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For The Very Last Time

If you’re exclusively breastfeeding, those early days when your baby is entirely dependent on you are exhausting.  They’re tiring and stressful and hard.  You know you have no choice, it’s you or nothing. 790 more words


5 Things I am Grateful for as a New Parent

1. Hugs

Those much needed hugs from my partner at times when I’ve doubted myself as a mum; like the time I bumped our daughter’s head. 430 more words

New Mum

Advice for new mums?

About a week ago, I was asked for advice on how to be a good mum by my friend who is expecting her first baby. 637 more words


12 Thoughts for New Parents

1. Mum was right

During the birth of our daughter I actually said to my partner “I’m never doing this again.”
“Why didn’t you tell me how painful it would be?” I asked my Mum, when she came to visit us. 1,411 more words

New Mum

Behind the smile: the internal rantings of a new mum's mind

These days I become wildly protective of new mums whenever I meet one. Panting like an over-enthusiastic fat labrador in my efforts it can get a bit embarrassing if the new mum looks at me nonplussed and says she is absolutely loving every minute…Better safe than sorry though, eh… 1,497 more words


To look after him, I must look after me...

Well the last 12 weeks and 3 days of my life have been the most crazy, amazing and scary times ever!

This little thing is completely and utterly reliant on you and your care: so what about you and your care for yourself? 134 more words


When googling green poo becomes the norm.

​ It is 11.30am. I have just got out of the shower and feeding Dougie for the 6th time since 3.35am. I wasn’t able to wash all the shampoo out or get dried and changed before he needed me, so here I am wet and naked! 714 more words