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Advil in the morning.

I was trying to write a poem. Like I do so when I sit outside in perfect weather and drink wine. Only this time I have a beer. 182 more words


Brand new poem, I finished this five minutes ago

July 4, 2015

“The Boy BEFORE The Manic Pixie Dream Girl’s One True Love”

She’s one of those girls who rest their hands on hot stove tops… 358 more words


July: The Month of New Poems

Perhaps this is a bit of wishful thinking. Could July be the month of new poems?

We had an amazing response to this year’s Akron Poetry Prize submission window (509 manuscripts!) which left little time for poems of one’s own. 69 more words


Returning Home

The forest feels familiar,
I have never been.
It is a peaceful place,
ridden with purposeful disorder
and natural disturbances. 
It feels of home,
a home I've never seen,
and always see.

Cheers To The Dead

June 28, 2015

You said you think our eyes are the only part of the body that is probably more than a “body”
And I want to believe you, but sometimes I think these lips only pretend to be my mouth… 339 more words


Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Pentecost +6, Yr B)

(Mark 6: 1-13)

Forgive us for being suspicious, son of Mary:
of change and new ideas we’re rather wary. 116 more words

Lectionary Readings


It Lies.

It’s Blind.

Each step I take away from my heart..leads me to abandoned

houses full of lost dreams

In my mind , our beautiful potential lies in spice wraps like Tutankhamun, adored in… 156 more words