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Who am I? Do you lose your identity as parent?

This post comes from a real mixture of feelings both that I felt in the first few months of being a new Mum and in the last few days. 904 more words

New Mum


As I turned the corner onto the girls’ clothing aisle of a local supermarket the other day (it was Sainsbury’s…), I got a little bit excited. 1,343 more words

The post-baby fog

Everyone warns you how exhausted you will be ‘once the baby arrives.’ I heard it A LOT but considering I was knackered in the final stages of pregnancy and regularly awake at 3am or 4am to pee I thought people were exaggerating. 621 more words

Bosom buddies…!

Breastfeeding for the first 5 weeks…? Wasn’t this amazing natural feeling I was expecting…it hurt! Not just a mild pain, but a pain to the point when Max was latching on I would mutter under my breath “Child birth…Child birth…you went through Child birth you can DO THIS”. 315 more words


Motherhood – it's a weird concept, one I am no closer to understanding after being a mother for seventeen weeks. Everyone has a vision of what motherhood is, whether they think that they'll spend their days with a 'mum bun', too tired to shower or put make up on, relying on the kindness of friends and family for food and the chance to nap. 460 more words


Amelia Apparel 

I haven’t done one of these for a while but my daughter has so many beautiful outfits and always gets so many compliments on her outfits I thought I’d get back on to her #ootd blogs. 112 more words

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Time for YOU...

Becoming a mum has many ups and downs. Whilst the months have gone so fast, I also feel like I’ve lost Erin and just become ‘Mum’. 651 more words