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Seven hundred and ninety-six

Barely born, young innocent souls

Never given a chance at life

Born out of wedlock,

Born out of luck

Considered nothing more than livestock… 174 more words


Poem-maker, home-maker: Airbnb

Poets don’t expect to make a living practicing the craft. And as most scribblers know, writing from home can lead to all kinds of mess. At least on and around the desk. 104 more words

Home away: Miami

You can go home again. Thanks to Curator, new home for first of my Miami poems.



Innisfree Poetry Journal

Been away from this blog about a year now revising and submitting and oh the stacks of rejections a poem-maker gets. Below three that found a home in Innisfree. 14 more words

Two poems by Kate Noakes

Salomé in the mirror

I find myself calling for your head
on a brass platter from Bernese
the kind I can make into a table… 210 more words


An American Haiku in the Style of Jack Kerouac

The draining of

          this car battery

I call heart.


New Poem: "... focus there."

… focus there.

By J. K. McDowell

March 2017

Have you traced the lines in your lover’s right hand?

The future is there, time to savor the details. 156 more words

New Poems