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Teq'sShortBlog- Star Citizen 1.1.0, Another 140GB Patch For Not Much.

Any one else getting tired of this?

With “Arena Citizen” (or whatever you want to call it) it’s getting to the stage where I’m beginning to question the rate of progress. 259 more words


Launching the new Website!

The website has been launched! Our tiny company has been working hard the last few weeks and we are going to start work on the design of our new game. 23 more words

New Game

New Game Smell

I am very keen on smells.

I of course prefer lovely smells, but I do find that I seek out all kinds of smells. I was once told that perhaps I did this too much in public. 418 more words


#WickedWednesday #3 

This is a fun new game. Wheeeeeee!

Let’s make the room look pretty by spreading them around!

Oops mummy has spotted me and is giving me the “I’m not very pleased” look. 90 more words


Pretty Pretty Smash Up Review

Pretty Pretty Smash Up hit stores yesterday! This latest expansion from AEG features new factions that are a little different from the monsters and dinosaurs you’ve been playing with. 634 more words

No Man's Sky, Most Quietly Anticipated Game of the Decade?

In 2013 something happened that had not happened before.

Joel McHale co-hosted the VGX awards (also the VGA’s/Spike VGA’s were called VGX because reasons).

Don’t worry this post isn’t all reflecting upon bad decisions made by people out of touch with their audience, or the people who employed such a man to present such a thing to such people. 756 more words