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the anatomy of our world

the world could be
a doorless room
a warehouse that smells acetylene or grease
or used oil
a site of dead trucks sitting over brown and yellow weeds… 18 more words

Two New Poems in Poetry Northwest!

So happy to have two poems, “My Students See Emmett Till’s Body” and “Drift,” in the gorgeous summer issue of Poetry Northwest!

Thank you to the staff at Poetry Northwest, especially Kevin Craft, Matt Kelsey, and Justin Boening, for their work on this issue. 26 more words

New Work

when love is equal to nude geometries

i crave for days                 when love was a caliphate
built with the svelte mud of harmony.

days,                when love was a peony
that could not be destroyed             by locusts of skepticism. 94 more words

play me a song …..

me a song,
filled with clichés
a song
inspired by whiffs
from belching cigars. play… 154 more words

it’s never a ghost

it’s just the trees swaying to the breeze:
by standards this night I’m a bystander.
it’s just someone walking home, counting his steps
so he doesn’t fall asleep, starting again… 64 more words

of young lovers

ah, come and see them,
nature’s freshly minted
object of awe.
kissing, fondling, giggling…
making love to john legend’s (all of me),
slow dancing to mariah carey’s (always be my baby), 82 more words

just before the mass ends

the tingling sound of glass rosaries falling,
the static from the church’s loudspeakers,
churchgoers returning from church on foot,
negotiating their ways around mud-pools,
wishing the rain was a blessing from god. 114 more words