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Congratulations to Phil Wright and Peter Simpson for their new paper in FEBS Letters “Imaging nuclear, endoplasmic reticulum, and plasma membrane events in real time… 8 more words

New Papers

Congratulations to Melissa Werrett, Phil Wright, and Peter Simpson for their new paper “A Molecular Probe for the Detection of Polar Lipids in Live Cells… 28 more words

New Papers

New paper in Dalton Transactions “Negatively charged Ir(III) cyclometalated complexes containing a chelating bis-tetrazolato ligand: synthesis, photophysics and the study of reactivity with electrophiles… 15 more words

New Papers

Canadian Engineering Education Association’s Annual Conference

We traveled to Halifax to take part in the Canadian Engineering Education Conference. At the conference we presented a study titled Fire Safety Engineering Education using Experiential Learning  219 more words


Fire and a Conference in New Jersey

Every two years the Structures in Fire Conference is held. This year it was held in New Jersey at Princeton University. It was a fantastic trip with two of my research team student members to take in the ninth iteration of the conference. 895 more words

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Not all male ants are "sperm missiles"

Image from the phenomenal  Alex Wild.

In a new review Juergen Heinze discusses the adaptive nature of male lifespans in ants. Far from being mere short-lived “sperm missiles”, in EO Wilson’s words, many ants, particularly in the tropics, live an independent existence, sipping nectar and looking for mating opportunities. 476 more words

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CSCE Conference wrap up

I attended the CSCE conference this year in London Ontario with several students from Carleton. We had several presentations to do. I gave a talk to young professionals and students on Fort McMurray and my thoughts pertaining to how it happened and how we will see this again. 751 more words

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