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New name, who dis

So as you can see, I’ve changed my little blog name the other night. I’ve decided that I’m going to take this a bit more seriously… I use that term very loosely because as you may know by now, I’m kind of an asshole and try to be funny(key word: try) so I don’t want to say that I’m changing the way that I write, but I’m going to be writing more topics and getting a feel for, well I guess, me. 228 more words

There But For The Grace of God, Go I

I grew up with this saying. So when I do utter it’s words and the person hearing them for the first time looks at me like I have three heads, I’m as baffled as they are. 718 more words

For The Love Of Jesus

When you know you should have been named differently

The answer is simple: when you look in the mirror and understand that you cannot associate your inner self with the given name.

Change Of Name

The curse of death (Isa 65:15-65:15)

“You shall leave your name

To my chosen

To use as a curse.

Yahweh God will put you to death.

But to his servants,

He will give a different name.” 23 more words

A Place to Call Our Own

A little over a year ago on Sunday February 1, 2015 firefighters fought a 3 alarm fire that consumed the Living Word of Riverside Church building, which had stood near Downtown Riverside since the 1920’s. 207 more words

Church Fire

New Blog Name!

Hello World!

Don’t worry, it’s still me (it’s still Quill, I promise). I just wasn’t happy with my old blog name, that’s all. But literally everything is EXACTLY the same. 205 more words

Sincerely Me

WE HAVE MOVED TO: mulberryrd.com

Readers, we are off WordPress! Now, I have loved being here, but it’s time for bigger, better and brighter blog posts for you all. So…

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