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Pluto To Come Into Focus In Two Weeks

We are about to be the first people in history to get up close and personal with the enigmatic dwarf planet Pluto.

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft will zoom by Pluto on July 14. 191 more words


Expand Your Horizons

OMG OMG, we’re about two weeks away from New Horizon’s Pluto flyby! This is the first time we’ve gotten close and personal with a Kuiper Belt dwarf planet, and… 175 more words


In the Darkest Depths of Space

In a little over two weeks, NASA’s New Horizons probe will make its closest approach to the dwarf planet, Pluto. This will be our first really good look at this cold, dark and tiny world tumbling through space along with its system of four moons: Charon, Nix, Hydra, and Kerberos. 537 more words


New Horizons

I noticed that NASA’s New Horizon’s space probe is getting closer to Pluto and should pass by on July 14 of this year. The mission to Pluto began when New Horizons launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on January 19, 2006. 197 more words


Are You Ready For Pluto?

New Horizons sure is! With just over two weeks to go before the first-ever (and I repeat: EVER!) visit to Pluto and its family of moons the excitement has really ramped up exponentially, especially considering the increasingly detailed views of Pluto and Charon that the spacecraft has been capturing on approach. 420 more words


Pluto the Inspiration-Assist

Soon the pictures we have of Pluto and her moon Charon will not be orange coloured pixellated balls on black. Those pictures are precious to us now – 17 days and 20M kms away from New Horizon’s closest approach on July 14 – but as the distance closes in and… 478 more words

New Horizons