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Amazing women

I’ve started collecting videos of historical events and people to show to my daughter when she is a bit older. Things like Felix Baumgartner jumping from space, the moon landing, the Berlin Wall falling and Murray winning Wimbledon. 125 more words

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the 'starting solids' one

Since working in paediatric food allergy, I know how important the introduction of solids is in a little person’s life. However, there is still so much we do not know about food allergies and how to prevent them, which results in a LOT of contradicting information. 620 more words

First Time Mum

Breastfeeding - 5weeks in and still going!

From the second I found out I was determined to breastfeed , I knew it was best for my baby and best for me.

“Breast is best” … 685 more words


New baby v Working Mother

While I was pregnant, my husband and I moved home to be nearer to our families and to his job.  We debated long and hard over how much to spend on a house based on the need or otherwise of the two of us to work full time.   635 more words


The aftermath | postpartum body changes 

There are a couple changes that happen to your body after childbirth that people forgot to mention and so I was not overly prepared for how my body would feel or look after having gone through 10 hours of active labour, 4 failed attempts at an eppidural, 2 vaginal exams ( I would rather endure the eppidural jabs in the back again than that) and 1 hour of actually pushing and a couple of running stitches down below, prior to this we have pregnancy, when your body goes through a whole bunch of changes to accommodate a small human don’t worry I will save all the gory details of the birth for a later post so consider this a TMI warning in advanced. 354 more words

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This article from the fumbling mum rang so true I wanted to repost it here:

Before Charlie’s arrival I thought I had it all figured out, that once he came along I would set routines and follow the rules and that everything would fall in to place. 28 more words

New Mum

Pregnancy Advice - useful or unwanted?

Now that I’ve had my daughter I can reflect on my pregnancy experience, and upon this reflection I realised how irritated I would become with pregnancy advice that was given to me.   632 more words