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Oooo, look, I exist

So excited this morning to get back from a nice walk around Loch na Bo with Patches, and on opening my mail, not only two confirmations of name changes and related documents, but also a third, and most important of all – my… 532 more words

How to Change Your Name (my mistakes described in detail)

Changing my name filled me with excitement, anxiety, nostalgia, and power. I love being a Katsu. I love explaining that I’m a quarter Japanese even though I’m very tall. 1,243 more words

Kristin Katsu

New Name New Beginning!

For Zion’s sake, I will not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as a lamp that burns.

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Daily Thanksgiving Devotion

In Arcadia

It’s my little cousin’s first birthday on Monday! And why is this relevant? Well, it leads me to a story about names … and my photography business … and the change you may have noticed on the website header. 854 more words



HI GUYSA!!!!!!

thisi s my newcat; we don’t have aname for him yet. what should it be? he likes hiding under sofas and scratching with his unusually long arms. 48 more words

Library Pumpkin: New name, new look, new focus

I’ve been blogging on here on and off since January, and have enjoyed it. I have enjoyed having somewhere to rant and ramble. I have enjoyed dotting topics around, and I have enjoyed getting feedback on things that normally no one would ever see (both my writing and my home dec collages). 266 more words


Upwork–Post Elance And oDesk Merger

A week or so ago, I received the following note from Elance (the freelancers’ website)–

Introducing Upwork
In March 2014, Elance merged with another freelance marketplace, oDesk.

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