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Blair's missing millions

Tony Blair, of course, led the Labour Party to three general victories. As it happens, those are the only three general elections that Labour’s won in the last forty years. 840 more words


Dear Blairites, dear Corbynistas: Open letters to both.

Jeremy Corbyn // Getty Images

Dear Blairites, New Labour factionists, John McTernan, etc etc:

If you will indulge me in a little smugness for a moment: It wasn’t meant to be like this, was it? 1,072 more words

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100 New Labour Achievements

1. Introducing the National Minimum Wage and establishing the Low Pay Commission

2. Tripled spending on our NHS, an increase of over £66bn – more than doubling health spending per capita… 925 more words

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To Govern Again We Must Come to Terms with Our Past

Before the last election the New Statesmen’s Helen Lewis wrote that only once Labour had come to terms with its ’embarrassing Uncle Tony’ could it convincingly defend its record. 344 more words

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Arresting Momentum

The argument that Momentum is a hard-left entryist formation whose aim is to seize control of the Labour Party was advanced most recently by the self-proclaimed ‘socialist’ Owen “Citizen” Smith.1 Such an argument is perhaps a slight improvement on the one which warned that wizened old Trotskyist hands are ‘twisting young arms’ in this leadership contest, but opponents of Jeremy Corbyn simply must do better.2… 1,138 more words