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In Search of Heaven

By Cara Ediger

We know where we are going,

But have no idea what it will look like,

this place called Heaven.

Where is this place, 158 more words


God's Eternal Goal is New Jerusalem

The consummation of the Bible is the new heavens and new earth with New Jerusalem as their center (Revelation 21:1-2). Recent posts showed how much God’s mercy is involved in bringing us onward to New Jerusalem. 363 more words

Rev. 21:1-2

"Heaven" isn't the ultimate destination (or hope) of the Christian

If you are like me, you grew up with a certain picture of Christianity. At the center of this picture was heaven, a realm of eternal bliss, where one would drift through pleasant clouds as they played a golden harp and worshiped a white-robed, gray-haired, and magnificently-bearded God. 1,353 more words


New Audio on the New Heavens & the New Earth

Eternal rest and joy in the presence of God are without doubt the supreme hope of the believer. While there is relatively little in Scripture telling us exactly what we are to expect in the World to Come, there are nevertheless a number of references to New Heavens and a New Earth that do indeed supply a glimpse of our eternal home.  43 more words


Things We Know About Heaven

Our knowledge of heaven comes from the Bible. No other reliable source of information exists. There are people who have dreams about heaven. Some have said they have been to heaven and have come back.  610 more words

The Loft Week 2: The Place I Call Home

Welcome to Week 2 of

The Loft ~ A Wednesday Link-Up!

Come on up!

Graphic by Kerry Messer


You will find my Week Two post and the linky tool at the bottom, but first, may I remind you how The Loft Link-Up works? 1,210 more words

My Journey With The Lord Jesus

Heaven on Earth

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Scripture reading: 2 Peter 3:10-13

Many people say that God is going to burn up this earth and destroy this world and make a new world. 861 more words

Time Of The End