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Let's Talk About: 'Labour Maquis'

This week a friend tipped me off about a Twitter account purportedly belonging to a group calling itself the ‘Labour Maquis’. Those of you familiar with the history of World War 2 will know that the Maquis were the French resistance. 777 more words


Does Labour also have a 'brand' problem?

The Conservative Party has commonly been referred to as the ‘nasty party’ and, in the eyes of many Britons, less compassionate, less generous, less caring and plain ‘nastier’ than their opponents on the left. 890 more words

Corbyn is Fighting in the War-Room

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn condemned Britain’s armed forces chief for suggesting that Corbyn must not be allowed to be Prime Minister because he has renounced the use of nuclear weapons. 326 more words

Stopping WW III

It shouldn't work ... but it does!

University has been rather intense, and I have been working when I’m not in class, and when I’m not at work I’ve been writing essays – this is why my blog has been a bit neglected. 526 more words


Tony Blair: Apology NOT Accepted!

Tony Blair has finally come out and ‘apologised’ for his part in taking Britain into the Iraq war, but to me his apology is worthless. If he thinks that all he needs to do after twelve years is apologise and then all is forgiven, then to my mind he is woefully wrong. 652 more words