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Two Poems by Vicky Morris


The nurse says they should’ve given me a line-in
the first time, straight to my heart.
Now the veins in my arm grow hard. … 311 more words


'Testimony' by Fiona Larkin

after Alberto Giacometti

stark figurine
you are here to unpick
with your needle-bright point
our distinguishing features

the whorl of a curl
the curve of a lip… 104 more words


from 'One Hundred Lockdown Sonnets' by Jacqueline Saphra


2nd May

‘Death Map. Interactive coronavirus map lets you
find out number of deaths in your postcode.’
The Sun

And suddenly it’s fear. He wakes me up… 309 more words


Two Poems by Penelope Shuttle

by the hoar rock in the drowned wood*

there was once
a feasting-cup city

pearl and aquamarine
of its precincts and palaces

sea-green peridot
of its square miles … 209 more words


'Tiger in the National Gallery' by Susan Utting

Tiger in the National Gallery
after Henri Rousseau’s “Surprised!”

Why surprised? – I’m everywhere:
I’m tapestry and marquetry, and Paris
hothouse fantasy. I am pelt and roar… 127 more words


Two Poems by Elisabeth Sennitt Clough


Every village has them. Some appear overnight
and none of them have spray-painted signs
or battered warning triangles next to them.

Though their ambitions are shallow, 135 more words