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Clairvoyants. Are they for Real?

If you watch America’s Got Talent then you’ve likely heard of the Clairvoyants consisting of a mentalist duo, Thommy Ten and Amelie van Tass. To watch them in action is “mind blowing” and captivating to say the least. 958 more words


Retargeting, a tool only for e-commerce?

Source: ReTargeter, how does retargeting work

The image above explains a tool used by many e-commerce companies, retargeting. Retargeting has become a marketer’s dream to get extra sales from “abandoned” shopping cart . 548 more words

Marketing Plan

Constructing Christmas (big church ideas, small church budget #3)

Different church, same issues. I had written in the past that when I worked at a previous church, the sanctuary was one that did not lend well to set design. 335 more words

New Ideas


It was a dream that led me into the realm to “start knowing.” I have always been inspired by the idea of connection and I believe one of my gifts in this lifetime is to connect people. 408 more words

Fresh Ideas For Your Home In The New Year

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s probably not the best time to plan an interior makeover. However, if you can wait a few weeks, a New Year is a fantastic time to refresh your home. 526 more words


So, here it is! The Foot drawing i mentioned in the previous post. Crazy!

I decided to use an easier character and thankfully I did! You will see what Kirby is supposed to look like and then the photo where i pretty much destroyed the photo. 34 more words

Have we lost our mojo to choreograph new ideas?

No matter what country you are from or what dance school you train at, I see the same choreography over and over again. Have we lost our sense of creativity or are we just playing it safe? 642 more words