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Baby's own room

We are advised by the NHS that your new baby should sleep in your bedroom until they are 6 months old, I’m pretty sure I’d keep my little one next to me till she was 18 but that’s just not practical :) 440 more words


Our Adventures!

Hi Guys,

Hope you’ve all had a great day! We are two days in to our trip to Prague and this mamma is exhausted! Were having such a fun time, it’s just nice that Kevin has some time off to be honest. 350 more words

My First (and Last) Babywearing Meet

This post popped up in my news feed last week You (May Not) Need a Tula and it got me thinking about my first visit to my local babywearing meet. 444 more words


12 Things You Should ALWAYS Say To A New Mum

You need to tread carefully around a first-time mum. Say the wrong thing and you could find yourself more unpopular than a bottle of formula at a breastfeeding support group. 1,960 more words


Leaping and Bounding

“Well, hello Mr Sparkles!”

It’s a nice way for your health nurse to address your 5 month old son, and at the time, pretty apt as the little person on the floor began demonstrating his latest new moves; the sort of downward dog, one leg in the air type manoeuvre that would make the most dedicated pilates practitioner proud. 1,248 more words


How would you feel about that?

I have never had food poisoning (or vomit virus of any kind) in my entire life. Why is it that it happens when I am 19 weeks pregnant and mothering a toddler? 384 more words



“Is anyone Jiggying tomorrow?” asks Lizzie.  The response from the rest of the girls suggest that two of them are.  Donna is on holiday, so she has an excuse. 284 more words

New Mum