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Perry Anderson, New Left Review and Europe.

Perry  Anderson, New Left Review and Europe.

“But what would Brexit actually mean for the European Union, or for Ukania in parting with it? So far, all that was clear was that ‘Blairized Britain has taken a hit, as has the Hayekianized eu’ and ‘critics of the neoliberal order have no reason to regret these knocks to it’, against which the entire global establishment had inveighed. 1,630 more words

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Will pro-Brexit Left Defend Johnson? EU Launches Proceeding against UK for breaching the Withdrawal Agreement.

This is the news today:

🇪🇺🇬🇧 @vonderleyen: “We stand by our commitments”.

We have launched legal proceedings against #UK for breaching the Withdrawal Agreement – an agreement aimed at protecting peace & stability on the island of Ireland.

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Civil Rights and Socialist strategy 5 - New Left Review interview 1969

Two years after the formation of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association and after the October demonstration in Derry, O’Neill’s reform package, the Burntollet march, and only a week before Terence O’Neill’s resignation, members of Peoples Democracy were interviewed by… 2,370 more words

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Stuart Hall | Culture and Power

Interviewed by Peter Osborne and Lynne Segal

RP: How would you describe the current state of cultural studies in Britain in relation to its past? 11,939 more words

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Verso Publishes 'Antisemitism and the Labour Party, Jamie Stern-Weiner'. Norman Finkelstein: "British-Jewish elites are terrorising Corbyn".

Verso have just put this out.

Antisemitism and the Labour Party

FREE EBOOK: writers on the ‘Labour antisemitism’ controversy, with contributions from Norman G. Finkelstein, Jeremy Gilbert, Antony Lerman, David Rosenberg, Naomi Wayne, and Jewish Voice for Labour, as well as a selection of hitherto unpublished testimonies from Jewish members of the Labour Party. 2,656 more words

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