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Breastfeeding a preemie, fighting jaundice, low weight gain, and the whole nine yards

My baby was born at 34 weeks and 2 days, so everything was new and unexpected for me. Though I was quite positive about breastfeeding, many things came a surprise! 2,380 more words


A quick trip

What did Cort and I do when we found out he had a Monday off due to a national holiday last minute (thank you fourth of July!) you ask? 643 more words


Mama & little

My current beach day essentials:

Reusable water bottle… check.

Big floppy hat… check.

Baby friendly- teething necklace….CHECK

Have you guys heard about Mama & little… 539 more words

Honest Company City Backpack Everything Tote Diaper Bag Review

Hi, it’s me. Back from incubating and delivering our boy/girl twins via repeat C. Sorry, it’s taken so long, but really I’m not sorry. I’ve been tried to bond, recover and organize a house that is going through serious growing pains. 1,188 more words

New Mom

Marquesa is ONE

Today is a incredibly special day to me…

One year ago I birthed a BABY! I grew a tiny little human in my belly over the course of 10 months AND THEN pushed her out of me. 379 more words


Weekend recapĀ 

I know it’s Tuesday but I’m still thinking about the weekend…

The most beautiful sunsets I have seen were here on the St. John’s river. The reflection of the sky on the water is always stunning and together looks like a painting. 69 more words


7 Things I Didn't Expect To Do, But Did As A Parent

Before I had Ava, I had envisioned how things would be if and when I became a mom. I had set rules and standards, and even told my husband the same rules and standards I wanted for our daughter. 1,019 more words

New Mom