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This week, F turned one. Cake, balloons, and lots of adorable baby-nearly-toddler friends aside, it does make you reflect. Birth is such a miracle: our little family going from two, to three, forever, just like that. 1,164 more words

New Mum

Can you ever full recover from mental illness?

Sorry for being MIA for a while, Flo has been sick and I’ve not been great physically….anyway I’m back

Gonna slap a trigger warning onto this post for suicide and self harm!!! 712 more words

The World at 22 and Pregnant

It’s a odd thing, being pregnant. Not in a bad way, unless you count the morning sickness, heartburn and constant aching of muscles you didn’t know you had. 512 more words


The struggles of Maternity Leave

Maternity leave: most people would think “ahhh amazing, time off work, time to enjoy my new baby and time to do whatever I want”. Yes that is true, however I have found it slightly more difficult than I thought! 585 more words


A friend shared the following poem and it struck a chord with me. After becoming a mum, one of the questions I’ve been asking myself very often is, “How do I teach my child? 511 more words


Round four- hope I’m not being a bore.. not so inspired to write tonight!

Over half way there now with this chemo regime. I have Round 4 tomorrow in the Chatsfield suites. I wonder what treats this one will bring? 875 more words

Baby fashion under £6!

We all know how crap maternity pay can be, which isn’t exactly helped by the extra expense of looking after a baby. I LOVE baby fashion and I don’t need any excuses to put Esther in a pretty dress or knitted bonnet. 580 more words

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