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Why Labour's right are equally in denial as the left

Nick Cohen wrote an expletitive plea or should it be a rant telling Corbynista’s ‘to stop being a fucking fool by changing your fucking mind.’ In many respects it was akin to a spoilt child screaming ‘I’ll scream and scream, until I’ll make myself sick!’ By accusing Corbyn supporters of being in denial and that the party is in danger of going into meltdown unless they appoint their special one they too are very much in denial. 728 more words

Labour and the Continuing Fight for Democratic Socialism

The Labour Party is a party of Democratic Socialism. It says so on the membership card.

But let’s make something plain. The Labour Party has never been a party of socialist… 2,581 more words

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The money that ensures Corbyn appears unelectable

For some time now, there has been a massive campaign to make Jeremy Corbyn appear to be an unelectable Labour party leader. Contributing to this are the mainstream media’s biased reporting in a bid to stamp out any kind of socialist support. 976 more words


Gordon Brown: The tragedy of missed opportunity

Gordon Brown had always been a political titan. He was a booming orator and had a shrewd mind for policy. If not for being outmanoeuvred by Tony Blair back in ’94, he would have been the man to lead Labour to victory in 1997. 338 more words

Neoliberalism in Conservative and New Labour Education Policy (1979-1997)

The resurgence of neoliberalism between 1979 to 1997 resulted in a rolling back of the collectivist principles of welfare state and a return to Victorian era individualsim, a reassertion of the twin pillars of individual liberty defined as freedom to choose and market forces, or the discipline of competition. 591 more words


Let's Talk About: Those New Labour Achievements

If you’re a Corbyn supporter, you’re probably more than familiar with the rebuttals (such as they are) deployed by Blairites and Nu Labour sympathizers to the discourse that insists their prescription for governing the country is the wrong one… 927 more words

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Oh, Mr Tony Blair

There were a couple of interesting tweetstorms today discussing the record of the New Labour governments, sparked off by Ken Loach’s article in defence of Jeremy Corbyn. 3,123 more words