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Last Night


I’m a new mum, and there is a lot of conflicting information available to new mums.

I am constantly wondering what kind of parent am I going to be? 1,215 more words


Compassion and understanding = happy polar bear

My family and friends are the best. When I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 a few months ago my lovely aunt was my rock. She supported me through the diagnosis, was understanding, and even researched the condition so to better understand it. 313 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Creativity and the polar bear

I recently had someone say to me that doing what you are passionate about nourishes your soul. When they said this I imagined a vibrant plant being watered with a watering can, flowers spontaneously unfurling and turning towards the sun. 368 more words

Bipolar Disorder

It's not fair!

Quite what isn’t fair, I haven’t figured out yet. Mainly because my views on this change almost daily, and are very dependent on how much sleep I’ve had. 822 more words

Me Time

I think, as a mother, you want to be the best at everything so your son has everything he will ever need. Sometimes, you need to remind yourself that if you’re not feeling your best then you can’t look after your little one to the best of your ability. 822 more words

New Mum

The ring of fire.

No I am not talking about the famous Johnny Cash song…. but by the end of this post you will most definitely have it stuck in your head for all of the wrong reasons. 2,326 more words

New Mum


So, it’s been a while!

I’d like to introduce our beautiful daughter Annabelle Rose, who finally made her appearance on 12 December. She’s just perfect! 62 more words