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Sixth Sense

It’s like guys have an immediate knowing when a girl becomes available. Like how can they read between the lines when I made no comment on my relationship status? 255 more words

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The First of First Dates... Philly Edition

The dating scene is definitely new and intimidating, but I like to think we all have to start somewhere (if we opt for this path.) Let me regale you a tale… 398 more words


It Starts Again.... (part 2)

It’s amazing how quickly we can find a spark that carries us farther than we thought possible. A spark which can turn into a flame, as long as you have the patience to fuel that flame because it fights every damn time to turn into a slow burning ember.. 337 more words


We May Have a Prospect

So as mentioned in the previous post, date 6 was also this last weekend with the one I labeled as ‘coach’. He was cute in his pictures, but then I found out he’s a coach. 840 more words

New Guys

Drinking Buddies?

So I did dateĀ 5 andĀ 6 this past weekend. I wish I took more time to do this blog thing. If I did, these next two dates would be described in more detail and would probably be way more entertaining for you, the reader. 962 more words

New Guys

He was cute until he started talking . . . and didn't stop.

Didn’t do the sushi date. Something ‘came up’. On my end. I wasn’t feeling it that day and it was a 45 minute trip to meet him. 982 more words

New Guys

No, Thank You

So, POF date #3: I had actually been talking to this kid since early on getting POF but we never made plans to meet up. I was a little worried because he works at a baseball academy here in town and I thought he would know the ex. 302 more words

New Guys