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Flashback 3: China (Heku, Yuan Yang, Xin Jie, Duo Yi Shu)

The Caspian Sea. Sinbad the Sailor might have braved these waters many a century ago. And now it’s my turn!

I sit in a cafe in Aktau, Kazakhstan, awaiting news from a ticket agency about the next ferry across the Caspian to Baku, Azerbaijan. 869 more words

Is it really so wrong to NOT want to get to know people, or have them get to know you?

I feel like getting to know someone is all trickery.

First, you make yourself all pretty, in whichever way you prefer whether that’s with makeup or a new dress or whatever you prefer that makes you feel good and makes you feel like you good, or to attract the kind of people you wish to attract. 239 more words



As the days grow slowly longer and the temperature drops and picks back up again, as work is piled on to the masses I can’t help but become restless. 205 more words



Hey Hey!! :D

I thought I would talk about the “Honeymoon” stage for this post. The “Honeymoon”┬ástage for those of you who don’t know is when you are in the beginning of your relationship when everything is all sweet, cute and romantic before the “reality” stage comes along. 420 more words


My New Digs

So I’m here, in Skagway. In the horse trekkers camp. There is now power in our cabins but there is power and limited internet in the shower and kitchen blocks. 341 more words


#Motivation from learn2behealthy

Happy Wednesday. Be inspired and not afraid by your curiosity. Let it amaze you and not frustrate you. Curiosity will keep you moving forward and doing new things that will take you to new paths, new experiences, new abilities, new people, new journeys..progress will make you happy; keep moving forward and let your curiosity propel you.

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Everything New

Throughout the Bible, we find that God always keeps His promises. His promise to make all things new will one day be fulfilled completely, as well. 72 more words