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Finally found the pram we want šŸ’–

Going through our checklist of essentials needed for baby, a pram is on the top of the list. We are wanting a pram which will last from birth through until toddler age, when little girl can walk on her own. 476 more words


Planning and preparing the nursery!

My husband and I are currently having our house decorated, with the master bedroom and the spare bedroom finished the only bedroom left to start will be the box room. 233 more words



I’m flagging this week.

From my last blog you’ll probably notice that I’ve got a touch of the manger (mum anger) which means something else is brewing underneath. 430 more words


When anger takes over




All feelings you expect to feel when you have a baby.

But anger?

Well, that’s one that can come as a bit of a surprise… 844 more words


Pregnancy journey so far! Over half way there...

I’m now over half way through my pregnancy and I can tell you right now, I am enjoying it but equally hating it!
At the start of my pregnancy I was quite overwhelmed with everything, are my husband and I ready? 775 more words


The new mum advice you won't hear (seriously)...

Because I’m a new mum I am, of course, full of useful tips that to me were like revelations and now all I want is to share the wisdom so if you’re interested in hearing a few gems that I never heard before Baby B was born then read on… 681 more words


Why Blog?

It’s an age-old question. Or it would beĀ if “age” describedĀ theĀ 20-odd years that take us back to the 1990s when blogging began, which seems like only last week to me.Ā  725 more words