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Last Day on Earth: Survival..... Refuge Camp & Bunker Alfa

So, with update v.1.6.4, we have the new refuge camp (which for some unholy reason) that spawns as soon as it’s over and the “Scooby- Doo” Ship (It’s Halloween, deal with my Scooby Doo reference.) which never seems to spawn. 676 more words

Last Day On Earth

So It's Your First Time As DM: 12 Tips

Welcome to the club, here’s a few guidelines to help you out.

1. Know the Rules…Roughly

You’re either playing with new players, or you’re playing with experienced players, or a mix. 1,173 more words


5 ways to Pitch D&D to New Players

It’s quite the conundrum, how do you approach it?

This is a question I had to ask myself recently, I had convinced some people to play for the first time but I suspected I needed a good pitch, this was made all the harder by them being effectively new to the fantasy genre in general, Here’s what I did! 749 more words


Farmers Guild Ball Review for new players 

FarmersThe new boys on the block (Until Blacksmiths are released) first introduced as part of Season 3. This is a team I am very interested in playing myself at events so I thought a good look through the cards and some early thoughts would be well timed. 3,264 more words

Guild Ball

HeroClix for New Players

I started playing the wonderfully stressful-yet-enjoyable game of HeroClix around a year and a half ago. Back then, I was already in the mindset of learning complicated games with dozens of loophole tricks and strategies to have to memorize (this was also the time I tried to learn Warhammer 40,000 so I’d already been through the gauntlet a bit). 290 more words

New Players

Dungeons and Dragons for New Players: Character Background (5th ed)

Hopefully, at this point you have already considered your character’s background in a general sense.¬† While in previous editions of the game, background was simply a rough guideline to help shape your character’s story, the fifth edition has turned this (very important) portion of character creation into an official part of the process. 620 more words


Alchemist Guild Ball review for new players

Continuing my review of every team next is the Alchemists the team of a thousand conditions who will win by controlling the pitch, limiting what you can do and slowly draining your health away. 6,852 more words

Guild Ball