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Feathering The Nest

Nesting. Ew! Who invented this word?

Nesting is apparently an obsessive urge to clean, organise and get your life in order – before welcoming a new being into the world. 875 more words


Sleep school day 3

hi everyone

Just a recap on day 3 of sleep school at Mitcham Private.

On day 3 of sleep school the nurses start to ask you more questions about what you would do and leave more of the settling to you- so little wonder that husband and I found day 3 challenging. 666 more words

The Technology Takeover: how do we fight back?

It started off slow.

Checking Facebook when we had a few minutes to spare. Posting a snap on Instagram to share a special memory with friends. 611 more words


Signs of a new mum

This morning I rose early  get the dinner on (WHY OH WHY).

I used this opportunity to get the dinner on (slow cooker spag bol) and start getting Max’s bits ready for the day (we’re going to be out for most of it). 302 more words


Sleep Deprivation!

I caught up on BBC Two’s Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week last night.  Despite the running around carrying giant logs, packs that weigh almost as much as you do and SAS interrogation, I couldn’t help but envy this soaked, shivering, filthy bunch!   359 more words


My sleep training experience

**Note: this is an account of my experience with helping my baby to find her sleep.  I believe that the “training” part of sleep training actually applies to parents.   1,207 more words


We Have Been Busy

It has been a good two weeks since my last post. Honestly, it could be longer but the days and weeks are merging together that I don’t always know what day it is and remembering what we did two days ago is challenging. 769 more words