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This online people meeting so far is great
…but let’s meet up with them first.


Double Dates

Hey Hey!! :D

At some point in your relationship you will end up doing one of these!!!! :o

Looking back 5yrs (!!!) to my very first double date, I remember not being entirely ready for it. 452 more words


Wk 13-Classmate Conversation-Jessa Camago

This week as I was admiring the art in the Werby gallery, Jessa Camago approached me and we had a pleasant conversation. I learned that Jessa was originally from Lancaster, California. 177 more words


What resonates in everyone

On Saturday, I volunteered at a free health fair as a Spanish translator.

My Medical Spanish professor informed my class of the opportunity, and I decided, as someone on the fence about going into the medical field / getting an MD, the experience would be worth it. 613 more words


Meeting Eden

The first time I met Eden was on April 24, 2015. A group of my sorority sisters and I were going to the local animal control shelter to volunteer to socialize dogs. 472 more words


Meet the Friends

Hey Hey!! :D

Well this is one thing that happens eventually in your relationship. As soon as you start talking about your new boyfriend/girlfriend/partner everyone will want to know who they are and what they look like and will possibly be insisting on meeting them too. 466 more words



I want to undress you in the middle of a moonlit light,
And watch as the lustrous rays bounce off your nakedness and reveal the truth behind all that fabric, 403 more words