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Meet the Parents/Family

Hey Hey! :D

Well (I always seem to start this way) I think this is something I haven’t really mentioned or if I have maybe I have forgotten but its something that has happened recently so maybe talk now :D… 642 more words


Special Someone and Online Dating Experience

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This is a very new experience for m and I honestly don’t know how I am going to deal with this but I am determined to at least try. 512 more words


Ten Poems (10-09-17)

about work and love

Here. I will practice it with you.
I don’t like you anymore.
No that sounds too harsh.
I think you’re unattractive. 652 more words


Innocently corrupt...

This is something that I forgot about when I was writing my post earlier. I could add it in, but why not write two in one day? 942 more words

What I Learnt: First Week at Uni

So university is a huge step for most people, and in all honestly I am still shocked I even got a place at my university. Having now completed my first week at medical university studying Physiotherapy, I thought I’d share what I learnt this first week. 588 more words

2 1/2 Years to Happiness 

2 1/2 years left in this house and I am out. Starting a new life. Not in the shadows anymore. Not constantly wondering if I am good enough to get their attention. 46 more words

Follow up on the Date For The Family Post

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I don’t know if you have been reading my blog posts for awhile or reading first time but either way I just wanted to talk about something from a previous post that I may need to elaborate on a bit so for that please click the link below: 691 more words