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Tenacious Me

When L was a baby nearly eight years ago, there were moments my confidence levels seriously dipped and I needed a big self-esteem boost. 302 more words


First-time mum, first-time post

Hey there!

Ever since I gave birth to my little boy – my little Squidgecake – last summer, I’ve been wanting to start a blog. I have gained so much from reading other people’s experiences, and I thought that maybe by sharing my own, I might help some other mum or dad, somewhere. 415 more words


Dogs, Dirt and Partners

I’m here to moan, to vent, to be so fucking angry the words will burn holes into the computer/mobile screen.

So I will sound whiney, bitchy and negative and my partner will be recreated here as a villain, a tool, a jerk, a douche, a moron, a sociopath… all the things I see him as when I lose my shit… when the veil of angry denies me any rational behaviour, any space to step away and see sense. 315 more words


One + One = (Another) One

People love to speculate as to what the baby will look like before it arrives. Adam and I worried we’d have a baby that was a concoction of all our worst features! 1,094 more words

A daily routine of a stay at home mum and a (nearly) 1 year old πŸ‘©πŸ»πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ

I’ll be honest with you. Don’t shoot me down though ok? Before AO I prejudged stay at home mum’s. πŸ™ˆ

I couldn’t understand what they did all day long and why they wasn’t working.

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The best Breastfeeding Tea?

Why is New Mama the best breastfeeding tea on the market? It is not just because of it’s amazing taste and flavour…there are lots of reasons. 176 more words

Herbal Tea

Mum Diaries - Mum Envy (Memvy), Naps, Not Naps, and Milestones.

I woke up yesterday renewed after a weekend of Easter fun – and full of chocolate – and decided I needed to get Drake into a nap routine or at least get him to nap not on me as we have become accustomed to because I simply can’t sit in front of the TV all morning with a sleeping baby as I have become accustomed to. 995 more words