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Good Afternoon..

It’s Tuesday but feels like a Monday hmmm ..always feels that way when Monday ends up being a holiday. It sometimes tends to throw the whole week off. 260 more words


A few days ago I have introduced you to my dear friend „Hesitation“ which is best friends with none other than „Doubt“.

Let’s dive right into my soul. 260 more words

Access Required

Impact of Technology on Children

Technology is everywhere.Just take a look around you,you will find tons of things that uses technology.Just look at your pocket or bag,yes you are looking at it.Technology has brought many great things to us! 500 more words

Technological Aspect

Gullyview Records' Touchline riddim ushers in new great talent

One can never talk of Reggae, Dancehall in Zimbabwe without mentioning New Generation. The legendary sound system birthed in the late 80s by UK based promoter and disc jockey Alfred Munhenga together with his siblings Oliver “General O” and “Slaughter G” Gumisai has maintained its reign well past the sound system era into the Zimdancehall phase through their Gullyview Records set in Glen-View 8. 452 more words


PR In Action: Blog #4

In this week’s reading for our course work we read: chapter nine regarding media as a whole and chapter ten regarding social media in depth. Within this reading, I learned that social media has become a business wide phenomenon that has become essential to the growth and success of organizations. 382 more words

The Role of Parents

Although a parent’s role in their children’s learning evolves as kids grow, one thing remains constant: Parents are the children’s learning models. Parents attitudes about education can inspire theirs and show them how to take charge of their own educational journey. 974 more words


Here’s How You Can Prevent Gadget Addiction In Your Child

The technological era has helped us move closer to future. But, while we look at it as a boon, it is also a curse. It has been making our lives easier in many ways, but we have also become quite dependent on it. 1,114 more words