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Liverpool signing six new players | Liverpool Fc News

Liverpool Signing Six New Players before 01. July.

Brendan Rodgers promised 23. May 2015. this:
Brendan Rodgers insists he won’t quit Liverpool and outlines summer transfer strategy! 467 more words

Brendan Rogers

ArenaNet's Response To The Heart of Thorns Pre-Purchase Issue

Good news for vets and new players alike! ArenaNet has heard player’s complaints and they’re being rectified! The post ArenaNet made can be found here… 269 more words


Industry Concepts: Becoming a Prophet of T2 Profit

Manufacturing Tech 2 ships and equipment is one of the most complicated things you can do in this game. It took me a good amount of time to train up the skills needed, and even then, I either found myself never making a profit or at worse, drowning in data I couldn’t process. 1,353 more words


How Important Is Winning?

Because I identify with Red, Blue, and Green, I’m sure you’ve already guessed that I have many contradictions and conflicts inherent in my personality. After all, Red and Blue are enemy colors with the… 769 more words


So, You Want to Live in Wormholes, eh?

As time goes on, the game world seems to get smaller and smaller. Entities rise to power, claim space for the sake of putting their name on the map, and simply endure. 1,193 more words


Industry Concepts: Yanking the Production Chain

Industry was my first love in Eve. I was fascinated with how industry in the game mirrored that in the real world. There are so many parts to set in motion, so much information to understand, and almost military coordination needed to execute a well-functioning industrial operation. 1,594 more words


Politics of Gaming - New Player Advice

I recently had the pleasure of seeing a friend and coworker of mine get into roleplaying for the very first time. This joy turned to amused horror as I kept getting reports back about his experiences in the game and I realized that there is so much that experienced players take for granted that new players simply haven’t experienced yet. 1,304 more words