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Destructive Interference

earthquake soon

in this cracked bedroom

beneath my heels flee the

cockroaches the color of smudged

knuckles in the dark

in the light, the agate colors of… 74 more words


NOW - August Edition

Projects are about inputs, about putting things into my head that will help define the output: poetry. Here are my current projects:

When the professor introduced our modern poetry class to Rilke it relieved us of the challenges of Celan and introduced me to a poet who would join Wordsworth and Frost as a defining influence. 226 more words


I’m Still Here

Blood: the word for family

in the lips of angels

hot       hot       hot

like Florida every summer

voices got into a tangle, where

we felt happy, now, a silence, 39 more words


New Poem "... my things."

… my things.

By J. K. McDowell.

July 2017

Ancient declarations are still relevant.

Tyranny finds the words of Adams, Franklin and

Jefferson less that a delight.  141 more words

New Poems

Nihilist Lunchbreak

I expect nothing.

Nothing expects blood.

Is nourished with blood.

Under her feet.

My distended abdomen.

The warped heel.

The coming void.

Pressing ever downward.

Stepping on my breath.


Never Get Fat

Never get fat    Never twist your ankles

Never smoke cigarettes    2 packs a day

stabbed into the necks of empty Heineken bottles

Never sweat    by the beach    and in bars… 24 more words



His grandfather told him,

Boy, you try too hard.

But so much isn’t done,

The Poet thinks.

Next time, next time.

But next time is too late. 47 more words