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Random Thought #69

We can slingshot a probe around Jupiter to take pictures of Pluto, send one to orbit a comet, and another straight the fuck out of the Solar System.  23 more words


Pluto's five moons captured on camera for first time EVER by NASA's New Horizons probe

From the Daily Express, May 2015


PLUTO’S five moons have been captured on camera for the first time EVER as a NASA probe nears the dwarf planet. 293 more words


Solar System's Best Flybys - which one is your favourite?

Thanks to Cassini, we got spoiled for flybys over planets and moons – just think that we are now at number 111 (the last one was carried out on May, 7 over Titan’s Xanadu region – see… 242 more words


Pluto Ascending

This is the second work I created today using a tabletop from Lowe’s.  I chose Pluto because of today’s headlines concerning the New Horizons spacecraft coming into view of all of Pluto’s five moons. 182 more words

Abstract Art

New Horizons

I’ve tried writing this post a number of times. I seem to never be able to find the right words.

After five years teaching at my Little Schoolhouse on the Prairie, I am leaving.  62 more words


And there are five moons! New Horizons spies all of Pluto's known moons

New Horizons, currently under half an AU from Pluto, is now close enough to just *barely* make out all of the known moons of Pluto.  With the aid of extreme photo processing, the motion of Nix, Hydra, Kerberos, and Styx is apparent: 46 more words


Kerberos and Styx

Mea culpa. This was autoposed this morning after he had hit the road for Montgomery County. I forgot to attach the pictures. Here they are: 179 more words