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Baby Bounce

If you haven’t been to a Baby Bounce session at one of the local libraries then I urge you to go at least once! For one, they are completely free; second, it is so important to keep frequenting our borough’s libraries before we become in danger of losing them. 205 more words


The bab and I absolutely ❤️ Gymboree.

It sounds a little expensive when you first sign up, but is absolutely worth it. The girls who run it could be straight out of a Disney film or CBeebies set, and seem to have boundless energy and lots of fun ideas to get babies moving and learning. 252 more words


With locations in and around London, Aquababies aim to teach your baby or toddler to feel confident in the water and learn basic swimming skills. 231 more words

Full of Beans cafe

Full of Beans is a baby and toddler friendly cafe near Highbury Park. It was set up as a place for parents to enjoy a good coffee (and cake!) whilst the children could play in a safe, clean environment. 237 more words

The No-Cry Sleep Solution (for mums)

I’ve lost count of times over the past 12 months where a lack of sleep has almost reduced me to tears. While being tired can make me grumpy sometimes, for a woman who hasn’t had a single full night’s sleep in over a year, I don’t think I’m doing too badly. 438 more words


A Mummy Moment: What's in my hospital bag

Hi lovelies,

I’m now 35 weeks pregnant and after talking about it for weeks I’ve finally packed my hospital bag! With a little help from Louie! 441 more words


Week 35 Pregnancy Update.

Hi Lovelies,

Here’s my week 35 pregnancy update, I can’t believe I’m already 35 weeks! That’s crazy!!! So much still to get for the baby so really pulling my finger out this week! 204 more words

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