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Adorable Game Of Thrones Characters Crochet

“Game Of Thrones” just finish this season. When people still in heated discussion about the future story line, Anamaria Androne, the founder & craft artist at the online shop & blog… 56 more words

New Ideas

Today We Finally Define “Brain Rush”

We’ve talked about it more than once, leaving the phrase up to interpretation. We want to talk about it more. But we can’t do that if we continue to neglect defining what it actually means. 710 more words

Meg Dowell

Meet Alan and Marek, Founders of weBounty

It all began with two men sat at a kitchen table. Marek Belski and Alan Davis were talking about various potential ideas for businesses, when the topic turned to Kickstarter. 517 more words


Bored in your kitchen?

We all have those days (weeks, in fact), where we open the fridge or go to the store and walk the isles in complete and utter confusion – what am I going to cook for supper?  246 more words

Bored Chef

What's the biggest idea ecologists have ever permanently rejected?

Brian likes to emphasize–and I agree–that ecology as a whole lacks what Brian calls a problem solving mentality. We’re too often satisfied with evidence that merely suggestive or consistent with our hypotheses, and we’re too reluctant to permanently discard ideas that are past their sell-by date. 468 more words

New Ideas


If you have any brave ideas about new designs, please shere them with us!

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