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Two poems by Wendy French

This Way or That

peregrine falcons dived round our heads
that time we climbed Snowdon

my mother’s voice from the middle of the night

Remember to feed your father in the kitchen – 458 more words


Sonnet in Prairie Schooner

I have another new sonnet, “Assist,” in the latest issue of Prairie Schooneradorned with this great artwork on the cover! Glad to be in the same pages as Valzhyna Mort, Jacque Rancourt, Bruce Bond, and so many other great friends and poets. 93 more words

New Poems

Two poems from Kevin Lee McLary

Graduation Day

I feel a bit smaller with every passing Graduation Day

like I

was too lazy to get those C’s and degrees

withdrew from college… 501 more words


Two poems by Deborah Alma

Morning Song

An open-windowed church-belled morning
chimes of loss and mine; water pipes sing,

and I bring back to bed a blue enamel
pot of hot coffee, as silk as the slide… 292 more words


New Elegy in the Birmingham Poetry Review

People Bring Us Flowers

too many white flowers, as if the soul requires
a veil of pure substance it never had the need to form… 54 more words

New Poems

From a Lyric Sequence by Cat Woodward

But now I have put away
the pepper and dirt

and have a mouth all full
of big yellow teeth

when I was banished
I spoke like the banished… 291 more words


moment's glory

a moment’s glory

this tiny little flower

fickle savour  life

New Poems