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I’m sorry. Sorry to all the strangers, acquaintances, colleagues and family members when I secretly judged you and your children. I had no idea what it was like until I walked your walk. 450 more words


Baby friendly pub in Woolwich - The Dial Arch

Note to readers: A short intro before I start my first post on baby/new mum stuff.  

I recently became a new mum and realised that taking a baby out is very different to going out before having a baby.   260 more words


Where did my newborn go?

I have found myself asking this question a lot over the past few weeks. Our tiny human is three months old & already I’m fighting the urge to hit rewind. 208 more words


Search the Files: Routines With Two Babes

I was recently asked if I could share what my routine looks like now I have two kids.

I have always been a firm believer in routines for babies, which was only reaffirmed when Archer really took to the routine when he was young. 481 more words

Mum Life

humble pie is bittersweet

So before I became a Mom, I honestly expected that my baby wouldn’t be a great sleeper and that would be ok with me. I also naively thought that I would just wait it out, that self-soothing/regulating was a skill that not even many adults can master so how can I expect my my newborn baby to do it. 524 more words


Week 18.

How many days pregnant: 133

Weeks until due date: 21

Baby Spud is the size of a: Dragon Fruit!

Best moment this week… 171 more words


The Six Month Slump

I find it down the plug hole
I see it on the floor
It’s coming out in clumps & lumps
My barnet is no more! 76 more words