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John Prescott: Burnham should be leader of the Labour Party

The former deputy prime minister has said that he is giving his full backing to Andy Burnham being the next leader of the Labour Party… 275 more words


Whisper it quietly: Cameron really is the heir to Blair

In the early days of David Cameron’s leadership of the Conservatives, he once joked to a number of media executives that he was the true ‘heir to Blair.’ Cameron quickly admitted that this had been a mistake. 543 more words

Traditions Are The Foundation Of Our Future - We Destroy Them At Our Peril

By Ben Kelly, blogger and editor of The Sceptic Isle.

A healthy respect for tradition and custom is a guarantor of stability and a means of conserving what is good and worth preserving about our country, its culture and its political system. 1,167 more words


Political Short Termism: The (Second) Biggest Loser of GE2015

One (very) last thing to say about the election, before a lengthy moratorium on posts about party politics. Here’s a rubbish intervention in more mundane matters, having essentially said secede from Westminster’s jurisdiction and start self-sustaining hippy communes the other day. 1,020 more words


County Durham Socialist Clothing Bank

The Clothing Bank opened its doors today. As last time we had prom dresses and prom suits available to loan as well as our more usual items. 206 more words

Time For #Entryism ?

The Labour party was born from the blood, sweat and tears of ordinary people in struggle.

First came the Trade Unions, organised workers who fought for safer and better work conditions. 250 more words


Please Labour, ditch the name calling and get organised.

What is in a name?

The first election I have a decent memory of is 1997. I remember Tony Blair, beaming and youthful, walking up Downing Street. 732 more words