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New Game: First Job Versus Now

Watching New Game, or specifically, watching Suzukaze Aoba working at her first job reminded me a lot of the time when I first joined rank as part of the working class. 414 more words


New Game! 12 (END)

The finally of New Game was out a few days ago and it does not disappoint me. With the successful release of Fairies Story 3, though they unintentionally spoil some important things, Eagle Jump throws a party that night to celebrate. 364 more words

Ever, Jane: Mansfield Park and MMORPGs

Every MMORPG I’ve ever played has had murder as a basic and essential game mechanic. Need to complete a quest, advance a level, acquire an item? 495 more words


Review: New Game!

Oh man, coming back from the dead once again. Honestly, I’ve been saying that a lot… but this time I’m actually releasing something.

So to start off with the reviews of this season, here is my take on the “cute girls doing cute things” series of the season! 575 more words


New Game! (2016)

Back in my Summer 2016 round up, I didn’t expect a lot out of New Game! but did actually end up enjoying it a fair bit. 366 more words