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10 Things A New Mum Really Needs

  1. A pat on the back. Whether they’ve given birth naturally or with a little assistance, a new mum has just gone through a very painful and sometimes traumatic experience…
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My parents are leaving

6 months ago I was so happy and I wrote a post that my parents are coming to stay with us for 6 months. At that time 6 months seemed like a long time but now the time has passed and my parents are leaving this weekend. 459 more words


Advice to a childless friend

Things change when you have children. Especially friendships. You can no longer meet for spontaneous drinks, and phone calls are likely to get interrupted by a screaming baby. 279 more words


25 & 26 Week Pregnancy update 

Hello everyone

So I have decided to do a pregnancy update every two weeks now that I am getting closer to my due date. I do feel like this time is flying by so quickly and I cannot believe I have 14 more weeks to go. 597 more words


Life, oh how different.. 

As I lie in my bed, I look over to a 16 week old bundle of life beside me. Every inch of her body full of detail, full of identity. 75 more words


A New Baby - 6 Weeks of Discoveries

Well… I must say, things have been getting easier… to a degree. I get about 5 hours a night now to myself as my little cherub sleeps… but other than sitting on the lounge and staring at the TV, not really watching it, I struggle to find things to do. 754 more words


A Social Media Mummy: an Ode to my Facebook Friends and Others!

Every new mum needs a support network around them. Just as in days gone by, today’s network will often consist of parents, grandparents, friends and family alike. 524 more words

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