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Inverclyde's Unsafe Schools?

I was totally unsurprised to learn that Inverclyde Council’s corrupt leader Stephen McCabe had used the same dodgy PFI company to build Inverclyde’s schools that built the now infamous Edinburgh ones. 144 more words


This Fortnight's Private Eye on the Tories' Attack on the Freedom of Information Act

This fortnight’s issue of Private Eye (18th-31st March 2016) has a piece on the government’s latest attempt to water down the Freedom of Information Act. Apparently, the review has rejected the suggestion that charges should be levied on requests, but it is expected to include a series of exemptions for certain types of information. 206 more words


Greedy Bastards: Fat Kids, Class War, and the Ideology of Classlessness

The article below is the original first submission of my academic article which appeared in Elena Levy-Navarro’s collection, Historicizing Fat in Anglo-American Culture (2010). Elena really championed the essay against some strong objections to its inclusion from some ’empiricist historians’. 11,476 more words

"One Party State" we already have one of those

With the “yoons” screaming about a one party state if the Scottish National Party regain power in the Scottish Parliament I thought it was about time to remind them that we already have one of those. 876 more words


The Demolition of Tony Blair

I tend to be suspicious of biographies of the living. There’s one simple reason: dirt sells.

People don’t want to read about saints whose whiter-than-white reputations sail through the closest scrutiny. 1,431 more words


Margaret Thatcher and Gender

“In politics, if you want anything said ask a man, if you want anything done ask a woman.”

It can be said without doubt that Margaret Thatcher evoked a wide range of opinions among the British public, before, during… 2,087 more words


#JeremyCorbyn blistering attack on #EconomicPolicies of #NewLabour

La a speech to business chi

#JeremyCorbyn blistering attack on #EconomicPolicies of #NewLabour

Daily Mirror 3 March 2016

Jeremy Corbyn today launched a blistering attack on Tony Blair and Gordon Brown for their “unsustainable” handling of the UK economy. 393 more words

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