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Call me crazy but..

My standards are out of the window

Call me crazy, but I’ve been assessing my life from a completely different angle now.  I’m sitting up against a wall in my bedroom eating a cold can of Chunky Bean and Ham soup.   1,801 more words

New Horizons

Why Are Pluto's Moons So Weird?

Whether you want to call it a planet, dwarf planet, Kuiper Belt Object, or some or none of the above, there’s no denying that Pluto and its family of moons are true curiosities in the Solar System. 378 more words


A Message from Earth

Unlike Voyager and Pioneer the next space craft to leave the solar system, New Horizons, is not carrying a message from planet Earth. That can still be fixed. 105 more words


What will the Red Fire Monkey bring to 2016?

So it sounds like the Year of the Monkey is the ideal one for a quantum leap in your life! For in a nutshell:

   Monkey means JUMP… 158 more words

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Pluto probe spots ice islands in a nitrogen sea

There’s plenty of evidence that Pluto is a frozen water world, with mountains of ice that rise more than 10,000 feet in height, but here’s something even weirder: Huge chunks of frozen H2O appear to be floating in a sea of frozen nitrogen, like icebergs in Earth’s polar regions. 99 more words


Pluto’s Mysterious, Floating Hills

The nitrogen ice glaciers on Pluto appear to carry an intriguing cargo: numerous, isolated hills that may be fragments of water ice from Pluto’s surrounding uplands. 346 more words


1. The Present

Year four of college has risen to meet me in a mess of emotion, anticipation and exploration. My future outside the realm of school has at once become more real and more uncertain to me. 108 more words