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Motivational Monday #106 Open The Screen


Motivational Monday #106 Open The Screen

“Behind the technique, know that there is the spirit

It is dawning now

Open the screen.

And lo, the moonlight is shining in!”

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Motivational Mondays

The Other Woman: an article I want to Share

I’ve noticed a theme among myself and many woman here concerning the “other woman”.

I know that I have spent way too much time and energy thinking of this person, the OW…even despite the fact that she is no longer a part of our life. 226 more words

The Other Woman

What I Learned from the Appalachian Trail

A friend recently asked me a question about my Appalachian Trail through hike:

“What was the biggest thing you learned from hiking all those miles?” 604 more words


Step out of the Shadows

There comes a point in your life where you have retreated to the shadows of our comfort zone, to place that is ours and somewhere where we are not judged. 168 more words

Success Journey

Yesterday Girl 

The strangest thing is happening. I feel like I am going back into time, like the saying “history repeating itself.”

The strange part is not that everything feels different and that it is all changed but because everything feels exactly what it used to. 312 more words



It is always a challenge to frame stories based on a new perspective or in a new angle. That is the challenge of every writer, whether a journalist or public relations professional. 160 more words

Free Talk

Pauline Perspectives: Revisiting a View of Righteousness

Throughout the last forty or so years of biblical theology, specifically within Pauline studies, erudite disagreements have arisen regarding the historical nature of the Christian doctrine of… 1,089 more words