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New Home.....Curtain Hell

Who knew putting up curtains was so fiddly and stressful?!

 First you have to bring the curtain rail down, and take off the rings for hanging the curtains on, then a hook has to go through each ring and finally the hook with the ring is attached to the curtain and you can roll the curtains onto the pole…..if you’re lucky, then this works fine and you can sit with your perfect curtains and feel accomplished.  391 more words


Willow Creek Home- Larchwood

This build is special to me for one reason, it’s inspired by my home. I live on Larchwood, so it was kinda neat to find out there was a tree called the Larch, it’s like a fir tree, and since they didn’t specifically have Larch Firs in the the game, i just used the firs they had as the lot landscaping. 52 more words


Patience is A Virtue/Bitch

So, as it turns out, I’m not the most patient person in the world.

It took Napkin and I forever to decide on a plan for this year. 646 more words



I was flipping through some of our photos from the last several months and came across this stash.

There exists a whole folder of pictures that made the “good enough to post” cut, but then somehow just didn’t fit into the post at the time. 197 more words


some house inspiration

Our sweet little house was completely redone about 10 years ago. It maintained all of the charm that it has had from the 1940’s (!), but with a lot of modern (and much appreciated) details. 441 more words

Our Family

Coat or Quote 

We just moved about 10 months ago to our new house which is located in the middle of nowhere. Literally! It’s like an oasis in the desert. 439 more words

It's a busy hive, drenched in seed!

The house is sailing so smoothly….and it is a busy little hive!!!  So here is a little update.

Dan with Upgrade Contracting has completed all of the case, base and trim is on…I’m so in love with it!   184 more words