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Hey Everyone!

So it’s been another hot minute since I’ve been on here!

It took sometime but I’m back and pretty ready to just talk and rant on here. 288 more words

Hello, My Name is Flora Banks

Hmm… but we can do both, though, right?

My mind is buzz, buzz, buzzing tonight.

My strategy: (Although I may only be nearly two sentences deep) — write until it buzzes down from high frequency to quiet lull to deep silence. 923 more words

First Major Decision!

A sense of excitement rushes over me. I haven’t felt this way in a long time. I stare at my phone shaking my head in disbelief this kind of stuff never happens. 613 more words

dear diary, it was a long week and the story of a new job

Much like Jasmine crashed in her nest, Friday night found me nodding off pretty early as I curled up on the couch.  A new job will do that to ya.  599 more words

Things From My Days

I need control.

I need to control something and I am going to start controlling my eating.

I feel like i am losing touch with myself I need to lose weight… 20 more words

365 Day Blog Challenge

First Week on the New Job, and adjusting to the move.


I’m listening to a song off Jagged Little Pill in a coffee shop called Moxie Java.  It’s walking distance from my apartment.

This week I worked 7:45a-4pm shifts to be trained in.   839 more words

Where have I been?

Not away, that’s for sure, these pictures are from my walk home from work the other day. I’m sharing them with you because it perfectly segways into the reason I’ve taken a few weeks off from blogging – I’ve changed jobs! 382 more words

Living Life