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+/- of a Quiet Night In

So tonight I will be going home with no plans. I live with my girlfriend and we’ll both be home so we might watch a movie. 106 more words


Getting Real: When War Films Went to the Trenches

“Westfront 1918,” from 1930 and “Cease Fire” (1953) used new technologies — sound and 3-D — to make more naturalistic war films.

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Burt Reynolds Has Made Mistakes. But He Regrets Nothing.

Mr. Reynolds, still a “rascal” at 82, talks about his latest film, “The Last Movie Star,” loosely based on his own life, and his action-star heyday. 18 more words


Review: In ‘Midnight Sun,’ the Dawn of Romance Can Be Fatal

Bella Thorne stars as a teenager with a rare disease who must avoid ultraviolet light — but she isn’t avoiding love. One night, she meets a boy. 18 more words


Review: ‘Sherlock Gnomes’ and the Search for Better Wordplay

This caper, a sequel to “Gnomeo & Juliet,” has a limited universe and possibilities — imagine if “Toy Story” had basically one kind of toy. 18 more words


Review: ‘Game Over, Man!’ Is Far From Pitch Perfect

Adam Devine portrays a hapless goofball in a film that follows the outrageous adventures of three hotel employees. If only the movie were likable.

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New Movie Review: 'Annihilation' (2018)

Man, somebody really liked reading ‘The Colour Out of Space.”

Annihilation (2018); directed by Alex Garland

Coming right off the back of his excellent 2015 film,  843 more words