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So, You Want to Live in Wormholes, eh?

As time goes on, the game world seems to get smaller and smaller. Entities rise to power, claim space for the sake of putting their name on the map, and simply endure. 1,193 more words


Industry Concepts: Yanking the Production Chain

Industry was my first love in Eve. I was fascinated with how industry in the game mirrored that in the real world. There are so many parts to set in motion, so much information to understand, and almost military coordination needed to execute a well-functioning industrial operation. 1,594 more words


Politics of Gaming - New Player Advice

I recently had the pleasure of seeing a friend and coworker of mine get into roleplaying for the very first time. This joy turned to amused horror as I kept getting reports back about his experiences in the game and I realized that there is so much that experienced players take for granted that new players simply haven’t experienced yet. 1,304 more words


May 2015: Exile's 3rd Campaign: Kingdom Fall

Welcome to Kingdom Fall, Exile’s 3rd Campaign!

In order to keep things new, and give new players the chance to start on the ground floor, Exile’s story is told in 2-3 year campaign arcs. 457 more words


Beyond the Overview: How Do I Set Up My Eve Client?

“You are about to clear settings for all your users. To clear the settings the client needs to be restarted, would you like to clear your settings and restart the client now?”

843 more words

I Just Left Corp. What Do?

Eve is a vast place. Sometimes, events outside our control cause us to break ties from current allegiances. When this happens and we are thrown back to an NPC Corp, feeling lost and demotivated are common. 999 more words


Space Truckers - Eve's Unsung Heroes

In my time in EVE, very seldom have I stayed in one place for more than a few months at best. The reason for this has ranged from “hey guys, we gotta go back to high sec because we’re about to lose our space in null” to “hey guys, we gotta move again because there aren’t any targets here for us”. 1,057 more words