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Episode 1 is live!

This episode we focus on the newer players – so a great episode to pass along to friends on the fence about joining the game. We outline ways to do your research, what to shop for, and how to join the community… 6 more words


Hunter - Prey Dynamics

Players often forget that Eve is a PvP game. Although the game is much safer than it used to be, I think this is a good thing. 1,305 more words


There are many ways to skin a cat in using Ars Magica's magic system

Ars Magica has one of the most flexible magic systems around, combined with a very lengthy and detailed set of guidelines for how that magic system can be used. 1,594 more words


One vs Many: Solo PVP Culture

Greetings Capsuleers. The majority of my combat experience in the game has been as a solo pvper. Much of my activity revolves around fighting, making preparations for fights, and scouting potential targets. 1,347 more words


Getting Players Engaged: Character Questionnaire

Five or six of your friends have dedicated their night to sitting around your table rolling dice, flipping through giant tomes, and saving the world. Killing Zarnax of the Smoldering Horde may seem like the biggest task for the night, but any game master will tell you otherwise. 597 more words

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Finding a Home in Eve Online

Eve Online can and has been described as possibly one of the meanest, cruelest and most unforgiving MMO’s out there. There is no real new player starting area, no excluding veteran players from newbie areas, or even really preventing any form of PvP. 1,425 more words

New Players

Faction Warfare - An Industrialist Perspective

Greetings fellow pilots.  Even in today’s Eve where ISK is much easier to come by than previous years, we still sometimes struggle with the all too real problem of not having enough money to really enjoy the game in a way that is meaningful to us.  1,240 more words