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Free Agile coaching for new mums returning to work

Taking time off your career to have a baby is a big change, but the prospect of returning to work after 12months is sometimes even scarier. 137 more words


What life is all about. 

I think I used to be quite materialistic. I was all about designer labels and having something that no one else had. I think in psychiatry terms it would have been me filling a void in my relationship with pretty things to mask my disappointment in my life. 344 more words

New Mummy

Why I love being a SAHM (and why you should too💗)

As you know if you’ve been reading my blogs (thank you if you have!!) I’ve been out of work since leaving my full time job April 2016 and telling them I wouldn’t be returning this January. 535 more words

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I don’t wish to
Promote my lifestyle
Out there
Alongside yours.

I don’t want to
Compare joyful moments
From the mundane.

Right now
It would be a lie… 36 more words

The Mother's Guilt..

I can already feel it bubbling away. Scratching at my conscience screaming “HOW COULD YOU?” Tugging on my shirt sleeve and reminding me that I have to return to work after I have had my baby. 113 more words


3D/4D scans, are they worth it?

As you might have read from my last post, I attended my Gender Scan on Saturday and found out that we are having a beautiful baby girl! 195 more words


Not so slimming world and not so nightshift widow

Okay so I should be approaching my fourth weigh in and should have easily have lost nearly half a stone. Instead I missed my first week weigh in and my third and won’t be able to go this week… will go Wednesday instead… MUST GO WEDNESDAY INATEAD! 240 more words