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Faction Warfare - An Industrialist Perspective

Greetings fellow pilots.  Even in today’s Eve where ISK is much easier to come by than previous years, we still sometimes struggle with the all too real problem of not having enough money to really enjoy the game in a way that is meaningful to us.  1,240 more words


Parrots - New softball girls / players needed - London

The Pimlico Parrots are looking for a couple of new girls for the 2015 softball season. We have a full roster of men but could do with a couple of girls after suffering a couple of injuries in the close season. 291 more words


Tools of the Trade: XML API

In the first Tools of the Trade post Spreadsheets I showed how you can take information from the Eve-Central Market API and create dynamic spreadsheets based on market information.   727 more words


"FC"ing Is Serious Business...Maybe

A fleet of 45 newbros (and vets that are newbro at heart), flying mostly T1 destroyers and some interceptors, are laughing and joking around on comms. 750 more words


Staying Productive When Times are Slow

I have been playing Eve since September of 2012. In that time I have had a lot of fun in the game. There were times where I slayed capital ships, evicted people from their home wormhole and been part of large logistics movements. 660 more words


RGSA Draft Day is Coming

Yup that’s right.  This Saturday is our last day for player registration and a week after that is draft day.  You don’t want to forget to register your girl for the season.   263 more words


Tools of the Trade: Spreadsheets

New and not so new players like to ask the following questions:

  • How do I make ISK in industry, the market or activity X?
  • Does activity X make more or less money for the effort than Y?
  • 1,066 more words