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Join a Progressive Cricket Club

Interested in joining a progressive Cricket Club?

Tintwistle CC is growing and we are interested to hear from new players and volunteers. Winter Nets are currently underway and we welcome new players. 11 more words


Η Καλυψώ αλλάζει τα (ενεργειακά) δεδομένα

Τα ενεργειακά δεν ήταν ποτέ εύκολη υπόθεση και όλοι όσοι εμπλέκονται γνωρίζουν πολύ καλά ότι το νόμισμα έχει δύο όψεις. Είναι από τη μια η καλή όψη –δηλαδή η πλήρης και ανεμπόδιστη εκμετάλλευση φυσικών πόρων προς όφελος του κράτους και των πολιτών– και από την άλλη η άσχημη όψη –δηλαδή η πρόκληση εμποδίων, η δημιουργία εντάσεων ώστε να λειτουργήσουν αποτρεπτικά για την όποια εταιρεία θέλει να εκμεταλλευθεί την ανακάλυψη υδρογονανθράκων μιας περιοχής.


Monster Hunter World Guide: Basic Info and Weapons

This is part 1 of Monster Hunter: World guide that aims to help new players get an understanding before diving into the game. The Monster Hunter  994 more words

I'll Be In The Bathroom Pondering My Character's Name (PF 1)

“Time is a game played beautifully by children.”

-Heraclitus, Fragments

Welcome, welcome to the first of the Adventures in Pathfinder RPG. A series of posts about our adventures playing the Pathfinder RPG in an attempt to add to our list of games we play, give us something to do on the weekend, play with the family, and have some fun.

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How do you make gold in ESO?

There are many activities in ESO that generate gold. In fact, there really isn’t anything in ESO that won’t turn a profit one way or another. 1,581 more words

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How does trading work?

Trading in ESO is a bit different than other games. As in every MMO you can trade directly with players. You can advertise what you wish to sell or buy in zone chat, and meet up in person (using the f-wheel to open the trade window) or mail the items cash on delivery (to which the game adds a 7% fee, which disappears into the aether). 735 more words

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Session 0 Checklist

Tomorrow I’ll be going through a Session 0 with some new players, it’s an exciting time but since the players are entirely new I really wanted to nail down some of the things I might take for granted as a more experienced player and make an easy to read checklist that everyone can use. 244 more words