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Networking my way through the NHS LDNTech Talk

Last week, we had our first of many LDNTech Talks. The topic more specifically: navigating the NHS landscape and developing key relationships. Being a student from America on a study abroad program, I had all kinds of feelings and nerves rushing through my body beforehand. 398 more words


whale tales

so. I’ve been busy… making life sized blue whale tails. I wish I had had the sense to show you the journey as it happened. I did not. 190 more words

Ask the Scouts

Do you ever ask your Scouts, specifically the PLC how’s it going?  Do you ever get out of where the Troop meets and call a get together? 712 more words


Making Room for New Ideas

I haven’t been writing because there are things I want to write about that I can’t post here… and I find that frustrating.

  • I want to write about work, but can’t really, there are people that I work with that read this and we can’t have that.
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Does 'Risk Velocity' have a place in risk management?

I have discussed the various elements involved with evaluating risk before but have recently just came across the term ‘risk velocity’ and this caught my attention; enough to make me do a little research and talk to other professionals on their understanding. 755 more words

Risk Management

Where ideas come from.....

really interesting talk from Steven Johnson


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This is quite appropriate for the theme of this site! Very thought provoking! Watch the video for the "answer"...

Hello World! (Part 3)

It takes time and effort to breathe life into making something new in the hope of generating value or impact, such as is my hope with this website.   924 more words