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Who Knows

I may be cracked
From stem to stern
Split right down the side
I may be cracked
But this I’ve learned
I am not broken inside… 68 more words

New Poems

Our New Blog: Poem Monday

For the last few Mondays Oonagh and I have been writing poems together. We pick a topic and then write one poem each, reading them out to the family when we’re done. 30 more words

I Would Like To Recommend These People's Writing

My Funeral

Don’t display glads
at my funeral
or play, Amazing Grace.
A glad is far too pretty
with its furling, frilly face.

I don’t deserve that rousing hymn, 94 more words


Three More Steps - an Orphic musing

Three more steps
That’s all it would have taken
Three more steps
To return my love to life
Three more steps
My destiny forsaken
To live a life of bliss… 85 more words

New Poems

Poem For World Wide Communion 2015


We will sit down where feet tire from the journey.
We will sit down where grief bends the back.

We will sit down under roofs wrecked by artillery. 136 more words

Sunday Lectionary

Allusions to Orpheus

To roam the world
Questing for something lost
Only to find it
Not on the quest
But by being torn apart.

New Poems

Servant Drone poems on Queen Mob's Teahouse

Thanks to poetry editor Erik Kennedy for publishing #10 & #11 from the new Servant Drone collaborative text by bruno neiva and myself, due out very soon on Knives, Forks & Spoons Press. Read here …
Paul Hawkins