New Food

McCoys Chips - Chip Shop Curry Sauce

FOLLOWING the success of McCoy’s Chips, a third Chip Shop classic flavour quickly arrived onto the shelves and should prove to be as popular as the previous two. 149 more words

New Food