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Why Aromatherapy is Beneficial

Have you ever had a constant cold that you just can’t get rid of and find that you’re always sick and no medicine ever seems to kick it? 342 more words

New Products

Bliss Everyday Eye Cream Review

Good morning my lovely readers! Today’s post is a review of a new eye cream I picked up a few weeks ago. I ran out of my Keil’s Creamy Avacado Eye Cream and saw this one while I was wandering up and down the aisles at T.J Max and found it was just what I wanted. 346 more words


Big Trouble with Killer Mike

A tribute to one of my favorite Rappers, Activist, Entrepreneur, Community leader, and a the list seems to go on as life goes on. I created this Mixed Media piece reflecting on how (I feel) this man has influenced the culture-rich city of Atlanta. 110 more words

Art & Design

Finding My Purpose

I’m happy to announce I am no longer road kill!

I’ve had a slow-to-dawn  realization.

Very slow.

Sloth slow.

Now, were you sitting with me as I shared this amazing  insight you would pat me on the head in a slightly patronizing manner and say: “ 473 more words

Houseware Crafts

Flowers & Snails!

Most of my work is born out of simply playing around.

I wrote about how creative play time is importatnt to artists in this post… 567 more words

New Products

NEW PRODUCTS: March Edition

As I was scrolling through the internet I found a CRAP tonne of new releases at none other than Mecca (hands down my favourite shop in the world!). 331 more words