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You either love them, or you HATE them. Having made and sold them for 13 years I think I can safely say that the majority of women and house proud/gay men would place themselves in camp 1 while a mighty blast of blokes would stride cocksure into camp 2. 75 more words

In My Studio

Brain fog

So there haven’t been many posts this month, I’ve been a bit distracted.

One of the projects I embarked on last year was puppy walking for the guide dogs for the blind.  206 more words

Fun Stuff

Unique Chat Prompt

Chat is an incredibly valuable tool. If your site has chat you know chat conversion rates are at least 2x site average. On the flip side, however, chat utilization is typically low. 82 more words


Of Obsession & Imagination

Obsessions are like an avalanche. They start with a break and then roll into this death ball.  I was thinking about how a digi-pad would feel nice to doodle my very professional art work and then it hit me that in the MEAN TIME, I could use an app to see how my sketches would turn out to be. 711 more words


Recuperation - A lack of ideas?

First CTS of this new year was about Détournement and Recuperation and how this two topics relates to advertisement and art in general. Both were conceptualized by the Situationist International, an international organization of social revolutionaries made up of avant-garde artist rebelling towards a society they didn’t agree with. 284 more words


How to Hack your Biology!


[ You can control your behaviour by controlling your breathing,

1: rhythmic breathes.

People will tell  you to take deep breathes, but this just means large breathes. 1,200 more words

Delicious Chair: Creative Chair Concept Use Food as Inspiration

What is better than sitting down for a meal? Maybe sit on “food” for a good meal? Apparently, Artist Haris Jusovichelp to fulfill our wish and designed this series of “Food Chair”. 72 more words

New Ideas