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Life In Pictures

Do you enjoy looking at the pictures in books or magazines? You know, the pictures of beautiful rooms in a gorgeous house, or a lovely family having an outdoor dinner party? 250 more words


New Perspective: The Story Behind Austin Carlile's Dog Tag

Hello everyone,

My name is Sarah Lucas, I’m 20 years old, and I have a very special and emotional story to share. It’s exceedingly personal to me; therefore, I hope you’re able to fully understand the meaning by the end of this narrative. 1,403 more words

The LP Collective

A New Hot Day and Perspective

At least the temperatures dropped enough to cool off the house, so we may be able to keep things cooler through the last of this “heat advisory.” A ray of sunshine (personality arrives today) and I suspect she’ll help me see a better perspective of things. 98 more words

Books about ~ a new perspective

Books are useful pieces of equipment to have around, and never more so than when a new perspective is needed in life.

Here are my thoughts: 323 more words


Preliminary background

Digging deep is key.

The bible is no exception.

Our knowing that the bible was not written to us but for us is very important to remember. 74 more words

New Perspective

Why We Think Suicide is Selfish & Why We Are Wrong.

The vast majority of us have experienced suicide in some form or another. For some, we’ve attempted, from once to a multitude of times. Others have had thoughts of it, perhaps even plans. 788 more words


Rise up from the darkness
Oh sweet one,
Open the drapes;
Let the sunshine in!

Shed the heavy blankets
That cover your soul;
Bare your nakedness… 76 more words