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We have all been there. Going through a break-up, losing someone dear to our hearts, drifting apart from some friends, quitting a job, moving on to a whole new life. 208 more words


Rejection: Part 2

The Lord is teaching me how to see things in a new light.

Perspective change 1

Everyone has a preference including you and me. We will not “fit” everyone’s preference. 287 more words


Rejection: Part 1

We all have choices to make. Decisions that await. How will you choose to live your life? Our reactions, often time, are directed by personal experiences, the experiences of others closest to us, or our circumstances. 224 more words


Baby It's Cold, Culture, and Change

I first heard the idea that “Baby It’s Cold Outside” as a rape rant a while back and thought it a bit far fetched.

I listened to it again and although I could see the point, it still seemed a bit “off?” 504 more words

Psychological Stuff

Smelling the Flowers Before Planting More Seeds

Well, I don’t know about all of you, but this year has been quite the year for me. I’ve been through it this year. Truly been through it. 1,363 more words

Mental Wellness


Perhaps it’s time that I talk about something long buried, that I’ve hidden from the world in the hope that over time, it would vanish. 346 more words


Christianity and beyond

Have you as a christian looked out over the vast scenario of beliefs of the world outside of your church building, your denomination, your country to see how it varies from your view? 446 more words

New Perspective