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Charlie Russell, the Grizzly Whisperer

I am listening to a wonderful interview podcast, in two parts, of Charlie Russell on the Grizzly Beat, a blog by Louisa Wilcox. If you haven’t heard of Russell, this is your chance. 566 more words

Grizzly Bears

Who Prays For Satan?

I’m not going to get into a theological argument about what constitutes sin or prayer. Not my cup of tea even if I could talk circles around a priest should I need to (and that’s not a reference to the famed circular logic of faith; though it was a cheap crack on religion). 177 more words


New Product to Protect DG

I received an email recently from Tony Damico with Wheeler Zamaroni about a new product to use with Decomposed Granite paths and patios. This is a sealer from TerraKoat International that has been extensively tested by WZ for efficacy for over a year.   185 more words

New Ideas

Super Cool Bike Accessories and Gadgets Make You Super Star on Ride

Weather is getting better and better, it is just the perfect time for cycling now. Every cycling enthusiasts know that there’s more to your ride than just having a good bike. 128 more words

New Ideas

Paper Athletes: Amazing Olympic Athletes Crafted From Layers of Paper

Raya Sader Bujana, the paper artist based in Barcelona created below fantastic serial plane paper figures in collaboration with photographer Garcia Mendez for an Olympic themed stock photography shoot. 39 more words

New Ideas

Most Fantasy Book Covers by Aniko Kolesnikova

Although I am not sure how many of you still write journal and how many of you need your journal has a really fancy cover, you probably will want one when you see Aniko Kolesnikova’s customized book cover. 108 more words

New Ideas

System Proposal #2 - MAN. Carbon Price Policy

Created to reduce green house gas emissions. As well as improving Canada’s adaption to Climate Change.

2% Global Emissions Policy.

Employment will grow, energy efficiency retrofitting, and renewable HEMP energy transit growth as well as reliable transportation tools. 201 more words

New Ideas