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The Lived, They Died, They Rose Again

GLITCH GLITCH GLITCH GLITCH! HOLY CRAP! For only 6 episodes, this new series on Netflix literally has me dead (lol). There is currently only 1 season, and it only has 6, 1-hour episodes. 525 more words

Anti-PAP sites lose traffic after Facebook tweaks algos

Is Mark Zuckerberg sucking up to the PAP as part of his efforts to suck up to China ala Duterte?

Two tua kee socio-political sites (even though one says it’s a commercial news agency cum loudhailer for the govt and its agencies and not a socio-political site) are heavily dependent on Facebook to push out (“promote”) their stuff and so help them get views and ad revenue. 426 more words

New Media

Week #6: Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are just so cool and epic-looking. I’m quite honest when I say I’m excited to create my own. It kind of gets me thinking of what my favourite motion graphics are. 469 more words

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"I aint seen s**t!" Pt. 2

Cottonmouth: What’s your name again?
Luke: Luke.
Cottonmouth: Luke. Mmm, old school. Biblical. I’m all about the old school. You know that eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth kind of thing.

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Image 1 :WeBike phone charging station

            The first image comes from a photograph one of my parents took in the train station Lille Europe, in France. It shows the WeBike system, which permits to charge the battery of a phone by plugging it into the machine and pedaling on of the three “bikes”. 605 more words

New Media

Work in progress : Week 11, Image 1 (2)

I chose to add the text on the legs of the characters to reinforce my insistance on the flows of energy circulating in this photograph from the human bodies to the charging station and the phones. 71 more words

New Media

Shanghai Forever - a short film from JT Singh

Shanghai Forever from JT Singh on Vimeo. The best urban film I have wacthed this year. Share it with you. Or watch it here:  206 more words