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A Letter to the Best Friend I Lost

Dear former “person,”

I’m writing this letter to say I finally understand. I understand why you’re not in my life anymore. The reason is simply because some things just aren’t forever. 866 more words

Takes to the bed

So I was going to post yesterday, but I was so tired after work, I just couldn’t be bothered. Honestly this last week seems to have taken it out of me and seeing as I didn’t do all that strenuous activity, I’m not sure why I’ve been so tired of late. 417 more words

Seven Fires Prophecy - Part 1

Long ago, when the Anishinabe were living peacefully along the northeastern shore of North America, seven prophets came among the people and gave predictions about the future. 2,370 more words



Every day another one,

Every day someone sings another sad song,

Where did our society go wrong?

The people can’t help but cry “How long?” 241 more words

Did Someone Say... Web?

As my new cycle begins, I will venture into the web; I’m a WebEditor, woah. This is rather exciting and despite not wanting to leave photo – momentarily – I’m fairly pleased with this change. 227 more words


Medicine Wheel Teachings - Part 3

To understand the fullness of the medicine wheel, it must be perceived as a three dimensional sphere.

From this perspective, there are Seven Sacred Directions: 1,209 more words