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Have you ever saw your future as you gazed upon someone that you’ve just met?¬†Tonight, on this Thanksgiving, I met the most seemingly kind-hearted soul. 596 more words


An Influx of New People or Hello From the Other Side

Um… Hi?

But seriously, there was a spike in my views yesterday and I’m slightly concerned that you all may not know what you’re getting yourselves into.

Regardless, though… Welcome!

New Writer, New Point of View

Do you want to know what makes me super excited? Oreos! I love Oreos, especially the fudge covered ones. They are so sweet and crunchy. It’s that perfect extra layer of flavor that really enhances the cookie and cream underneath. 347 more words


To The New People In My Life

I seemed to have developed a peculiar habit. My inclination to refrain from talking about myself to new people has manifested in the sharing of this blog. 181 more words

My Life

New Sims in Town

Celebrate a new friendship with a selfie!


It’s been 5 days since I decided to add my Simself to the game. I already have met the Kyeongs, Chase McGildrick, several SMT48 members, several townies, and several premade Sims. 3,171 more words

The Sims

Weekend Whisper - 15th of November, 2015

Hello everybody!

Happy Sunday! As you may or may not know, every Sunday I post a “Weekend Whisper”. This is a new concept for me, as this whole blog is, really. 673 more words


Meeting new people

In my research group we work in data processing, focused in image analysis. In my case in medical image, and there are other with hyper-spectral or other physics related images. 362 more words