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The Silly Season

We have now entered the part of the season where the madness starts!

Regardless of where your team are in the league right now I can guarantee you are already thinking about what is going to happen next season. 693 more words


Dickhead Dealers: An Insult To Poker

Last week I wrote a post having a pop at certain types of players that drive dealers nuts, but sometimes the dealers get out of line and piss players off, so this week I’m going to turn my rude and critical rage onto them. 1,638 more words


New Players Wanted


The League Season is nearly upon us and player availability is already looking like it might be a bit of a struggle in the early weeks, the club have some great facilities and it would be a shame to have such grand equipment in a gorgeous setting without any players and their families to enjoy it. 111 more words

Tabletop Tutorial Adventure

So, I’m currently in the process of working out the narrative for a new campaign for a group of players, three-quarters of whom have never played any tabletop RPG before. 2,717 more words

Role-Playing Games


~When sky blue gets dark enough~

Here we go again, you and me my friend. We played our parts. Now, I say let’s restart. New games with new players. 17 more words

Eighth Day


Yesterday, I played as a newbie, and it was (as it happens) quite tolerable.

I did my first Dungeon (see above) and nobody spoke the entire time. 737 more words

Levelling To 100 On The Ground

Chatbox Chumps: A Total Pain In The Poker?

I was playing a $5 online tourney the other day, it was the last four tables from around 1000 players, and the game was, predictably, intensifying. 1,531 more words