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Whisperer Of Doubts

Yesterday I found myself standing in front of 100+ people who attended the Keighley Day organised by the Yorkshire Photographic Union and I had to ask myself a question “why on earth would all these people come out on a cold Saturday morning to sit and listen to me witter on for a whole day?” I was confused, overwhelmed and almost paralysed with self doubt. 411 more words


The Way Forward

Over the last 10 years I have been bound by the constraints of national and international competition rules.  But now, as I feel that I am about to break free from those restraining boundaries, I feel that I am throwing open the doors to a whole new world. 179 more words

Digital Painting

Coming Out...Dressed To Kill

With all the sexual abuse allegations and reports bombarding the media, one has to suspect a demonic tell-all has unleashed its Pandora’s box set to destroy lives, and unsilence the screaming shadows of guilt. 396 more words


November Knows

Today marks another landmark of newness. A day we’ve never experienced or will revisit again. As for Monday’s, the most mundane and least popular work-day of the week, gaining an hour to snooze is most appreciated. 350 more words


Fall Newsletters are here!

Need system updates and training tips? Our Fall Newsletters are now out! Check them out on our website now at https://ecatts.com//pdf/ECATTSnewsletterFall2017.pdf

Environmental Training

GMO Foods & Our Health

The genetic engineering process creates massive collateral damage, causing mutations in hundreds or thousands of locations throughout the plant’s DNA.[5] Natural genes can be deleted or permanently turned on or off, and hundreds may change their behavior.[6] Even the inserted gene can be damaged or rearranged,[7] and may create proteins that can trigger allergies or promote disease. 397 more words

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