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Me and My Younger Self (Written After Guided Meditation for 5 Min)

I was wearing running shoes, warm-up suit; it was maybe before a meet. I had longer hair. I was blonder. I had rounder glasses. My hair was parted in the middle. 206 more words

New Poems

Guided Meditation Led to This 3-Minute Free-Associative Poem

I was given two words— “I love…”—and wrote for three minutes nonstop without lifting the pen.

Here is what followed.

I love words, I love commas, I love shows of affection, & low cores in connection to summer and happenstance and shorelines and saga with something sugar and confectionary as words sometimes are for the weak-kneed of us, the skinned knees of us, in harbors of light, she words me so well, under shower heads, under warm spray and warm hands with cords pulsing heat with hours all stretchy and elongated; I am love, sometimes, maybe when I’m caught unawares, in situ, happenstance, arms askance, and hollowed, honey-combed for hollow women in underneath wells so dark; I am love, sometimes.

Free Verse

Love Story (Poetry)

I lay my head

in the space where you slept

I feel the weight of your memory

your kiss

the smell of your arms, and… 55 more words


 WHEN THE MOON SLEPT, Poetry by Akinkunmi Adewumi

Genre: Life, Society

 WHEN THE MOON SLEPT by Akinkunmi Adewumi

The moon slept,
But we were awaken to Hunger,
We groan and groan,
We wrestle and wrestle, 260 more words


Will’s House, Poetry by Martha C. Wallace

Genre: Family

Will’s House by Martha C. Wallace

Pla-ploop, pop, pop, bloop, bloop…
the coffee percolator sings.
Sssst, pop, pop, ssst
the bacon sizzles a hot reply. 731 more words



The writer is alone

in his cabin in the woods

in the kitchen:

there are grapefruits in the basin

bread on the basket

milk in the icebox… 22 more words


Peddling Poetry

I was running this rabbit along beaches 60 years ago to publicise our shows! Today I had persuaded him to come out of retirement and help me peddle my new poetry book, which was fine until he collapsed with exhaustion! 519 more words

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