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"When finally you come home...."

“When you come home to me I’ll wear a sweeter smile and hope that for a while you’ll stay…. When you come home to me, your hand will touch my face and banish any trace of grey, and soon a love will rise anew, even greater than the joy I felt just missing you and, once again, I’ll be so proud to call you mine when finally you come home to me….” …

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About Me


I haven’t been very good on updating about the house… Here’s what we’ve done in the past few months:

Rooms have some more furniture in them… 186 more words

Awkward Conversations

I met with a friend last week whom I haven’t seen in awhile. She lives in another state with her husband. She was town for her baby shower that her mom threw for her. 521 more words


Shopping list: Sofa= tick! 

…annnnd I was accepted for no interest finance! Sofa and footstool is ordered, to be at our new place in 7-8 weeks time. Yes we will be without anywhere to sit for a good month or so, but it will be worth it! 99 more words


25 weeks!! Pregnancy Post

Size of Eli: Eli is a size of a TURNIP this week! And… get this… my uterus is the size of a SOCCER BALL! Isn’t that great? 631 more words



I don’t know what it is about Deer, and I mean any Deer relatives too, Moose, Caribou, Elk, I love them all.

I’m really not sure where or when this obsession started, but I know that I love them. 383 more words

New Home

Friday letters

I decided to finish work an hour early today, because I had an hour of overtime I could use and I’d run out of work to do. 219 more words