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Grammar of the Week | ~ㄹ/을까 하다 + 소개하다 (sogaehada) [Word of the Day]


Okay so in the spirit of last week’s lesson, we’re going to stick with the theme of what you’re planning on doing. Please let me know in the comments if we have done this before. 93 more words

Word Of The Day

Foreign Language Tip #15 | You Will Be Misunderstood...

There will be times during this journey where you won’t be understood and where you won’t understand.


There will be a language barrier, unlike the language barrier you experience when you don’t speak the language at all. 372 more words

Word Of The Day

운전하다 ‎(unjeonhada) [Word of the Day]


운전하다 ‎(unjeonhada) | “to drive”

Today’s word is another familiar word that we’re going to change to a future tense verb. Remember, this verb stem that we’re going to use is used when your decision is reflective of what the other person said. 84 more words

Word Of The Day

만들다 (mandeulda) | [Word of the Day]


Okay so we are back, and doing this properly. Let’s just go ahead and get started!

만들다 (mandeulda) | “to make” 

A familiar verb that we’re going to add -(으)ㄹ 게요 as the verb stem. 82 more words

Word Of The Day

Romancing with Spanish

Unlike everyone, I don’t have an agenda after the sunrise and no exhaustion after the sunset. To me, dawn and dusk are the same. Every day I have to invent something new to keep me amused. 242 more words

Discovering Oneself

하다 (hada) + -(으)ㄹ 게요 | [Word of the Day]


Alright, so we are still working on using -(으)ㄹ 게요. Now last week I made a bit of a blunder. I said that (으)ㄹ 거예요 was used to reference your actions in the future based on what the other person said. 172 more words

Word Of The Day

The Used, New Language

by Cassie Wilson

Earlier this year, The Used embarked on a sold-out 15 year anniversary tour and fans in other US cities demanded that the tour be expanded to their town. 553 more words

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