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FANSFIGHT - La Madre de las Competencias.

En una escena, que cada vez necesita más apoyo de parte de todos los que formamos parte (Redundante pero con sentido), nace lo que yo llamo “La Madre de las Competencias”. 278 more words


Day 24 Your Favorite shoes

I have loved and destroyed so many boots in my days but these guys seem to have Indestructable by Disturbed as a theme song. I bought them from a girl on facebook who’d only tried them on once back in 2012 and have used them and abused them every week since then. 188 more words


Day 6 Your Comfiest Outfit

My comfiest outfit is a hoodie combined with a stretchy mini skirt and tights. In periods I wear this seven days a week.

Picture to the left: 54 more words


OOTD + new makeup

Hoodie: Emp Online
Skirt: Kreepsville 666
Boots: New Rock
Choker: Shango.se
Gloves: Killstar
Tights and leg warmers: Random store

The snow is whirling outside and I feel a compelling need to run out and make snow angels but it’s dark and I also want to  try the new eye shadow I ordered together with more of my regular foundation. 129 more words



Entire Outfit

Gothicana Bloodsucker

Outfit on.

My very relaxed outfit this Saturday as viewed above;

Black poncho – Cubus
Wolfman t-shirt – Threadless
Skater skirt – Cubus… 113 more words


TRACK REVIEW: Wolf At The Door channel emo influences on Every Day Today

By Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro)

While the name, as well as the twitter bio, of this English rock outfit may lead you into thinking that the act would be hitting out with face melting riffs right out of the gate, the result is quite the contrary. 196 more words


LHS VI - Return Of The Lift

Warning: If you start headbanging at the gym, people will look at you funny.

– Created by Cooper Karasek

  1. Shipwreck – Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker
  2. Ghost Ship Of Cannibal Rats – Billy Talent…
  3. 137 more words