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Twenty Weeks and Three Days

This week both of my children have made me proud, not because either of them have done anything remarkable, we haven’t climbed Everest or won awards, they have both just been their best selves. 317 more words

Since I've been gone

It’s been a while but I’m back!

With all my posts on motivation I figured I’d put some walk with my talk and take my own advice. 267 more words


My Baby Has No Routine and I Don't Mind

Before Logan was born, a lot of people would tell me how good it is to get baby into a good routine. They’d tell me how important it is for ensuring baby knows when their naptimes are and the difference between night and day and if they are in a good routine, it means you can have some time to yourself or do some chores etc. 884 more words

Bath time fun!

Bathtime is soo much fun! Every evening when mummy or daddy runs the water for my bath I get really excited and stand on the edge waiting for them to lift me in. 51 more words


"Sleep when the baby sleeps"

I’ve heard this many times, from many people. Someone will ask me how I am, I will reply that I’m feeling good but tired. Inevitably, they’ll tell me that I should be sleeping when the baby sleeps. 256 more words

Post Labour Essentials

A good friend of mine had a beautiful baby girl last week – how wonderful! It’s been great fun shopping for a girly gift…I love my boy but I’m sure we can all agree that the shops always seem so stock a much better selection of girl’s…everything! 418 more words


Five things I never thought about before becoming a mama...

Room temperatures

Before I had my daughter, I had absolutely zero knowledge (or interest) in what temperature a room should be. I’m now OBSESSED with it. 529 more words