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New update makes TERA easier for new players

GameForge presents the new start area, Stepstone Island, ┬áthat “will host players taking their first steps on the journey through Arborea between levels one and eleven.” 36 more words


Brian Greenspoon

Dedicated to providing legal representation to personal injury clients, Brian Greenspoon is the managing attorney and cofounder of Greenspoon Dougherty, PLLC, in South Florida. Brian Greenspoon pursues a variety of interests in his leisure time, such as watching professional sports, especially basketball. 122 more words

Brian Greenspoon

This Is the EVE Community

On the final day of EVE Vegas, myself and Kira Tsukimoto led off the last round of presentations. Pouring Red Bull down our gullets, we set the tone by taking everyone through a rollercoaster ride of talking about getting new players more connected to the community, the tools to communicate, and the different organizations that make the EVE community stand apart. 50 more words


NRDS-NBSI-NPSI- Choose Your Code

A short time after Dentt was cloned back in 2008, I came to the realisation that the players of EVE play a very different game to all other games. 974 more words


Elrond's Counsel: Conflict at the Carrock

Welcome readers! My name is Everett, and I will be writing a new column here at Tftc, Lore of the Rings. I starting playing the game ten months ago, and have become addicted to it, playing it all of the time. 3,310 more words


[D&D] 20 first adventure plot hooks!

I figured I’d give out a decent length list of plot hooks I’d run as a first adventure for a Dungeons and Dragons group of 1st-level adventurers. 512 more words

New Players

Twenty-20 Cricket, the Right way to Spread Cricket?

Take Our PollThere was a time when state associations across India would look forward eagerly to host Test matches. India playing a five-day match in whites in front of packed stands would be a dream-come-true for most grounds. 551 more words

New Players