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Trust I can rely on

I stayed up for the result last Thursday night and toasted Gareth Snell with a year-old bottle of Orval. I still had some beer when the Copeland result came in, but if I knocked it back it was only so that I could get it over with and get to bed. 1,495 more words


Blair and New Labour: the Problem of the Quick Fix

I was a student when Tony Blair was elected leader of the Labour party.
At the time I was studying political ideology and the history of the Labour party and, despite knowing that the Labour Party had never been a true left wing socialist party, I also knew that the message that Blair was promoting was even far to the right of that. 1,818 more words

UK Politics

Fight back for real change can halt Trump and May

by Ken Ferguson • Both Trump and May rode to power on a tide of resentment from millions of working people cast aside by a tiny elite of bankers and speculators who made billions while jobs and communities were trashed. 574 more words


Ideology and Effective Parliamentary Opposition

The role of politicians with regards to their duty to voters has been muddied, in the West at least, for decades, but I think the role of the politician in the UK was thrown in to disarray, drastically, with the sweeping to power of New Labour in the late 1990’s. 1,585 more words


No Need for New Labour

There’s a popular misconception that the political repositioning of the Labour Party was what won the 1997 election and kicked the Tories out of power for the first time since 1979. 856 more words