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New Work: "... these days?"

… these days?

By J. K. McDowell.

April 2017

I feel the grief of lost days and trampled dreams.

Doomed wisdom is sinking the Solomon Islands. 142 more words

New Poems

Rescue Me from Ladder 49

Saw another picture of my brother climbing a ladder

how high does he have to climb to get our mother’s attention?

to say nothing of our father… 295 more words


The English Teacher

The English teacher


that love is often lucky at best,

tragic at worst.

He lived in Florida.

She lived in another man’s heart.

He wrote her poems based on the earnest, but honest, poems of Pablo Neruda. 182 more words


Where One Can Still See the Back of the Bait and Tackle Shop

Wasn’t I in this canyon six years ago?

I sat on that tire. My bald head in my hands,

crying—acting, but really balling—like rain in a b & w… 197 more words


Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Easter 3, Yr A)

(Luke 24: 13-35)

What do I know of the Emmaus road,
except that I think it passes not far from my church, 213 more words

Lectionary Readings

Two poems by Sally Douglas

The Night I See Myself

The car is a parcel of breath;
the road unrolling
like a bolt of black crêpe.

I drive like I’m in green-screen… 344 more words


Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Easter 2, Yr A)

(John 20: 19-31)

Come to us, Lord Jesus,
into locked rooms of hopelessness,
move through shut doors of fearfulness, 129 more words

Lectionary Readings