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You Probably Don't Realize It But You May Need a New Job

When you can’t make ends meet with your present salary, you see plainly that you need a promotion or a new job. Usually, it’s a new job. 394 more words


Welcome back to me!

It seems to be a theme… I make a proclamation (or just a beautifully random statement) and then disappear for a while. I am possibly the worst blogger ever. 370 more words


Hey, MTV! Welcome To My Crib! – Transitioning from Life at School to Moving Back in with Your Parents.

I’m the first to admit how lucky I was to have had the opportunity to attend a 4-year university out of state…and if I’m not the first to admit it, Greg Hill will surely step in to remind me. 306 more words


I had a feeling it could be this way

Dear Mom,

Two and a half weeks into this new job and I’m slowly remembering why I left management.

It’s not all bad. I just despise the trickle-down communication companies employ. 78 more words


In-service Blues

As a kid, in-service days meant another day off of school.

As a student teacher, in-service days meant sitting in the meetings along with my mentor. 929 more words


new day, new job

So today was my first day of a new job after being a lady of leisure for the last six months. I survived the day unscathed… 538 more words

My Life


One morning, about two weeks ago, I walked into our local family owned convenience store. The owner, Umar, glanced over from his spot behind the counter and waved. 478 more words

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