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25 Cleaning Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

One of the vids I’m watching as I’ve moved into my new home. It needs a bit of a thorough clean!

June 10, 2006 - New house

Today I got to spend some time with The Penpal and see her parents’ new house. The new house is only a few houses away from their old house which is convenient for moving and nice because they already know the neighbourhood well. 61 more words

The Penpal

House Hunting Update 2016-2017

We started looking at places to live as far back as October when we found out where we were living. We have looked at quite a few places since while living in a rental home downtown Centralia. 476 more words


How I Design a Room

Hey ya’ll!

Over dinner one night, my husband Ian and I had a discussion about people our age (mid to late twenties), and why some seem to decorate their houses or apartments, and why some don’t.   952 more words

Home Improvement

A Home Of Our Own

I married into the army 9 years ago and since then I’ve been “following the flag”. Basically that means I’ve dragged me and my kit, our growing family, and my long-suffering career around 6 different army quarters and locations around the world just to be with my Army husband. 320 more words

Following The Flag

Whatever will be, will be?

Hey there, you! How’s your day been? New year treating you well so far?

Its been an interesting start to the new year here. At the end of last year I had my youngest in and out of specialist offices and diagnostic testing, to discover that the kiddo has Rheumatoid Arthritis. 529 more words

Eastward bound Malones

9 days in hotels, 4 days of driving, 2 adults, 3 kids, 2 pets, 2 cars, and towing a trailer. We survived…

Military moves are very hands off making the whole process a tad less stressful. 858 more words