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5 Dont's for a new Relationship

1. Don’t be too serious too soon

I mean for all we know the guy may also not be serious, so its good to keep your options open and by keeping options open i mean its okay to date around but when you are exclusive please be exclusive. 389 more words


A Common Point.

I know I’ve referenced this before, but this all seems to really be playing out and I’m just amazed by God’s grace. He has clearly shown me my “Yes, but different.” 329 more words

Hard to speak

It’s always hard to open up to someone. It’s even harder opening up to someone about your haunted past.

‘It’s ruining our relationship’

He is not wrong. 154 more words

Few Of My Thoughts


I’ve been fortunate to come through a variety of life challenges that have provided me insight, education and metamorphosis, and for this I am eternally grateful  Through these pages I will share some of them, in the hope that others who find themselves in similar situations can feel less alone. 30 more words

You Are The Story I Never Want To End

Three months. 90 days. ¼ of a year. At age 25, this equates to 1/100 of my life. 1%.

It seems negligible, that tiny number. One penny’s worth of my days, but it has been worth so much more. 669 more words

Maybe this makes me a cunt but oh well

Sorry, this isn’t the story I promised but it is an update in our poly adventures.

We’ve seen Cherie a few more times and, as she’s part of our wider friend group, she fits in pretty well with everyone, even if she is a bit younger. 546 more words


What I love about you

Aside from you being gorgeous, with these deep brown eyes that make me feel all lovely inside, I really just fucking like you. I am a fan of you. 315 more words