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Perceptions Aside, Let's Be Real For A Minute.

A teenage girl at a refugee camp applies to the camp administrator for food, soap, and medicine she’s entitled to and needs to survive. He falsely tells her that  her name is not on the list. 475 more words


Using God: New Perspective

If people only call us when they NEED something we get mad, right?! If they never call to just check on us or to simply say “I love you,” we get down right upset! 367 more words

New Perspective

Scars: New Perspective

When I was about 7 years old I caught a nasty skin infection that caused awful bumps to pop up on one of my arms and the lower half of my body. 419 more words

New Perspective

Workout Rookies

So of course I get to my very first workout and we (my husband and I) are 10 minutes late. On the bright side we were able to get sign up for the next day. 500 more words


Boxes: New Perspective

If you put 3 pennies into an empty box there’s no way you can put your hand in and pull out a quarter, of course not, because the only thing that can come  358 more words

New Perspective

Worthy: New Perspective

Have you ever been in the middle of praise or worship, thought about something ungodly you’ve done, and then all of a sudden felt UNWORTHY… 247 more words

New Perspective

Work Out: New Perspective

We often beat ourselves up when things don’t “work out,” continually going over a list of things we could’ve possibly done better; and sometimes we even begin to question our own value. 313 more words

New Perspective