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Consensus & Reason towards Legitimacy

Consensus remains a vital enterprise in the democratic system as it is essential in formulating policies, making collective decisions, effecting political processes, and defining political outcomes. 1,523 more words

New Media


Unfortunately I’ve arrived to the point where, not that I’m too big but I’m too busy.  I like to be small.  You have to be a baby to enter into the Kingdom.  1,536 more words

Fringe Christianity

Final Post

New media is defined as anything that is digitally accessed. New media is the advancing of technology. Most new media technologies are ones that can be “manipulated, networkable, dense, compressible, and interactive” as stated by Bailey Socha and Barbara Eber-Schmid, authors of Define New Media Isn’t Easy. 1,460 more words

New Media

The News Media Bubble

Politico, a left-leaning web magazine, just published an essay about the bubble in which journalists live. According to the authors the bubble is not just geographic, but also ideological. 936 more words

New Media

Facebook v/s Snapchat

One poor little social medium trying to get people to take pictures as deer and princess has moved the foundation of Big Daddy & it’s boys (read Facebook & Instagram, & WhatsApp). 420 more words


Company Visit : Kumparan.com

I am proud of my young and brilliant students from University of Indonesia. Keep the passion, stay hungry and foolish, lads!

Proud of Kumparan.com too. Special thanks to my humble and sincere colleagues, Hugo Diba (CEO) and Andrias Ekoyuono (CMO). 45 more words


SDP, Terry, TRE: Learn from the French

True the u/m guys are fascists but still they got an effective way of combating the French MSM’s narrative: they helped Le Pen get 21% of the votes. 187 more words

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