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Who are you calling a Red Tory?

There’s a glorious and comforting myth doing the rounds on the left. It’s like warm milk and honey to those who like their politics black and white, with little or no space for any grey. 1,642 more words

Trevor Philips: Breaking the Silence?

Trevor Philips- formerly New Labour’s advocate and now perhaps its fiercest critic presented a documentary entitled ‘Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True’ in which he argued that political correctness is preventing Britain from solving its racial problems. 339 more words

This Crazy Life

People aren’t apathetic to politics; they merely want to be listened to

As a young politics student, it is the standard cause to believe that apathy has gripped the nation.  We are taught this in textbook after textbook, being reinforced come election day when the turnout is once again disappointing. 696 more words

Time to protest against sanctions

Don’t think it will not happen to you, as with Universal credit millions of working people will have to jump through the same hoops that the unemployed and disabled have to now. 265 more words