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Track Of The Day: Grizzly Coast - 'High-Functioning'

If you’re struggling to keep your head above life’s turbulent waters, then Grizzly Coast‘s latest single ‘High Functioning’ will resonate with you. The Toronto-based indie musician has documented her personal struggle with OCD via buoyant guitar riffs and relatable lyrics. 246 more words

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The Meltdown 3.156


This week I have new music from Jay Som, Queen of Jeans, Oso Oso, and Brutus.

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I feel some type of way.....

So Greg and I dropped two tracks together this month.

They were both entered into Bandlab’s #heroes #contest for this month. I am in shock that both of them, as of right now, are sitting in the #top40… 81 more words

In shock - wrote another man a love song - when my boyfriend heard it - he was in awe..... Blog Post 09/18/2019

So Greg and I entered a few contests on Bandlab – the app we use to create our music.  For those that don’t know- Greg is a bassist – which was not something I knew about him until after we started dating.  185 more words

James Blunt - "I Told You"

From his upcoming album “Once Upon A Mind”, to be released on 25 October 2019:

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Emiji's "Ambient Trip" remix of "Katharsis" is Design to Convey a Deep Sense of Peace in the Body and Spirit

Emiji’s “Ambient Trip” remix of his song “Katharsis” takes some of the edge off the IDM original, removes the beat and emphasizes the pure atmosphere over the understated textures of the original and keeps the tempo to an organic flow where the sounds almost feed back on each other like the movements on an enclosed body of water. 125 more words

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Retrofuturist Glam Pop Icon Dominic Sen Takes Us on a Charmingly Nerdy Romantic Trip to the Museum on "Natural History"

Dominic Sen’s video for the new single “Natural History” is a jaunt through a natural history museum on the part of a visitor from the future captured with all of the intentionally lo-fi charm of an early 1980s camcorder. 249 more words

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