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Devin Townsend Working On Ziltoid Mobile Game

It looks like Devin Townsend is working on a Ziltoid mobile game. He shared the below posts regarding that:


— Devin Townsend (@dvntownsend) February 19, 2018…

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Chapter Twenty-Four: The School’s Secret

A confident and unmatched figure stood on the stage. His eyes stared softly. As if he was the most tender man alive. But his huge and well-built frame showed power, strength and might. 2,053 more words

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Chapter Twenty-Three: Save-The-World Club

The sudden attack was swift, decisive and brutal. Alean Cipril laid unconscious with her face hard pressed on the floor. Jonathan and Ted wanted to shout but an unusual terror filled their heart causing to be unable to even breathe much less shout. 1,886 more words

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Chapter Twenty-Two: A Simple Method to Resolve Conflicts

Charles paid no heed to the crowd and raced quickly towards the building where he saw Seeker stood. Time was of the essence. The screaming crowd tried to follow and some were even holding on to Charles’s clothes. 2,048 more words

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Chapter Twenty One: An Excuse for Gambling

The group reached the Principals office. A tanned short man with thick beard and a rather stylish outfit sat down and stared in surprise at the arriving group. 1,907 more words

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Chapter Twenty: The Celebrity’s Arrival

A strange scene occurred at school the next day. Even the teachers noticed the commotion and wondered why there was building crowd at the gates of the school. 1,998 more words

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New Game - Bringer of Brilliance

Instead of the regularly scheduled Atavism blog, today I bring a postmortem of the game I’ve just made for my college game jam.

Bringer of Brilliance is a First Person Action game that I and two friends made during the 2018 K-State 48-hour Annual Game Jam, a jam hosted by my own college where we competed against about 17 other teams to make a game with the theme “enLIGHTen”. 83 more words

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