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A (very) delayed post: My Spur-of-the-Moment Weekend Getaway


Hello, everyone! Let’s not waste any time with crummy intros that I haven’t really thought out and just jump into the rambly narration! 5,230 more words

New Places

Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks

So you know how I live in Wisconsin? (AKA: frozen wasteland of depression/sticky mosquito infested swamp of horror) Yeah… the weather is kindof bipolar here. So anyway, it’s the middle of winter right now and it sucks. 462 more words

All Around The World

I’ve always heard people talk about travel, and I have always hoped one day I could venture out into the world as well. But I never really believed how impactful it could be. 533 more words

Luang Namtha, Laos - A Land Before Time

Hello again, World! It’s been too long since i last posted anything, but getting a decent wifi connection in Laos hasn’t been easy.

It’s 3pm right now, and i’m sitting at a humble little coffeeshop in a quiet little town called Luang Namtha, waiting for the hours to pass before we get on a bus to the slightly more popular Luang Prabang. 2,526 more words

Make The Most Of Social Media Marketing With These Important Pointers

Marketing using social media is a new and effective way on how to find new customers while building a solid relationship. Many businesses do not yet have a presence on social media which will allow you to try social media and reach customers that your competitors are not yet reaching. Keep

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Make Money Online

Quince and Reiki

Started the morning early for training. I walked out into in the living room at 6:30 am with my eyes barely able to stay open. 1,193 more words

Travel Writing

Who I am and why I'm here

I’m a writer aspiring to be a published writer. I want to be recognized for words that have sparked conversation, caused controversy and somehow affected the lives of my readers. 206 more words