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New Page! Yeay!

Hello and welcome to the new page of ME!

Yeah so I got sick off the last page, they didn’t want to do what I wanted and I have been told that I have readers that want the posts in Swedish (Hi Mum!) and all I can say is just wait, I am going to make that wish come true. 131 more words

New Blog

Changing the Database name in Oracle

The following steps describe how to change the database name without changing the DBID. 292 more words


A New Journey's Path

Some eagle eyed amongst us may have noticed a slowly, slowly changing of the tides with the direction of ArtFoundHelen. It started on Instagram and shifted slowly over to FB and finally here, on WordPress. 85 more words


5 Steps To Dealing With Change

If there is one thing in life that is guaranteed besides taxes and death, it is change. Nature is a great way to see how rhythmic and also, how quickly everything can turn on a dime. 801 more words


Chapter 6: New Name, New Life

I arrived to America alive and healthy. I couldn’t believe it. I really did it! I escaped! 😄😄I could start new life in new place with new people and with a new name. 1,644 more words


New name, same me!

Dear followers,

It has been almost a year since my last blog post, and although the gluten-free recipes have never stopped coming, my studies have prohibited me from posting anything. 120 more words


Today, we re-brand.

Woop-woop, this is my first official post! My social media originally ran under the name anti.christ.a, but following (what feels like) my 213th life crisis I’ve decided to change my social profile name to… 57 more words