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A Quick Life Update

Somehow I’ve allowed myself to go nearly three months (!) without writing a new blog post. Shame on me. I feel like I’ve started and stopped on this post ten times alone. 815 more words

Muscular Dystrophy

What do you want me to do?

                                                            GET TO THE POINT!!!!

It screams through my head every time I open an email more than a paragraph long.  I thought it was because I was from New York and lacked the southern mannerisms deep in my soul. 169 more words

Chapter 1: Who's Your Daddy? No, Really

“Does anybody here have a Percocet?”

I’m about two months into my new writing job and this is the first time my boss, Tripp Durgal, makes an appearance in front of his 54 employees. 414 more words


Encore Presentation

Thanks to my network of well-connected friends at work, I learned last week that, though it hasn’t been announced publicly yet (so don’t tell anyone), I got the job I wanted.  962 more words


New job, car & positive feelings.

I haven’t posted anything in way over a month…But I have a perfectly good reason for that. I started my new job! If any of you guys have me on my other social media pages, you’ll know from about mid March time til the beginning of September, I’ve been waiting to start my job and now I finally have! 392 more words


New Job - worries and screw-ups

Starting a new job, maybe even in a business you’ve never worked before, is stressful. Especially if you don’t know what is around the corner. 962 more words


Facing The Chinese Dragon

Welcome everyone to my blog and to my first ever blog post! The reason why I’m keeping a blog is that for the simple reason I want to let people know at home how I am doing in Shanghai,  China. 372 more words