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Green Mountain Coffee

the café nearly empty—

scent of burnt brew

wafting through

our shared morning.

and you turned me on,

talking of Verlaine’s

passion for Rimbaud,

stirring your drink. 56 more words

Free Verse

Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Epiphany 3, Yr A)

(Matthew 4: 12-23)

Because your hope for that kingdom
has teased the edge of your thoughts… 76 more words

Lectionary Readings

Dim Mak

No quarter given to you.

Deep-rooted, a miscarry or

somebody’s miscue, trudged out

like a stab wound to the front

of a face, laden with warm sweat. 77 more words

Free Verse

If We Had Rented… (a made-up supposition)

My heart just as we left it

But yellowed a bit.

Nearly all.

By the bed.

Old clothes,

Like our lethargies,

Rest on a Cherrywood desktop, folded and… 96 more words

Free Verse

Brotherly Love

I know where Peter Venkman is.

Naked, I tell my little brother in the bath.

He-Men float face down in bubbly waves.

His face is covered in blue ink from my pen. 91 more words

Free Verse

How I’ll Remember November 2016

It’s a bottom line given:

ten turkeys lit by the sun on a soccer field,

playing games of existence

near an empty two-year college.

I’m not overly aware of existential things, 35 more words

Free Verse

Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Epiphany 2, Yr A)

(John 1: 29-42)

Rabbi, we wish to learn from you:
tell us, where are you staying?
Our spirits near exhaustion, bent beneath our trophies, 273 more words

Lectionary Readings