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Hi Ho Hi Ho...

“It’s off to work I go…”

This is the song I sing in my head every morning as I drop the baby off and run into work. 1,168 more words

New Mum

I'm a mum...

Our little miracle, Mabel, was born exactly on her due date. I’m glad someone’s in control here… and I do appreciate her punctuality, a good quality I hope she will keep 😊. 811 more words

My London

I will never be the same...

*Warning – may contain too much information, you’ve been warned!*

The pregnant ladies in the movies always look stunning and have that glow about them. They never seem to experience any swelling and they never seem to have any issues with excess weight being gained in parts of their bodies that aren’t the exactly ‘the bump’. 516 more words


First time parents...you got this!

The past eleven weeks have flown by and it’s safe to say we are getting the hang of this parenting thing.

Already in Harrison’s life span, he has battled, or is battling, colic, eczema, a suspected dairy allergy, sleepless nights, baby massage classes and a naming ceremony! 554 more words

First Time Mum

Newborn Photo Shoot

The amazing Cara took newborn photos of our gorgeous Saoirse May.


Much Love

Emily xx


A new little member is joining your family soon! There’s so much to expect and to prepare and we definitely want our home to look and feel welcoming to our little one. 1,102 more words


Nappy in the washing machine.

Baby brain is 100% a thing. Leave the house without the changing bag. Check. Lock your keys in the car. Check. Put a used nappy in the washing machine, fill it up with clothes then turn it on… just me? 286 more words