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Chapter Forty-Five: The First Prophet

Charles sat down and listened as Seeker gave the summary of who he was, what he saw, as well as the future of Arthur. Seeker, who remembered the painful memories of how Arthur died contained his emotions. 2,101 more words

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Chapter Forty-Four: He Who Threads the Threshing Floor

Arthur stood on the sandy beach as he gazed at the mountain range. Three Gargantuants could be seen hovering over the mountain range. The array of ships that floated on the sky as well as the enemy soldiers that rode huge mechs by the cliffs of the mountains seemed to blot out the light of the setting sun. 2,029 more words

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Chapter Forty-Three: A Clash with the Covenant

MaliciousUnicorn gave a very angry frown.

“Seeker…” Meryl quietly tugged Seeker’s shirt.

“Umm… I think we all got off at the wrong foot.” Kristine began. 2,088 more words

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Chapter Forty-Two: Meeting the Covenant

A sudden pressure enveloped Cliff which further increased the weight of his body. However, unlike the previous sensation, this time, Cliff could now somehow control his body. 2,056 more words

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My First Hour In: Tera PS4

The very first thing I see when I load up Tera is some form of notice with kawaii cats and small girls, which obviously gave the game promise straight away. 1,482 more words


New game! Yes, a silly quizz just for you! (& the result)

A couple of weeks back, I told you Lovelies how your nicknames and blog titles made me notice little details of my day to day life. 441 more words


Splinter Cell... Wildlands?

Recently a posting for an apparent splinter cell game to be released in 2018 was posted on amazon, this happens all the time and usually ends in tears however the moves Ubisoft are now making is making people unable contain their hype. 401 more words