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Well, My Dear, The Same Way You Are.

I often find myself looking at Roi and wondering how this man is single. He is an amazing communicator, he has such a positive outlook on life (it’s totally infectious, you feel better about your life just seeing him look so forward to his), he is so kind and gentle, he’s great with kids, he’s intelligent and totally honest, and he’s not afraid to communicate his needs or to have me communicate mine. 183 more words

As For Me, I begin at the End: Part 1

At the end of my very first post I might have gone all sappy and mentioned that I fell in love in one night.

Two Truths and a Lie Time. 1,015 more words


New Relationship Energy

What is NRE?

New Relationship Energy or NRE is an issue in all relationship types, but is much more frequently discussed in polyamorous relationships. In polyamory the excitement of a new partner is often coupled with concurrent relationships in a different phase. 775 more words


A river of tears

January has been a month strafed with pain and loss. I thought I was over this. And there have been lots of good days – days of joy and great highs.   134 more words


Love and Money.

It’s funny how when you say those two words together, love and money, people conjure up many different things. It can be ideas of combining lives and finances, to those that only associate love with how much money someone has. 400 more words

Discovering Myself, and Tinder

Soooo what happens now?

What do I do now that I was free of my abuser?

Do I start dating again?

I haven’t been single since I was 16. 656 more words

Abusive Relationship

Thinking positive

Next Tuesday, I finally close on my loan so my house will be MY house! I cant believe it’s finally here!! I can finally pay off some things and people and start fresh with no debt, except for my house.  124 more words

New Relationship