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Congratulations to Peter Simpson for his paper “Defining the Anti-Cancer Activity of Tricarbonyl Rhenium complexes: Induction of G2/M cell cycle arrest and Blockade of Aurora-A Kinase Phosphorylation… 6 more words

New Papers

Congratulations to Mitch Klenner for his paper “A fluorine-18 radiolabelling method enabled by rhenium(I) complexation circumvents the requirement of anhydrous conditions” accepted in Chemistry – A European Journal. 8 more words

New Papers

Congratulations to Peter and Jamila for the paper “Photochemical Processes in a Rhenium(I) Tricarbonyl N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complex Studied by Time-Resolved Measurements” accepted in Inorganic Chemistry, a collaborative investigation with our Japanese co-workers.

New Papers

Shanze's paper makes cover of Ecosphere

Shanze Li and Steve Pennings recently published a paper on how the timing of wrack disturbance determines its effects on Spartina alterniflora and on stem-boring herbivores of Spartina. 69 more words

New Papers

Hongyu publishes paper on mangrove invasion

Our long-standing experimental project on the spread of mangroves in the Gulf Coast has produced its first paper. Hongyu led the effort, which describes how mangrove cover affects microclimate, marsh vegetation, wrack disturbance, sedimentation, soil organic content, and bird use of the wetlands.   35 more words

New Papers

Green function for linearized Navier-Stokes around boundary layers: away from critical layers

I’ve just submitted this new paper with E. Grenier (ENS de Lyon) on arxiv (scheduled to announce next Tuesday 1:00GMT), in which we construct the Green function for the classical Orr-Sommerfeld equations and derive sharp semigroup bounds for linearized Navier-Stokes equations around a boundary layer profile. 291 more words

Fluid Dynamics

Herbivores like a little salt with their protein

One of the questions that drives a lot of our work is “Of the 25 elements required to build organisms, how many of them help regulate the abundance, activity, and diversity of organisms in ecosystems?”. 762 more words

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