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Dreamboat: Getting the show on the road

Healthy, wealthy and wise;
what’s not to like?

When life gives you lemons,
it really sucks, don’t it, doll?

Look on the bright side, honey, 32 more words



​Attraction snuck up on us quickly

The lure of romance in the air

That first wave of emotion swept us away

No need for Tinder, its redundant today… 97 more words


This Halloween, Take Off Your Mask

Even though Halloween only comes once a year, it’s safe to say that most of us dress up every day. Whether it’s putting on make-up to contour our face or wearing an uncomfortable outfit, there are times that we’ve all hidden our true selves to become more appealing to the rest of the world. 473 more words


The Little Things

Starting something new with the man in my life was hard. I was overthinking and analysing every statement he made and everything that he did. 191 more words


24 Days Later...

This is how I feel today; That my real life is just beginning. I only have a couple of work related things to do, so I’ve had time to have a real think. 269 more words


Seizing the Moment!

So, I realise that I only posted a couple of hours ago, but something occurred to me in that time…

I’m sabotaging my own happiness. I’ve never been in a good relationship before. 124 more words



Burn bright and be, turn your warmth away from the dark to me. Scorch my skin with desire and help me feel the consuming fire. … 52 more words