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You can see it, You can feel it, and You can hear it.

Christianity is going thru a transformation in my opinion. I follow alot of authors of books or just blogs of various people in institutional church’s and out of the ‘church’. 550 more words

New Perspective

A New Perspective On Rainy Days.

What this winter lacked in snow, this spring has made up for in rain! However, the few days of clouds, thunder and the wet stuff that we’ve had lately is nothing compared to the weeks and sometimes… 452 more words


All Wrong

They are doing it, and don’t even realize it!

Bloggers, news reports, church denominations, individuals, and worse is the pastor’s proclamation of the ‘Church’ losing numbers that has assumed it to be true. 401 more words

New Perspective

Outside Sources

Question. Who uses outside sources in their biblical studies, either at church,home or just personally use things. Things like theology based research on a topic, or summary of a theme in the bible, that you needed clarification or just insight on. 314 more words

New Perspective

Single Yet Married: New Perspective

I’m a single young lady who is eagerly waiting to marry my future husband; yet at the same time I’M MARRIED and have been married for quite some time. 384 more words

New Perspective

Learn From It: New Perspective

If it hurts you-learn from it! Did you foolishly put yourself in a position to be hurt? Is your defense mechanism not strong enough? Did you have on the WHOLE armor of God when you got hurt? 425 more words

New Perspective

Not Usually Subtle But Usually Giving a Fuc%... Until Now

I just read the bright orange self-help book that’s been all the rage lately; The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Manson. While not only having super snapchat worthy chapter titles, it was also an insightful read. 777 more words