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ఈ భామకు భర్తంటే ఎంత నమ్మకమో..!

ఈ భామకు భర్తంటే ఎంత నమ్మకమో..!

గత కొంత కాలంగా హ్యాపీగా ప్రేమపక్షులుగా విహరించిన బిపాషా బసు, కరణ్ సింగ్ గ్రోవర్ ల ప్రేమకథ పెళ్లితో శుభం కార్డు పడింది. పెళ్లైన తర్వాత హనీమూన్ కు విదేశాలకు చెక్కేసిన బిపాషా రీసెంట్ గా పెళ్లి గురించి తన అభిప్రాయాన్ని, కరణ్ పై తన నమ్మకాన్ని మీడియాతో ముచ్చట్లలో చెప్పింది…..……Read More……………

First YouTube video

Thank you to all my recent followers! I really appreciate your support on this new page.

As you can see below I have posted my first video on YouTube, which I must admit was rather difficult when I don’t have a good camera or any experience. 69 more words

Moving Forward

The intensity with which I miss him surprises me, much like so many other pieces of whatever this is.

Confusing and overwhelming, I am unable to explain it all, and have somewhat given up on trying. 106 more words

New Relationship

Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down


♫ And you stood at your door, with your hands on my waist, and you kissed me like you meant it ♫ 229 more words

Dashboard Confessional


I want to take my time with you

To get to know you, every inch of you

I want your skin to know mine

I want to learn the story of your body… 726 more words

4 Things your man wish you knew

Men and woman can at times look like they are from totally different planets. The cliché men are from mars and women from Venus still hold. 593 more words


Why for me Single is Easier...

I truly find it so much easier to be single. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been single for a couple of years and am now use to it but I’m at a place that I genuinely enjoy my autonomy. 473 more words