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Harold and the Big Purple Line of Waves

Relationships are not a straight line. This is a realization that can bring a sigh of relief, and at the same time clench your gut in an uncomfortably painful way. 1,065 more words


5 Things You Should Do When You Start A New Relationship

While a new relationship can be very exciting, there is┬ásome housekeeping that you need to make sure is taken care of. So, remember┬áthese… 476 more words


A Letter To My Future Wife

She keeps me hopeful
that’s why my hope’s full
Simply off her presence
She’s my present
so she remains present tense
I named her decadent… 446 more words


A Happy Birthday

Yesterday, I rang in my 33rd birthday.

The festivities kicked off on Frideay with a dinner with my parents. I had just visited Mr. Ivy League (MIL) beforehand, and I was enmeshed in a flirty string of texts. 1,003 more words


I am currently out watching The Gina Lorne band (https://www.facebook.com/GinaLorneBand) perform. I am currently dating the guitar player in this band. The gig is taking place at a Moose lodge and there are about 50 people here listening and dancing. 119 more words



Forgiveness. What a vital thing to moving on. After my divorce, I had to push hard down that path to finally get to the point to forgive EX. 222 more words


The Door

I realized yesterday that I love you.

That somewhere in between the hundreds of kisses, sideways glances and subconscious grins, perfect dates, and imperfect conversations… my feelings had, despite my intentions and pointed effort to restrain them – grown into this electric monster that now lives in my belly. 749 more words