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Can the Centre-Left Think Tank Regain its Political Relevance?

Think tanks today have a tough job on their hands. They strive to provide expertise to policy makers at a time when experts are not necessarily trusted among the public and party leaders. 780 more words

The Great Awakening' A Journey to Dietary Enlightenment

Before late 2015 I had no real idea how nefarious the global processed food industry really is. Sure, I knew a bit about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s), a spectre I’ve been following since the mid-1990’s. 1,987 more words

New Labour

Unqualified Civilians in Nursing Uniforms - Britain's Hitlerite Phase (2010-2018)

New Labour (in power from 1997-2010) continued the Thatcherite dismantling of the British NHS, and introduced ‘charging’ for elderly people for the extra care needed in old age – which these people had already paid for when they were young – through collective taxation whilst working. 417 more words

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Oh, Lords!

Earlier this week, we saw Corbyn commit to abolishing the House of Lords, replacing it with a wholly elected second chamber. This isn’t really news to anyone. 553 more words

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Why? Why? Why? Do I Go On And On And On And On About Stuff?

In the UK general election of 1997 I, like so many people in the UK voted for Tony Blair. This happened, as it did for so many millions in this country, under the mistaken belief that he represented something better than the 15 years of conservative government which preceded him. 1,464 more words

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Us Vs. Them: The Failure Of Globalism | The Herald | May 2018

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Western leaders made a series of lofty claims regarding the benefits of globalisation.

“The global economy is giving billions around the world the chance to work and live and raise their families with dignity,” Bill Clinton remarked during the final months of his presidency. 850 more words


Wanda Lozinska’s reflections on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party

Who is to blame for Labour’s current problems? Not Jeremy Corbyn, but selfish, self-indulgent right-wing New Labour MPs refusing to do their handsomely paid jobs and continually undermining him – fuelling the flagrant press and TV who are biassed against him, serving a privileged Establishment terrified at the prospect of a Corbyn victory putting an end to their greedy, tax-evading ways. 244 more words

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