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Dear Esports Pro Player,

Dear Esports Pro Player,

I’m writing this in hopes of helping you and your career not in regards to how you practice or how you play, and I’m certainly not trying to give you any tips that help you become a better player in your game. 619 more words


Lecture 10: New Media Ethics

السلام عليكم

محاضرة هذا الاسبوع ستكون عن أخلاقيات الإعلام الحديث

يمكنكم المشاركة في النقاش من خلال الرد على هذه التدوينة




simple and direct
Lord Bollox said
as he trolled his way
through an
array of tweets

not deep into analysis, but
what stutters off the cuff…

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We Live In A Gossip Column From Which There Is No Escape

This quotation from Marshall McLuhan, more than “global village” or “the medium is the message,” exemplifies what a prophet he was. He wrote these words in the 1960s, several decades before the Internet. 97 more words

Making it better - public service media and the future of news

In November 2018 the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) published its News Report 2018, entitled: 50 ways to make it better. In the EBU press release it states that the report “highlights practical and concrete solutions and 50 real examples on building engagement and trust in public service journalism.” 104 more words


Another sign that GE will be next yr/ Three cheers for TOC

In another sign that GE will be next yr, the PAP govt is showing that it does listen, even if the agitation for a change in policy started in Terry’s Online Channel. 441 more words


All Talk: The Structure of Podcasts and Their Place in DH

It’s pure serendipity when you find that your class assignments coincide with some of your personal interests. It just so happens that I have been opening up to podcasts as of recently, like in kind of a big way, and to be given this opportunity to reflect on this in class is perhaps a sign that I should maybe be reflecting about my media a little bit more deeply. 1,047 more words