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Help! My Dog Pees in her Crate!

There are tons of articles on housetraining a dog.  But what help is there when you have a dog that urinates and defecates in its crate?   935 more words


Pets are like children

I’ve always said that pets are like young children.

They both will eat, sleep, and poop the day away. They both have bathroom accidents, and need to be taught where to use the bathroom. 107 more words


A Puppy ate my homework.

Where have I been you ask? Well, we acquired a little lad last weekend. Not having had a puppy in the house for 17 years meant we’d forgotten how demanding the little stinkers can be, and Schnitzel the Schnoodle is no different. 238 more words

Tea And Trifles

Puppy at home... how to make the most of it.

Ha, so cute, so angelic, butter wouldn’t melt!

So hopefully you have your bundle of joy, and he/she is cute than can be, maybe with teeth sharper than you had expected and maybe not sleeping so well at night? 413 more words

The Wicked Explorers - 0010

Welcome to our Adventure vlog – We call this The Wicked Explorers with Arty 84 and Suzi J

Twitter: Twitter.com/TWExplorers
Web Site: http://Www.TWExplorers.com
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/TWExplorers… 98 more words

Where's Arty

The joys of a puppy

In March of this year, unfortunately my sixteen year old, best friend and Shetland Sheepdog, Laddie, passed away. It wasn’t unexpected, after all, he’d outlived his life expectancy by several years. 445 more words

Bringing Home Puppy: First Six Weeks

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It’s been six weeks since we brought our new pup home. Tonto is four months old! I can’t believe how much he’s transformed since PICKUP DAY. 696 more words