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11 Parenting Truths For New Moms

There is no such thing as Utopian Motherhood. We all start out being clueless, making mistakes, getting frustrated, wondering whether we made the right decision of joining the parenthood bandwagon and then something magical happens which makes it all worthwhile.  956 more words

Tips on what to do when pregnant

As the name of my blog suggests, I am a Mom. Although the idea of actually being a mom now is still very foreign to me as I have just recently become one. 962 more words


The Millennial Mom

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last July 28, 2017 and named her Lorelle Inez Vea, Liv for short. I have two words to describe giving birth to another human being: EXCRUCIATING PAIN. 581 more words



Balance is really hard to find when you have children but moreso when you’re a new mom.

When I found out that I was pregnant I really didn’t give much thought into how my life was going to change or how hard it would actually be to juggle being a new mom and trying to still do all of the things that make me well, me. 680 more words


Vaksin dan Penyesalan

Kalo bisa waktu diulang, bagian yang pengen aku ulang itu pas sebelum hamil Rey. Kenapa? karena walaupun jauh sebelum jadi mommy aku uda melanglang buana ke dunia pergaulan buibu, tapi ternyata ada pengetahuan penting yang kelewat sama aku yaitu vaksin. 864 more words

New Mom

I love being a Mom

I can’t believe I’m really a Mommy!

As I said in my second to last post, it’s been rather a long time since I actually had a chance to sit down and write. 363 more words

Why are you staring at my family?

I am like any new mother and think my son is the best baby ever even if he might be like the “breathtaking” baby from Seinfeld. 437 more words