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By John T. Cox, Jr.

We have previously considered the confusion that often exists regarding “salaried” and “hourly” employees, and how many employers are under the impression that if an employee is paid a “salary, he or she is not entitled to overtime compensation, and seen that is not the actual test. 351 more words

New Laws

Is Griping About Your Boss Protected Speech?

The National Labor Relations Act of 1935 (NLRA) created the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)  It gives employees the right to organize and bargain collectively… 646 more words

New Laws

Oklahoma's "Texting While Driving" Ban Effective November 1, 2015

Beginning November 1, 2015 texting while operating a motor vehicle will be a primary offense. That means that police can pull you over just for texting. 171 more words

November 1st

Metadata - We are all being watched

The new Australian law decrees that all metadata is tracked and saved for two years. Phone calls, text messages and emails are all monitored by the Government in this new system to supposedly combat terrorism. 253 more words


4 new laws in force from today in england

london 7.17pm monday 2015

30day refund period .

smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in all room in rented housing.

no smoking in cars with kids aboard. 13 more words

K2 by the numbers

K2 aka Spice, K4 or Kush, a synthetic marijuana made from herbs, spices and plant material often coated with a synthetic THC compound.

330 percent increase in K2-related exposures reported nationwide between Jan. 242 more words