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A New Name

Names are very important. In Old Testament times a name expressed the essence or identity of a person. Isaac’s name means “he laughs”, describing the response of his mother Sarah when God told her she would give birth in her old age; Moses’ name is from the Hebrew meaning “to draw out” after he was pulled out from the River Nile; Jesus (meaning saviour)  was so-named because He would save the people from their sins. 383 more words

New Name, Same Shtick

Guess what? The Jessica Way is getting a makeover!

The new format will include shorter, more frequent posts about what’s going on at The Land of Silk & Honey (AKA my house. 140 more words

New Look


I am going to be changing things around on my blog. So for the time being things will be looking little crazy next few days. 153 more words

New Name, Same Me!

Hey everyone! So you may notice that a lot of things have changed. I have been thinking about changing up my blogs name for a little while. 46 more words

It's A Wonderful Life

Blog Tour Sign Up: New Name by A.C. Williams

God’s Grace Blog Tours is organizing a tour for NEW NAME by A.C. Williams from February 27th to March 11th.

NOTE: Blog tour posts must be up by 8am (EST) and the top post of the day (please take this into consideration when choosing a date). 323 more words

God's Grace Blog Tours

hello houser, goodbye simple lady

I don’t want anyone to think my blog name will change every month, but when I started this blog out I really was not sure what I wanted to call it.  155 more words

New name/ Nama baru

Day 22 New name

I believe that YOU, LORD have given me a new name, which was set by YOURself. YOUR truth and glory shines through me. 49 more words

2017 The Year Of New Heights