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Long the season of
withering, now koels sing
and gulmohars bloom

*Koel and Gulmohar are the Indian names for the cuckoo and the flame tree, both of which appear in the interregnum between late summer and the glorious Indian monsoon!

New Poems


Summer 2017

Make of this what you will, but I’m in my room.

I’m alone. I’m waiting for a thunderstorm.

I wait for the reassuring rumble of thunder, sip tea, 137 more words


The Harm Of Assumptions

The only fair truth of existence is that it

always dies— we cannot confirm the

colors of light, for our mortality

prevents us from witnessing… 75 more words


Cats Only Want Food

The darkness is where you were born to thrive—

Wet paws stained red, but not from the need to survive.

Instead, you are motivated by the shielded shades of night. 85 more words


I Think He Goes By Uncertainty

My stomach boils with distorted déjà vu—

My only indicator that he is here again,

Since this feeling never addresses himself by name.

Instead, he is like a singed memory of a tree… 82 more words


Forgive Me, Childhood

Each passing day I realize

How we all abused you—

It was because our stubby legs ached

To see beyond the gardened view.

It started with starvation— 112 more words


Today Was A Good Day

Today was a good day

For I couldn’t smell my rotting brain—

Instead, it was the sweet taste of silence

Exhaled from my breath.

Today was a good day… 85 more words

New Poems