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Birthing babies is a messy business - my postnatal anxiety

I’ve mentioned before in my breastfeeding post about the traumatic birth I had with my first son. Without going into too much detail here, I was induced, I had an emergency c-section and he was in special care with pneumonia for 10 days after he was born. 835 more words


Time waits for no Mam (or Babe)

Two months ago today we walked down to the hospital to have this amazing little boy. I was numbly confident. I was ready. I’d read the books, taken the classes and got mounds of advice from friends and family (wanted or unwanted) I knew everything. 610 more words


True confessions of a new mum

Six months ago I embarked on a journey unlike any other. I have travelled a lot in my time, to the far flung corners of the earth, I have immersed myself in different cultures and am familiar with the dizzying intoxication of being in a new place, with people that do not speak my language, that eat different food, wear different clothes, and are a different colour to myself. 1,238 more words


I'm pregnant! Shit!

I honestly do not know how some women didn’t know they were pregnant nor did they find out till they are far gone. BS! Unless I am very in tune with my body I knew before I even did a test. 569 more words


Things that have helped with my anxiety.

Even though my anxiety is pretty bad right now, I know it could be 100 times worse. I believe that a lot of the things I am doing on a daily basis have helped keep the wolf at bay. 613 more words

Why did I buy that? - Months 1 to 3

We were pretty savvy when it came to making purchases for our new arrival and we made some wise decisions along the way as I’ve… 783 more words