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on numbers & morality

As of last Thursday, I hadn’t weighed myself in over a year. I knew I was probably a little heavier than when I last stepped on a scale but have been scared to confront whatever number I might see. 590 more words

Help Name a World!

#NASA’s #NewHorizons spacecraft is speeding towards a distant #KuiperBelt object, which you can help name! You can vote for the current nominations here! You can also nominate another name of your choice that isn’t on the list… 18 more words


Name a world contest

Alright folks, NASA needs your help in naming a tiny, icy world just on the edge of our solar system.

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft will fly past this small world currently called, “(486958) 2014 MU69,” or just MU69 for short. 70 more words


Rock of Egos

NASA’s New Horizons probe is flying through the Kuiper Belt (home of the Solar System’s comets) and about to survey a large rock. The rock is named “ 148 more words


The Final Piece

Working on this was beyond difficult, for two reasons.

  1. Focusing all my emotion on something so personal
  2. I am useless at photoshop so god only knows how I managed to pull this one off…
  3. 554 more words
New Horizons

Nickname the next target for New Horizons

2014 MU69 just won’t cut it, so NASA and the folks behind the New Horizons mission want you to help pick out a cooler nickname for the icy object that’s in their sights for New Year’s Day in 2019. 133 more words


Summit Peak Hoodie

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I honestly don’t buy many patterns anymore. I am busy enough sewing for testing, or promoting, and have more patterns than I care to count that I have never sewn yet. 357 more words