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Everything but the Kitchen Sink

I headed abroad to start my first teaching job five years ago, but in many ways it seems like it was only yesterday. Everything was rather a last-minute decision, which resulted in applying for and receiving my visa, purchasing my plane tickets and boarding my first ever flight all in the space of a week. 1,459 more words


Library Director 101 - Thoughts #1

Yesterday, I spent a few hours trying to get my office organized… my previous director had been in the position for 37 years let me repeat that – 37 years!   287 more words


Welcome to Adulthood 2.0

May 22 2015 saw me kick start this blog off with haphazard accounts of the going’s on in my life. The first post that went live on this blog was titled ‘Welcome to Adulthood’ and documented my finishing undergraduate study and welcoming myself into the real world of work and earning money and living as well.. 766 more words


Monday night concluded Week One of this new chapter in rural Virginia.

We hear cows lowing through the woods, when sitting on the front porch.  And coyote through the back woods, when on the back deck.   555 more words

Closing The Gap

Work 1. The workplace

So I read a fantastic article today. It is called ‘an open letter to managers of women’. You might be thinking that this is some serious article about discrimination of woman within the workplace, but it’s not quite the same as other articles moaning about woman not being treated as well as men. 273 more words

Falling Behind


When I started this blog, my first post on the 10th July was going to begin my fresh start. My new career (well, 2 month training contract), my new home (rented flat in a castle) and my new life (nothing has changed). 596 more words


When 50 Grand becomes too much to handle...

“Fortune sides with him who dares.”
― Virgil

This happened a few years ago before I moved to Dubai and left my amazing job.

I sat in a small, congested, dim lighted conference room and waited for John who I previously referred to as JFK because of his initials. 947 more words