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We're stuck in the Land of Brexit Blues. We need more than ever for Labour to gain a brain, the Lib-Dems to gain courage, and moderate Conservatives to gain a heart.

Post referendum, we’re stuck in the Land of Brexit Blues. Now more than ever we need moderate Conservatives to gain a heart, Labour to gain a brain and the Lib-Dems to gain some Courage, if we are to get out of the tornado that bought us here. 2,080 more words

Danny Dorling on Rev Paul Nicolson, the housing crisis and hope for the future

Following our successful event on The Future of Social Justice held in association with the Bristol Festival of Ideas at University of Bristol on Monday, here is the full speech from Danny Dorling, one of the speakers. 3,018 more words

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The Decline of Working Class Masculinity & Culture

The local pub, the local factory, and the local football club — the three institutions of the traditional working class in England — all three feel the icy grip of modernity around their necks. 2,502 more words


Tony Blair is blind to the real story of the New Labour era

Unnoticed by the progressives, “One Wage Towns” were quietly emerging.

By Graham Jones

For many in Westminster, the “quiet landslide” of 2001 cemented a growing consensus. 1,101 more words


Clinton & co are finally gone. That is the silver lining in this disaster. - Hazem Salem. 

Hillary Clinton has given us back our freedom.

Only such a crushing defeat could break the chains that bound us to the New Democrat elites. The defeat was the result of decades of moving the Democratic party – the party of FDR – away from what it once was and should have remained: a party that represents workers. 231 more words

Ending Neoliberalism

Jeremy Corbyn

Not only did the results of the Brexit referendum witness a colossal decrease in the value of the pound but also the apparent coup of the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. 606 more words


Corbyn And The Media (Part 2) or "The Members Don't Matter"

The Labour Party now has over 500,000 members, many of whom have joined since Jeremy Corbyn became leader. Most politicians would chew off their right arm to get these kinds of numbers joining their party but not the Blairites. 804 more words

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