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The Labour Party: Changing faces, shifting bases

As Jeremy Corbyn and the movement that supports him confront Owen Smith and most of the Parliamentary Labour Party in a battle over the direction of Labour, … 3,562 more words

Jeremy Corbyn

Posted below is the Shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry’s letter to her constituents which paints a very different picture to that presented by former members of the shadow cabinet who took part in the staged walkout of the coup.  

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Exploding the Myth of Corbyn's Unelectability

The Labour Party lost a total of 5 million voters between 1997 and 2010 as it slithered to the right.  But those responsible for this rupture of the Party’s base are deathly silent on the damage they did in picking up where Thatcher and Major left off. 1,155 more words

Instructions for dancing (2)

There are a couple of reasons to be cheerful, from a Left perspective, about last week’s Appeal Court ruling. But first, let’s look at the NEC – the constituency section in particular. 1,552 more words


The world really DID end in 2012

Those crafty Mayans were right – the world came to an end in 2012!

For us British kids, it did at least. 2012 was the last hurrah of our childhood, a final stand for the idea of Britain as some great, cosmopolitan nation we could find our place in. 1,349 more words