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Star Trek beyond our expectations

Congratulations to Simon Pegg, Doug Jung and Justin Lin for creating a movie that cleanses the palate from the last movie. Congratulations to the entire cast for creating one of the better Star Trek movies. 114 more words


SAPE... must know

One of the most remarkable cultural phenomena of late.. the sapeurs of Congo Brazzaville (Congo Republic)  and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire). The former was ruled by a one party Marxist-Leninist state for a time and the latter by an anti-communist dictator Mobutu Sese Seko from the mid-1960s  until 1997. 130 more words


Lego hipster SAHD

Lego’s Scandi hipster stay-at-home-Dad (SAHD) kit, complete with working mum figurine..


The Empire Strikes Back – Britain to boldly go where others are, too

So, what did you think of the Queen’s Speech? I thought it was thin gruel at first. I was getting all ginned up to write about how banging on and on about Europe is really starting to affect the government’s ability to actually govern or continue with anything approaching an agenda. 828 more words


New Puppy, New Frontiers, & a Hiking Adventure

Hey blog followers & friends! It’s been over a month since I last wrote, and I’ve missed it alot, school has just been crazy! We just had Spring Break, and now that’s over, and I realized that I really need to compose myself and get back to this blog! 338 more words


New Frontiers

Hello World!

Can you believe we are already a week into 2016? “Happy New Year” is becoming so yesterday; we’d be getting ready for Christmas before you know it. 246 more words