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New Horizons - 10 Colombo constrictions

While the world outside Colombo was figuring with increasing importance in my life in the mid-nineties, at home the lights, as Edward Grey described the onset of war in Europe in 1914, were going out one by one. 2,111 more words


Istri Kenikmatan Short and sweet: Farewells, new horizons

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New Horizons - 9 Wider concerns after leaving USJP

The first casualty of the enmity of the Head of the Languages Department was our English programme. The papers I had prepared about introducing a Special Degree in English and setting up a separate Department failed to go through the Senate and thus never reached the UGC. 1,825 more words

Ena De Silva

A taste of Rome

And finally we get to Italy.

I’m a bit behind in my chronicles as our days are so packed! Lots of photos to help remember and tell the story. 649 more words


Space Sunday: water, rockets, telescopes

NASA have been teasing the press and pundits with news that they have a “surprising” announcement to make about Europa, one of Jupiter’s four Galilean moons (so-called as they were first recorded by Galileo Galilei). 2,385 more words

Space Sunday

Pluto's Broken Heart

Scientists studying the data from New Horizons have had an absolute wonderland to play in, but one of the most compelling features right from the start was definitely Pluto’s “heart” — a vast white plain called Sputnik Planum that covers a huge portion of the surface.   473 more words


Pluto's 'heart' sheds light on possible buried ocean

Pluto’s Heart. Pluto’s famous “heart,” half of which was created by an ancient impact, offers clues about a possible subsurface ocean.


A giant asteroid impact in the dwarf planet’s past offers new insights into the possibility of an ocean beneath its surface. 127 more words