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Being YOU! (Chill and Cool is Already Taken)

Today I had to fill out a quick survey about myself that will be used to pair me with a “big” during dental school – a student in the year ahead of me that’ll show me the ropes and guide me through dental school (sounds like an amazing friend, mentor, and fairy godmother all in one!!). 622 more words

With me at Tadiandamol Trek

For a person with a huge desire to meet new people and explore new places, I came to Bangalore, India to beat the heat during my summer vacation. 2,098 more words

New People

The Scent of Humanity

The New People inherited the Earth somewhere between the fall of civilization and the rise of robots. The New People were also referred to as cyborgs; a term that they loathed.  637 more words

Flash Fiction

New Magic

This is my third ever time doing a summer internship, and I’m all of 25. I find myself in a new city. Boston! And I begin work this Tuesday, i.e. 587 more words


I often find myself pretty much uninvolved in what people my age like to talk about.

At the same time, I absolutely LOVE meeting and talking to new people. 24 more words

The Journey Begins

As a near-hermit, this journey will definitely be a strange one, as meeting new people will be a strange turn of events for my life. I just hope at the end of the day, I can give back to the world in some form or another. 12 more words

The people we meet in the checkout line

I was standing in the checkout line with my groceries, hoping it wouldn’t take too long to get checked out so I could pick up my children from school on time.  349 more words