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The Realities of Emigrating: New Horizons

It is fast approaching the twelfth anniversary of us packing up our lives in the UK and emigrating to The Netherlands. 12 years… wow! And it got me thinking about the ups and downs that come along with moving to another country. 412 more words


The Ink Splats

Progressing on from the painted illustration, I intended to focus on the way the butterfly would transform into the splat of colour I had dreamed. The medium that sprung to mind was Indian ink. 474 more words


Imazhi me i mire i henes Nix te Plutos

Ky imazh i henes se vogel Nix te marre nga Kamera Multispektrale e Imazheve  (MVIC) ne bordin e New Horizons, eshte nje nga imazhet me te mira te henes se trete me te madhe te Plutonit te gjeneruar nga misioni i NASA-s. 51 more words

Sistemi Diellor

Moving home

Hi all,

No I’m not moving back to WA. Although I know a few people who’d like me to. I am settling into Melbourne life, even though most days I feel like I’m flying by the seat of my pants. 901 more words


(Possible) Dwarf Planet #2: Pluto!

Hey, Sky Fans!

Happy seventh night of Hanukkah! The menorah is filling up fast. Here’s number 2 in this year’s Hanukkah count down of the… 969 more words


getting my period back

Before I continue my period saga, I’ll give everyone a quick recap so we are all on the same page. To make a long story short, I had my Mirena IUD taken out this past August after bleeding for 5 months straight. 754 more words

New Horizon feat. Gwen Kok


My New Horizons Blanket pattern – featured in the Scheepjes Bookazine YARN, issue 4 – the Dutch Masters – Shop! (Aff)

This is an Alternate colorway to the original pattern. 119 more words