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Adulting 101: The Dreaded Doctors Appointments: Vision

Referring to me as an “Adult”, is not perhaps the most accurate of terms. Yes, I am out of my twenties, but I still am very childlike in nature. 584 more words


That smile.

Her mouth is a jumble of big and small teeth.  When she smiles a single adult front tooth disrupts the upper row, throwing the whole grin adorably off-kilter with its size and slight angle inward.   378 more words

Mom Musings

A Nice Evening

Today wasn’t half bad. We got a call from the eye doc yesterday that the new glasses were already in. Yeah! I wanted to go pick them up this morning, but it never happened. 580 more words


71 - Glasses Quest 2015

It has been SEVEN years since my last eye exam, and since the last time I purchased new glasses. This is terrible. Bad Becca. Bad! I’m finally booking a new appointment all these years later and I’m very excited to order my new spectacles soon. 80 more words

Let's Do This

This week... 13-19 July

It’s been a week of firsts and lasts for our two girls – Clara got her first pair of shoes and Izzy had her last day at pre-school. 347 more words


Do Girls Make Passes at Girls who wear Glasses?

When I was young I had to wear glasses.  Although I was complaining in a prior post about not having pictures of my youth,  there are those school pictures which never come out well anyway and show the choices I (my mother) picked for me.  162 more words

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