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As New Republicans—we are fiscally conservative and social issue mind your own business voters. I am finding there are many voters who yearn for a political coalition that values fiscal conservatism but does not think that gives the representatives of political parties the right to tell us how to think or behave.  761 more words

Essay I

In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, prisoners are restrained from birth and forced to watch a puppet-shadow show on the wall before them. They perceive the shadow-show as genuine, and they are likely furthermore unable to readily accept the visual and tangible aspects of reality, should they ever be able to break their bonds and turn their heads. 702 more words

The New Republicans

This is EXACTLY what I hear when Sarah Palin, glenn Beck, Scott Walker or any of the new Republicans in office speak.

I fiddled with embedding but finally gave up and decided to just link. 7 more words

Sarah Palin

California sends a very big message...

About stuff in the election today.

How interesting, no?

Actually maybe we are turning Republican?  After years of being Democrats!  This year changed all that, for Hillary supporters. 69 more words

Political Karma

A true honor

Honestly, we’re blushing.

The second annual AFF College Blogger Contest was remarkably close, but we have a winner: The Arizona Desert Lamp. A deserving choice, I think.

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