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Sunday Morning 11/22 (Unit 3, Session 2: Jacob’s New Name)

This week in The Gospel Project® for Kids, our journey takes place 20 years after Jacob ran away from Esau. Jacob had lived with his uncle Laban for many years, and God had kept His promise to bless Jacob with a large family and riches. 241 more words


The Day Is Here!

Starting today, the big changes I’ve mentioned coming to this blog take effect – starting with the name change. As of today, the blog will be known as Sincerely, Bethany instead of The Beauty Connection in order to more accurately reflect the various topics this blog covers. 57 more words


One Foot

Crying in her sunshine
Rejoicing in her past
Only two boxes to her name and a suitcase
She rides along the city bus
Going home at last… 82 more words

I Changed my Blog Name!

Hey guys! I just wanted to give a quick update and tell you all that I’ve changed my blog name! It was previously thelifestyleandbeautysecretsofanirishteen but after thinking about it for a while I decided to change it. 46 more words

New Identity 

Ok so I’m still I shock that my Lovie’s case is in forward motion now!! Yesterday was an extremely good day!! Before I say anything else, I must thank you to my husband, Joshua! 760 more words


In the coming months Glory Days Fitness will be re-branding to more accurately express who we are and what we do.   We will be changing our name to… 327 more words

The Spiritual Chymist, Meditation XVIII: The Philosopher's Stone

From William Spurstowe, The Spiritual Chymist, 1666. The prior post is this series is here.

This lemma, or title, may happily as much affect such to make gold their God as the sight of the star did the Wise Men, hoping that it will be both a light and a guide to the discovery of that rare and matchless secret of turning the more base and inferior metals into the more noble: iron into silver, and brass into gold, and so enrich them with artificial Indies . 659 more words

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