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Charon ne 'Ndricim e Plutos'

Ky imazh marre me Ralph / Kamera e Imazheve te Dukshme Shumespektrale ne bordin e anijes New Horizons te NASA-s tregon naten ne henen me te madhe te Plutos, Charon, kunder nje fushe yjesh,me reflektimin e drites nga vete Pluto. 54 more words

Sistemi Diellor

Landing on Pluto

A black & white version of this video was available last year. Color data from the New Horizons Ralph camera has been added.

Video Credit: NASA


Vacation's Over

When going to hide, know how to get there.
And how to get back.
And eat first.
РStephen Sondheim, Into the Woods

I’ve been hiding out from the real world for about a month or so.

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Details: http://beautyaboveus.com/post/155809176468/jupiter

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Locked & Happy

Early this morning, MrsL woke up horny and well kind of in Keyholder mode. After edging me a dozen times with hands, feet, tongue, and teeth (biting my nipples sends me right to the edge…especially with just how strong she bites) she ordered me to go put on her Steelheart! 196 more words


Pluto Has Giant Versions of Ice Formations Found on Earth

Using a model similar to what meteorologists use to forecast weather and a computer simulation of the physics of evaporating ices, scientists have found evidence of snow and ice features on Pluto that, until now, had… 37 more words


New horizons...

Well, hello, 2017! The sky’s the limit, guys! Best wishes for a happy and peaceful new year, full of soaring dreams, new horizons, love and kindness… 185 more words