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PAP cares for S'poreans, really they do: Look at Save the Children's Global Childhood Report

(Part of an occasional series)

About two months ago, TOC, other cybernut publications, social media cybernuts and even a ex-wannabe IB member* living in Finland on welfare were up in arms over the constructive, nation-building MSM’s reports on S’pores top ranking in the Save the Children’s Global Childhood Report. 226 more words


Audience Simulation

This summer LSS are joining up with the Jon Bradley from, ‘Immersive Interactive(image above, is one of their interactive classrooms) to have a go at creating a virtual audience experience. 365 more words

Engagement With Industry

Exclusive: Vanessa Hudgens to lead reading of 'The Notebook' musical adaptation

Vanessa Hudgens is once again finding the music in her.

The former High School Musical star, who has impressed critics and audiences with her work in live TV musicals like… 467 more words


How to Read Books by Naval Ravikant

I have 38 books on the go. But that’s okay that I haven’t finished any of them yet.

I happen to agree with Naval that you don’t necessarily have to finish a book, right away or even at all, in order to appreciate content within a book. 262 more words

New Media

Canary in the coal mine: Simon Denny on his new show about mining data and minerals


Exhibition by New Zealand-born, Berlin-based artist opens at the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart

Tim Stone

A working drawing of a sculpture and the King Island brown thornbill by Simon Denny © Simon Denny, Mikael Brain. 759 more words


Fake news the TOC way/ History is very complicated

Last week, TOC and its fellow anti-PAP cybernuts discredited themselves thrice over with the voters the Oppo needs to win over in any general election (the PAP voters who voted for Tan Cheng Bock in PE 2011 who but for TKL, Goh Meng Seng and Tan Jee Say would have been president: really fixing the PAP). 681 more words

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