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An old tale anew

One was treated like dirt
Another like a prisoner
Yet another was forced to retreat into the forest
They all suffered hardships
Wondered about their existence… 227 more words


I can’t emphasize this enough in reading anything. But especially the bible. It’s all about the context.

There are two points that I would like make that will illustrate this issue. 228 more words

New Perspective

What is God's

There is always a discussion of some kind pertaining to who God is, what is his relationship to us, and what part does He partake in. 283 more words

New Perspective

The Bible

A question was raisedĀ  in a recent discussion in ‘of all things,a bible study’ of how to read the bible. Should we read the bible in a manner of just to read the bible, say in one or two years, or should we try to comprehend it in more of a thorough way in studying it inĀ  deeper way of systematics. 432 more words

New Perspective

Reading vs Study

Came across a discussion of people that was brought up over reading the scriptures or to study the scriptures?

Is it good to just read the scriptures from beginning to end just to say that we have read them, in a year, or two years? 220 more words

New Perspective

Hall of Shame (part 1)

There’s been a lot of discussion in the news related to shame and you would have to be living under a rock to miss it. A recent experience at a grocery store inspired the topic for this blog because shame is something we all experience. 532 more words

Small Blessings: New Perspective

Some of us often call new houses, cars, and jobs BIG blessings, while calling things like God waking us up in the morning, the activity of our limbs, and a sound mind SMALL blessings. 366 more words

New Perspective