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-Episode 1-3 Review- NEW GAME!

Hello and welcome back! This time around, I’ll be reviewing another personal favorite of mine currently airing this season, NEW GAME! To many, it might seem to be just another “cute girls doing cute things” (CGDCT) anime, and in many respects they would be right. 989 more words


The one everyone's been waiting for... Pokemon Go

(All the pokemon go lovers out there are going to have to excuse me on this one)

Oh jeez, it’s time to discuss this… This app is ridiculous, one night it’s not there, and the world is happy, the next day it is, and all of a sudden kids are walking off cliffs and into the path of oncoming cars. 383 more words

new game! 03


… good/quaint.

ok back to playing “i am setsuna”

…. what the awesome

Anime Episodes

Quick Impressions for a few Summer Anime


I haven’t watched most of the Summer anime and don’t really know when I’ll get around to, but I figured I’d write down a few thoughts on the few that I have seen. 1,400 more words


The Pessimistic Moustache Game: Avoiding cliche description

What ism describes these mustaches?

images from wiki commons

 The idea and tools

I recently read The Hollow by Agatha Christie and one simple but unique description jumped out at me. 468 more words