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Summer 2016 [late] final thoughts

It’s basically Halloween and I’m talking summer series. Way to go.

91 Days – Probably the series I liked the most this season, but it doesn’t say much given the fact that summer 2016 was not actually that impressive. 940 more words


The Best Anime of Summer 2016

The Summer 2016 season of anime is long over, but I’m still thinking about some of the shows I watched back then—and that’s a good sign. 1,921 more words

Best Anime

Chibi Reviews: New Game!

Greetings! Railgunfan75 here. Anime reviews are one of the staples of this blog. I have reviewed an interesting array of series encompassing many science fiction, action, and drama. 1,016 more words


Short Anime Review: New Game!

Year: 2016
Episodes: 12
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Ecchi, Yuri Subtext

After graduating from high school, Suzukase Aoba realizes one of her biggest dreams, that being joining Eaglejump, the famous game company that once released her all-time favorite game, … 677 more words


Super Mario Again 

By Mukul sharma –Ninetndo Switch , the upcoming hybrid console from ninetendo will bring up an all new Mario game.

As the reports says , this game will be a whole new transformation for hit 90s game Mario bros. 65 more words


Review--NEW GAME!

Because I have a tendency to remember how I feel about a book more slowly than an anime (and because I want to avoid what happened with Tart Magica.. 1,001 more words

New Game! Anime Review

My roommate suggested this anime to me when it started premiering last season. I immediately watched the four episodes that were out and fell in love with the show right away. 730 more words

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