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Postmodernism and New Media Texts

This week’s readings really got me thinking about where the field of English is going and what my experiences as a student have been so far. 887 more words

New Media

Video Games and Digital Literature

Naomi Alderman brings up an interesting point in her article The first great works of digital literature are already being written. She talks about how many of the people that she works with forget that video games actually exist. 410 more words

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Animation as an Instructional Design Tool

This is my start of a literature review on animation as a tool for Instructional Designers.  Adding reviews of articles around the topic of why using animation should be your next instructional design tool.   254 more words

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Technology Taking People's Minds?

Tristan Harris is the author of the article How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds- From a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist. When I first began to read the article, I was skeptic about Harris’ argument. 710 more words

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Lapis Lazuli - Inner Knowing #004

Lapis Lazuli – Inner Knowing #004 © 2016

Medium:  New Media Giclée on Paper

It portrays: Abstract, relevant to: blue, stones, cobalt, crystals, abstract, indigo, lapis lazuli… 89 more words


Is Technology taking Over?

As I sit at my internship, eating, doing homework on my laptop, surrounded by printers and computers, and looking at my phone; I wonder: Is technology taking over? 556 more words

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Writing for New Media

As this six-week assignment is coming to an end and we are about to focus on creating websites, I found it most accurate to summarize what I learned this week about content for such a platform. 245 more words