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things we don't talk about but should, period.

Just a heads up to my readers, this is a pretty personal post. To my readers who do not have a menstrual cycle, you may not find this relevant. 1,043 more words

In Which I Step Out of My Little Box

I love encouraging people to step out of their normal little boxes and try something new; expand horizons and discover skills they never knew they had. 295 more words


Pluto | Virtual Flyovers | New Horizons Future

The New Horizons spacecraft was launched in January 2006. It coasted by Pluto 14 July 2015 giving us our first close views of the dwarf planet and its moons. 434 more words


Videot e NASA's na dergojne ne nje tur mbi sistemin e Plutos

Ne korrik te vitit 2015, anija kozmike e NASA’s New Horizons dergoi ne toke fotografite e para nga afer te Plutos dhe henave te tij – imazhe te mahnitshme qe frymezuan shume njerez per te pyetur se cfare mund te jete nje fluturim mbi terrenin e akullt te kesaj bote te larget. 268 more words

Sistemi Diellor

Flying Over Charon

This video was created using images and other data from the #St flyby of Pluto and its moons in 2015. Charon is Pluto’s largest moon.

Video Credit: NASA


A Flyover of Pluto

This video was created using images and other data obtained by the New Horizons spacecraft when it flew by Pluto in 2015. The POV is actually lower than the spacecraft’s closest approach.

Video Credit: NASA


Therapy: Getting An Objective Opinion

I saw my therapist yesterday. She is wonderful, as I have said numerous times. Yesterday, for the first time since I resumed talk therapy I simply DID NOT WANT TO GO. 1,770 more words

The Journey