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Soothe the Inner Beast - Meditation

Here is a meditation I wanted to share from my January Planetary Wisdom Course. This is a great meditation to integrate for the next 2 weeks, during the waning moon till the next lunation, the New Moon on February 8th in Aquarius. 440 more words

New Moon Astrology

Eclipses in 2015

Solar and Lunar eclipses occur approximately every 6 months in pairs.

Wherever an eclipse falls in your chart triggers energy. If an eclipse falls close to a planet or angle in your chart it is an incredibly potent time for change in your life. 616 more words

Current Sky Thought

New Moon in Libra and Fall Equinox!!!

This month the New Moon in Libra is exact on Tuesday the 23rd of September at 11:14pm Pacific Time (Wed 24th at 6:15am GMT). This New Moon will feel like a deepening of the transitions brought on by the Autumn Equinox on Monday the 22nd. 390 more words


Clearing Space, Making Way for the Sacred

August 25, 2014 New Moon in Virgo (2 degrees) at 10:14 am EDT

New Moon in Virgo wants to bring us closer to our abilities to clean house, care for the wounds and serve the world. 1,296 more words


New Moon in Cancer!!!

This month the New Moon is in Cancer, the fresh water spring, the purest love, the clinging, the nurturer of the zodiac! The New Moon is exact at 1:08 am PDT on Friday June 27th (8:08am GMT).   201 more words


New Moon in Gemini!

This month the New Moon is in Gemini, the hub, the data gatherer, the communications expert of the the zodiac! The New Moon is exact at 11:40am PDT (6:40pm GMT) on Wednesday May 28th. 221 more words


New Moon in Taurus and Solar Eclipse!

This months new moon is in Taurus, the bull, the collector, the grower, the builder of the zodiac. The new moon is exact at 11:14pm PDT Monday April 28th (6:14am GMT May 29th). 358 more words