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New Tactical Officer Abilities

Now that I have things in a finished form, I have to change it all again. It’s a sickness. I’m going to add more abilities to each character type, starting with the tactical officer. 1,494 more words

New Rules

Conspyramid in FATE

In the FATE mini-campaign setting Eagle Eyes, the players are detectives in Imperial Rome working against conspiracies in the Eternal City. It’s an awesome setting and I really recommend it, but the conspiracy mechanic is a great feature for other FATE campaigns. 644 more words

New Rules

What Do You Want to Change?

Written by Melanie Coretti |

A new school means new rules, and some students aren’t happy about that. Morgan students shared what they want to change if given the chance. 352 more words

Our Morgan

America(n) Rules

Rule #1: Don’t be a fucking idiot. Idiots don’t think rationally, they just spew emotionally. Yeah, social media is a terrific vessel, but don’t make it a toilet. 400 more words

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