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The Awesome New Generation & Us!

¬†Teenagers Opinion ” Those who criticize our generation forget who raised it”.

Universal Parental Opinion: Our children lives are tougher today. The zones they are living in are much more complicated than those simple days of our growing up life. 918 more words


Story Telling Time. Once upon a time..

Hey fellas,

No spoiler alerts this time. Just another fictional story I would love to share about with you guys. There’s a lesson to learn from the story. 1,663 more words


GAP [Episode 2 -To Gym Or Not To Gym]

When old school meets new gen, sparks are sure to fly. Meet grandfather and his grandson in their second adventure, from the house of Doodle Diaries.


061017__you are strong__

I stopped associating people and emotions with material things the day my older sister went through my mom’s closet deciding what to keep and what to throw away. 526 more words


060917__letting go__

I didn’t celebrate my 12th birthday that year. Its hard to celebrate your existence knowing that someone else’s life no longer continues. After that day, I began to see death everywhere. 430 more words


060717__we come into this world alone, and we leave alone__

Mario thinks that I’m still teasing you, that I haven’t really told you what happened yet. The details of my life feel like a dream. Sometimes I’m not sure what was reality, what I saw and what I dreamt. 299 more words


I Wonder

I Wonder

Who said that it was ok

to poison the water we drink each day,

I Wonder

Which of us did choose

to spray chemicals all over our foods, 153 more words