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From Fulfillment to Commitment: Hear From Your Everyday Hero

“Giving is limitless. I’d love to see every NGO working hand- in-hand with the government and the private sector, as everyone helps each other towards one goal. 526 more words

Hear From Your Everyday Heroes

Phones on Dates

Hey Hey! :D

Is it really important?

This is a pet peeve when I am with friends. I don’t mind people picking up their calls, letting people at home know when they are coming or telling the caller that they can’t talk but not when they are having a long conversation and leave you alone for over half hour and are constantly checking their phone for random things. 239 more words


Karaoke at Work

First of all: DON’T EVER DO IT. Literally no one ever wants to listen to constipated goat singing on the one half hour lunch you have away from your job. 225 more words


The Solo Vacation

It was a spontaneous idea, something that just popped up in my head while pondering about which person to take on vacation with me.

Sara, Anna and Laura (fictive names made up in my head) all either already had plans or just where bluntly said: BROKE. 795 more words


New Life.New Home.New Journey.

Okay, soo…uuumm…, I really didn’t know how to start this post because it’s my first post and it’s the beginning of a new life and new journey for me. 311 more words


The IT Girl

While I was thinking about how my friend called me manipulative, I had to go back to Dallas for work.

It was for the same client, but the work was different. 313 more words