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The Boomerang Effect

Ok, I admit it: I caved and bought my first Christmas chocolate! It just looked so delicious on the shelf, it was Sunday morning and I wanted some chocolate, so I caved! 473 more words

New people, new influence (Emeged)

You’re probably wondering why I haven’t posted in a while… Weeeell IT IS school season. As for me, I’m back here in university dreading the studio projects I’m taking along with many of the other freshmen (Naaaaaah it’s actually pretty fun getting to vent out your creative madness into a 10 kg block of clay, even coming up with the most basic shapes :P ) 594 more words

Enter: Marine Man, The Electrician and Mr. BBQ

I think I had written about this before: when I went bowling with Cactus Guy, I met this one guy who was also bowling. He was cute and then a week later messaged me on Match. 706 more words