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Utada Hikaru – Fantome (2016) | Album Reviews

She’s back… Utada Hikaru. The iconic Japanese–American songstress, composer, producer, and vocalist. It’s fair to slip her into all of these roles because, whether you do it on and off as a musician, Ms. 665 more words

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Doppelgänger Adjacent

Sideways – Bad Pony

One day during late summer multiple people separately told me that I looked like Adam Levine. I can’t remember what I was wearing, or if I was acting in some fashion that would exude his vibe (I was not sitting in high-backed rotating chairs judging people sing nor was I waxing poetic about the benefits of a three-step vaguely expensive acne medication system), but I do recall that my haircut was newborn infant levels of fresh at the time (fresh as in just born, not as in smell/cleanliness because come on, a baby that just popped out is slimy I’m pretty sure). 219 more words

Trippin' Over Certainty

Trippy as hell and awe-inspiring, Temple’s “Certainty” is worth putting on repeat for so many reasons. This may be as close as an artist has come to the instrumentality of my dreams since MGMT’s “Electric Feel”. 75 more words

New Music

Music Video: Chrystina Sayers - "From Here"

If you are looking for an artist to check out, she is it.

Chrystina Sayers released a music video for her single, “From Here.”

While the video is one that you will have your eyes on, the video shows her having a good time and looking amazing doing it. 73 more words