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Space Truckers - Eve's Unsung Heroes

In my time in EVE, very seldom have I stayed in one place for more than a few months at best. The reason for this has ranged from “hey guys, we gotta go back to high sec because we’re about to lose our space in null” to “hey guys, we gotta move again because there aren’t any targets here for us”. 1,057 more words


Finding Your Spark - Your First Steps Into Magic: The Gathering

Recently, I’ve seen many posts on Reddit and other forums about new players looking for advice. The answers vary and usually involve bumbling around many different websites, buying various product, ect. 1,234 more words

The Planeswalker's Apprentice

Frame Foundry: System Clarity

After building numerous frame companies and demoing the game to tons of people, I’ve really started to focus on keeping the systems on my builds as obvious and clear as possible. 602 more words


Episode 6: Creepy Stalkers, Drifter Sleepwalkers, and Heroes

On this episode of The Neocom Podcast, we discuss the heroic deeds of people both in and out of the game. Featuring:

Mike Azariah… 779 more words


Things to be Excited About

Fanfest is over: for those who were there, hangovers have faded, and the post-fest blues are setting in. This is the time of the year when bittervets vie to out-“meh” each other, devs get their stomachs pumped and get back to work, and the cleaners at the Harpa pull double shifts for a month.  1,230 more words


Episode 1 is live!

This episode we focus on the newer players – so a great episode to pass along to friends on the fence about joining the game. We outline ways to do your research, what to shop for, and how to join the community… 6 more words


Hunter - Prey Dynamics

Players often forget that Eve is a PvP game. Although the game is much safer than it used to be, I think this is a good thing. 1,305 more words