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Mandaeans on Pluto

The bowl on this photo, which you can see in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, is an ‘incantation bowl’. It is decorated with an almost endless, spiraling text that is supposed to protect the owner against a host of evil spirits. 161 more words

Ancient History

And now you've named a rocket, why not some places?

NASA is looking for some names to use for yet-to-be-discovered features on Pluto and Charon in a few months.  They won’t have time to linger, so they want a large preselected list of about 100 to be going with.   137 more words


South Australia Does This to Increase Crop Yields 300% Without Using GMOs

From TheAntiMedia.org, by Heather Callaghan, Mar 2015

Why would you go for seven per cent when you can get 50 to 100 per cent increases in yield without having to use genetically modified seeds? 502 more words


Want to name features on a (dwarf) planet? Public invited to take part in Pluto mission

TORONTO — Space exploration may be relegated to scientists, but naming rights? We can do that.

Right now NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is hurtling at unprecedented speed for a flyby of the once-planet Pluto (it was “demoted” in 2006 to a dwarf planet by the International Astronomical Union). 359 more words


Help name some features on Pluto

The new horizons mission will reach the dwarf planet Pluto in mid July. It will provide highest resolution pictures ever taken of the dwarf planet. This means that they will find many new features never seen before as the pictures taken previously were just fuzzy blobs. 79 more words