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Why our new generation needs a brainwash?...

Ahhhh… A topic worth debating. It is always controversial as there are two sides which gives out their best facts BUT the old base always wins. 347 more words



The next time you wish to spend some money on yourself or want to gift something to someone, think about whether you want an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life or an object that will soon be forgotten among other things that you buy. 452 more words

A Date For The Family

Hey Hey! :D

Well another update. I met up with another person. Something you should know beforehand is I have a very weird, not exactly phobia, but a teeny fear of bald people or even people with very little hair. 861 more words


Too Overwhelming, Too Busy To Talk and Too Shy to date

Hey Hey! :D

Another update on three guys I ended up “meeting”.

I found one guy who seemed really nice. I enjoyed talking to him and I felt that he might be someone I’d get on well with. 442 more words


Give Change a Chance

Imagine what it would be like to move to some place new, a fresh start with exciting new opportunities. I’ve always liked watching HGTV and watching couples move to new town or even new countries, they seem so confident and sure of how well its all gonna work out. 571 more words