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Since the event of the “blood moon”, there have been many disastrous events recorded across the world. Are these events just a coincidence with the above happening, or they are the direct consequence of the words described in the bible as: 151 more words

New Ideas

The Further Adventures

In Boston, Massachusetts in 1908 the Sunday Free Press would small pamphlets with stories and drawings. One edition April edition featured an additional six chapters of Alice’s story written by Curtis Crassous. 34 more words


Political Cartoons

Considering the strong political beliefs Lewis Carroll and his illustrator John Tenniel let slip through their writing and drawing of Alice, it is only fitting that the story and its characters continue to be used to covey the political messages of others. 211 more words


John & Case Inc. Toy Design Project: Day 13

We have finished our prototype! But, it is different than we had planned. Instead of putting real spinning wheels, we are leaving the hard plastic wheels because the wheels are way too big for our chassis. 36 more words


We want to thank our supporters who made it possible to offer you an exciting afternoon with interesting speakers, dynamic workshops and delicious food & drinks. 174 more words


Reminder: FASD Messaging Ideas

Calling all individuals, caregivers and parents, agencies and staff!

The EFAN Messaging Committee needs your brilliant ideas.  It is yet another time to share and shine!   42 more words


You are not reading enough! Take a hierarchical approach

I hope by now you have subscribed to a bunch of topics using Google Scholar, including any citations to your own work. This will keep you informed on topics closest to you, even if you don’t read the papers through. 304 more words

Managing An Academic Career