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Last Sunday of Epiphany - The Transfiguration (Yr A)

(Matthew 17: 1-9)

The mind would build its shelters,
its walls, its solid boundaries,

its holding pens for those mysteries
that challenge the edges of thought; 76 more words

Lectionary Readings

Coming Clean

Dishwasher still works,
but doing it by hand proves
more satisfying.


Everyday Poems

Two poems by Abegail Morley

The Curator’s Obsession

I wake on the edge of forgetting a dream ‒ mice skitter
under sheets, tails in the folds of my grip still warm, 301 more words


New Sonnet in The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review

As a way to affirm spontaneity, play, and the pleasure of working with received form, the editors of The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review put a challenge to a group of poets: compose a sonnet in less than an hour on one of five themes (A Walk, Silence, Water, Frames, and Containers). 32 more words

New Poems

Dust Is Just Dead Voices

Our voices

Just as we left them

Aged a bit

Nearly take up a whole corner

By the bed

Where my old poems

Still sit on a Cherrywood desk… 76 more words

Free Verse

Two poems by Kathy Pimlott

The Rookery Redux

The rain collects by drains stopped up with fatbergs from the eateries,
in cracks and trips of slabs laid slipshod and craftless. Step carelessly… 351 more words


Through the Looking Glass

Lost my looks
some time ago, at least
that’s how it feels,
despite appeals of protest
from the man in my life.

Gone more grey, recently… 119 more words

New Poems