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insights from Steve Jobs

A profoundly insightful 1995 interview with Steve Jobs before he returned to Apple and turned around the company that he had co-founded and had been forced out of. 177 more words

New Frontiers

Sweden invites gay Russian military intrusions into its territory

In a reaction to recent territorial intrusions by Russian military a Swedish NGO has an innovative response that showcases Sweden’s gay friendly society, in response to an increasingly intolerant Russia.. 8 more words


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So for quite some time now we’ve been holding on to this information because we wanted to wait for the right moment to make the announcement. 449 more words


Seeing, wondering, and connecting with students in Tbilisi, Georgia

High School Number 1, an elegant neo-classical building situated a stone’s throw from the national parliament, is the oldest public school in Georgia and indeed the entire Caucasus region. 782 more words

Curriculum And Research

Vito and Paul: A Guide's Story

Imagine this: You are eighteen years old, just out of high school, and a former teacher calls you up and asks if you’re interested in being a local walking guide and translator for someone named Paul Salopek – a journalist from National Geographic who is taking a seven-year walk across the world, following the path of human migration. 592 more words

Out Of Eden Walk

Branching Out (An introvert's call to come out from under the bed!)

Have you ever felt like the Universe was pushing you to branch out?  Well, I am feeling it right now.

Along with the family changes with my son moving out-of-state, my parents buying a condo in Florida and my husband and I adopting a new puppy, there has also been a push to move in new directions with my work. 739 more words

Nurture Yourself