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Something about me, I’m extremely open and quite forthcoming with my emotions. So, when I have a partner, you can bet that people know that I am “taken”, “off the market”, “with someone”, etc. 561 more words



how can I make us whole again?

every time I chip at the surface

I find that we have nothing in common

now that the newness has worn off… 28 more words

Dating Issues


Dating in the 21st century is a bloody war zone, and I am a soldier who hasn’t passed the fitness test.  It’s not like the good ole days of my late teens when you met, exchanged pay as you go phone numbers and then waited with baited breath in the hope that he would call and interrupt your game of snake. 1,357 more words

10 Important Rules Of Being In A New Relationship

The beginning of a relationship can be a tricky course to navigate. Guys (like me) aren’t that great at guessing what women think or want and our stupidity often lead to otherwise easily avoidable arguments. 525 more words

11 Reasons to Try Online Dating

Are you looking to meet new people? Are you looking to snag a special someone? Do the characters in your video games have a better love life than you? 549 more words

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Trainin' Aint Easy

I started seeing my trainer two weeks ago.

When I arrived at her house, my mind was flooded with thoughts like, Can I do this? Is she going to be nice? 364 more words