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Where did all the tail clubs go?

Today is a New Paper Day! This time, we’re talking about the evolution of tail weapons!

(Two Ankylosaurus duke it out with their tail clubs. 1,378 more words


On the non-relativistic limit of Vlasov-Maxwell

In this note, I briefly explain my recent joint work with D. Han-Kwan (CNRS, Ecole polytechnique) and F. Rousset (Paris-Sud) on the non-relativistic limit of Vlassov-Maxwell. 783 more words

New Papers

Is everything we know about sauropod phylogeny nonsense?

Out today: a new Turiasaurian sauropod, Mierasaurus bobyoungi, from the Early Cretaceous Cedar Mountain formation in Utah. This comes to us courtesy of a nice paper by Royo Torres et al. 1,128 more words


New paper: Arbitrarily Large Solutions of the Vlasov-Poisson System

Jonathan Ben-Artzi recently uploaded a new paper entitled Arbitrarily large solutions of the Vlasov-Poisson system, co-authored with Stephen Pankavich and Simone Calogero.

The Vlasov-Poisson system, which models the statistical behavior of many-particle systems, is known to have global-in-time classical solutions (in three dimensions). 130 more words

Jonathan Ben-Artzi

Congratulations to Rhys, Phil and Ashley for their paper Laser-Based Formation of Copper Nanoparticles in Aqueous Solution: Optical Properties, Particle Size Distributions, and Formation Kinetics  7 more words

New Papers

Anna’s paper Methylation of Ir(III)-tetrazolato complexes: an effective route to modulate the emission outputs and to switch to antimicrobial properties has been accepted into Dalton Transactions. 11 more words

New Papers

Phil’s paper on synthesis and use of molecular architectures bearing terpyridines and tetrazoles is now available in European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, a nice collaboration between Curtin University, University of Sydney, University of Queensland and University of Bologna.

New Papers