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Public Talk Maynooth: Daniel Finn on 'One Man's Terrorist'

We’ve, meaning the doctoral students in Maynooth’s Arts and Humanities Institute, been lucky enough to get access to funding to bring in a speaker that coincides with our overlapping interests, and I’m happy to ‘announce’ that Daniel Finn exists in this overlap.   64 more words

Tariq Ali: The Authorised Biography. Exclusive Extract.

A Revolutionary, a Gentleman and a Scholar. 

Tariq Ali: The Authorised Biography. Cde RON.


Big Ben, wrecked by imperial wars, was silent. Across the road, on College Green, the crowd at the People’s Convention Rally broke out in thunderous applause to a sober and mature speech by comrade Eddie Dempsey. 470 more words

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Notre histoire intellectuelle et politique. 1968 – 2018. Pierre Rosanvallon. Review.

Notre histoire intellectuelle et politique. 1968 – 2018. Pierre Rosanvallon. Les Livres du Nouveau Monde. 2019.

History, writes Pierre Rosanvallon, has meted out a long series of disappointments, and still bites at our neck. 1,500 more words

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New Left Review Tackles Brexit, from 'anti-systemic' parties to Corbyn.

From Brexit Knocks to Corbyn.

Writing after the EU Referendum New Left Review editor Susan Watkins found time to pontificate on the “solipsistic and civilizational” reactions of those who regretted the victory of the Leave camp.  2,411 more words

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Occam's Razor Applied--Part Two


21st century socialism must recognize that one of the most earth shattering, horizon expanding, revolutionary developments in human history is hidden in plain view: money, once the great elixir of progress, the indispensable lubricant of trade, the sine qua non of exchange, the sinew of capitalism, the lifeblood of state socialism, is now an impediment to progress. 5,409 more words