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By God's Design: Zebras in Honduras

Recently a very well-meaning person gave me their careful recommendation that we do some kind of preliminary scanning/interviewing/selection process before accepting any new children either into our home/family or into our school programs so as to hopefully eliminate those wily youth who just can’t seem to get their act together, those who are ‘too far gone,’ or those who demand so much extra help and attention due to special needs. 1,830 more words


Book Boxing

AP (Advanced Placement) tests are coming up in a week, the culmination of all the homework and tests I’ve grinded through this year. This time I’m taking five of them, which is a huge jump from the single one I took the year before. 344 more words

New Perspective

Who Is In the People of God?

Check back in a few days for my “PS” to this vlog, where I talk about some things I didn’t have time for in the vlog itself.


Full Moon 22 April 2016 ~ Transformation in the emotional body

**SkyView Astrology**

Full Moon 22 April 2016

Transformation in the emotional body

By Katharina Bless ©

In this chart we have a couple very powerful figures, a triangle of 3 trine (blue) and a dragon figure connected to the Full Moon constellations with half and one-and-a-half squares (red-orange) 1,456 more words

Full Moon Reading

Art Therapy: Week Three

O.k. to clarify I didn’t  go to Art Therapy this week. I signed up for an actual art class where you produce a painting, today’s theme was poppies, and get to bring the painting …

Source: Art Therapy: Week Three


New Perspective: Breaking the Frontman Stigma

It’s normal to show favoritism about certain things, either it be a favorite class, meal, color, TV or band. It’s normal to have a favorite. But to have favoritism about a certain band member is just wrong. 547 more words

The LP Collective

Be Religious But Don't Be A Jerk

Just as a disclaimer for anyone worried that I might alienate a religion in any way or be offensive, I will not mention any specific religions in this post to keep from offending anyone. 336 more words

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