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i still get saddened of the ‘breakup’ thought. but i think it’s normal right? i just can’t really picture myself with her anymore. i swear i really can’t anymore. 363 more words


My lotus flower
I’d love to witness you bloom
I’d love to witness all your pedals reveal themselves under the light of the moon
Each pedals revealing your dirtiest secret, your greatest desires, what makes you smile, what keeps you up till the midnight hour, what made you put up your walls and what makes tears take walks down your cheeks… 74 more words


What a lovely weekend.

First of all, it didn’t snow! And it wasn’t frigid! I spent Saturday with a friend at a rock and mineral show, looking for things to make jewelry with. 545 more words


A second date.

OK, I am ten per cent terrified and ninety per cent very, very happy. This is unprecedented, usually I am one hundred per cent terrified and running out the door. 613 more words



Something about me, I’m extremely open and quite forthcoming with my emotions. So, when I have a partner, you can bet that people know that I am “taken”, “off the market”, “with someone”, etc. 561 more words


I miss your FACE

I learned to ride a bike for you,
with just one hand (…okay, with two);
I promised to become a breeder;
turned ‘can’t cook, won’t cook’ to avid feeder; 273 more words


how can I make us whole again?

every time I chip at the surface

I find that we have nothing in common

now that the newness has worn off… 28 more words

Dating Issues