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"Is this moving too fast?"

I’ve been sharing a bed with, and pretty much living in my new girlfriend’s apartment for our entire relationship.

A little background on us before I explain the rest: I’m 20 and she’s 23, we work at the same place and have the same shift with different days off. 407 more words

Advice Needed

I'm so Vanilla.

Whilst going through one of those identity crises, which seem to becoming ever more comment, I realised to myself that I am incredibly vanilla. To be Vanilla is to be plain, no outstanding or special features. 845 more words


It has been some time, but I am here again

At first you were just a small thought now and then

A tiny seed among the trees within… 63 more words


After many sunrises

Where to start from?

I moved to a new place at the end of August.

I have started a new relationship… and I am falling again… I am so scared… feeling insecure sometimes… I had such a big confidence in the beginning but now it is different… I don’t know if it is the consequences of his actions or I am trying to ruin the relationship unconsciously… my reaction to any single little or big problem  would be: let’s get out of this… I don’t say anything to him though… It is all going inside me… 510 more words


Lantern festival date.

Starting to feel the BPD pang in my conversations with him now. We can talk for ages on the phone and not get bored. We’re talking about 3/4 hours every night and it’s before bedtime so we’re not messing up our work routine. 683 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder


I liked that he called me Kid. Nice going, Kid. Good work, Kid. Like where your heads at, Kid. It was a manly combination of the film noir gumshoe and the well-meaning misogynist. 1,088 more words

a bad tenant...

Disclaimer: I’m a nurse and many of my friends are nurses so this is a story about bodily functions (for us this is completely normal). If this isn’t your bag, please scroll down… 469 more words