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How to Focus When You're Scatter-Brained

As you’ve probably read at some point on this space, the last two-plus months have been pretty hectic for me. All of my spare time has been consumed by buying and moving into a new house while also trying to finish the second draft of my novel. 859 more words

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House Update: Weeks 1-4

We are officially about a month into our build. I wanted to share some progress pictures. It doesn’t look like much, but after the long wait to even get to this point, every little step is amazing to see and extremely emotional. 133 more words

New House


Jk, guys. I’ve moved in with Greig.

We only went and bloody did it, didn’t we? I mean it wasn’t exactly a laid out plan, but when a babe of a place with a converted attic, comes on the market, what’s a girl to do? 211 more words


Getting to Baby! Week #16

We’ve had an awesome week.  All things baby are on hold until my pre-op appointment next month.  So I’m just keeping up on meds and supplements until then and its actually really good timing for a pause because we just sold our house!  155 more words

Baby Story

Week 4

move. part 2.

I cannot believe we are heading into the weekend…and the ending of week 4. It is truly amazing how much the hubby and I were able to organize and accomplish in the past 4 weeks. 876 more words


0.???? - New House!

Yeah, so this isn’t a real post, just an introduction to their new place so that next chapter isn’t taken up by mostly this kind of thing. 242 more words

Now I’m going it alone...

I don’t have many photos of the house left now. I had to really dig about in my Facebook photos to find this one. I kinda thought I’d deleted them all. 218 more words