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Sumner State Park, Monday after

WOW!!!!!  So happy that weekend is over and I was not the camp host. People were drinking and playing load music until 1am when the camp host ( also a sheriff deputy ) came out to shut it down. 163 more words


Glad For Low Winds Today

Oasis State Park is a nice little park, has places to walk with and without the dogs. Stay on pavement when walking the dogs because of all the goat head stickers. 175 more words


Now Located at Oasis State Park ( Eastern part of NM )

Yesterday was a great travel day…  First off no wind to speak of since over a week. Next just 18 miles down the road was a Fast Stop that I was able to fill my fuel tank and get coffee.. 161 more words


Weekenders Confuse Me

It is now 2pm, temperature outside is 68f, and 5 of the six people who are here for the weekend have all of their windows ( curtains also closed ) closed with the AC running.. 131 more words


DevoKids Post - Carlsbad Caverns National Park

If you like bats, you’ll enjoy watching the bat flight, a nightly occurrence at Carlsbad Caverns National Park! Click here to discover more about this park in New Mexico.

Sandra Merville Hart

Oasis State Park, New Mexico

I got some good driving time in on the RV going from southwest Oklahoma to northeast New Mexico. The roads were nice and straight, which made for smoother sailing in the RV (which over 55mph often felt like a boat rocking on a troubled sea), and I started to relax a bit driving such a behemoth. 126 more words