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Unionist and Government Media Bias

I don’t want to use this piece to rehash old arguments about the Scottish media’s bias in favour of the NO campaign during Scotland’s independence referendum. 1,062 more words


They don't know

This is interesting. The Graun has taken note of the recent YouGov poll showing that 64% of Labour members would vote for Corbyn again tomorrow (14% probably, 50% definitely). 1,184 more words


Gordon Brown: The Agent of Chaos Returns to Proselytise The E.U.

My research into the conspiratorial agenda widely known today as the “New World Order” originally started out as a historical pursuit. ignited by the fascination with the wars and popular revolutions of the 1600’s onwards, I followed a thread of inquiry from ancient Mesopotamia, through flashpoints such as of the rise and fall of the Egyptian and Greek mystery schools, the emergence of the Holy Roman empire, the enlightenment, Bacon, Dee, Kelley and Shakespeare, and on into the colonisation of the Americas and the Global wars of the first half of the 20th century. 1,396 more words


Beware of Israeli doublespeak


There is a witch hunt in the British Labour Party. Britain’s opposition party leader Jeremy Corbyn is being hounded for not rooting out alleged anti-Semitism in his party. 1,310 more words


On Merit

During ‘The Unbelievable Truth’, on BBC Radio 4 yesterday, the definition of ‘Aristocracy’ was given: “Rule by the best”. Compare that with ‘Meritocracy’: “Rule by those most able & talented”. 296 more words



Attack Corbyn at any cost,

to the ends of democracy lost.

Attack the man for being nice,

in hateful Britain it wont cut ice.

Attack a leader democratically elected. 90 more words


Child of New Labour

‘A new dawn has broken, has it not?’ On May 1st, nineteen years ago, New Labour came to power under the leadership of Tony Blair. If you have read some of my posts (such as about the… 1,338 more words