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Peace pact reached over Pluto's map

It’s taken a year and a half, but the International Astronomical Union and the science team behind NASA’s New Horizons mission have finally struck a deal… 96 more words


Oi Oil... Still life gone a little awry

So my strengths clearly do not lie in still life drawing and painting. I can see perfectly clear what it is I’m meant to be drawing or painting, but somewhere in my brain the message that’s sent to my hand gets mangled and it doesn’t come out right. 797 more words

FdA Contemporary Art Practice

Hieroglyphics... Let me be specific...

Hieroglyphs are symbols in any writing system that are used to describe an object, or an idea. For example a symbol of a four legged creature with big teeth could be used to describe a lion, instead of writing the word lion, and a symbol of a star could be used to indicate night-time. 353 more words

FdA Contemporary Art Practice

Mr. VEM J. SUN(P!)

Some people are still heartbroken that Pluto got a demotion from being a planet.  And why wouldn’t they be? Pluto is awesome, especially so since we received those first glorious pictures back that proved, if nothing else, that… 111 more words


Dublin Dolman for Date Night

I’m taking a quick break from depositions and discovery today to take part in the Date Night February tour, sponsored by Sewing by Ti.

So this is something that I might wear if I were able to find a babysitter for a Valentine’s Day date night. 615 more words

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One Billion Rising

Philo had an amazing time at this event last year and encourage anyone who is interested in the following to show up and represent!

La Crosse Rises OBR is a page that raises awareness in our community about domestic violence by being a part of the global campaign, One Billion Rising. 72 more words