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Eclipse Phase Conspiracies

The default campaign model for Eclipse Phase is agents of Firewall, a clandestine, illegal, international conspiracy that seeks out existential threats to transhumanity. That’s a tall order and it’s a pretty different model than crashing through dungeons or searching libraries for eldritch secrets. 1,544 more words

New Rules

Mouse Guard FATE - Skills & Animals

The last post about Mouse Guard for the FATE system concentrated on making characters. This time I’m focusing on the other inhabitants of the Mouse Territories: wild animals. 2,571 more words

New Rules

New Zealand - special report on NZ GST and remote services

New Zealand IR has today released the special report on NZ GST and remote services.
It’s a pretty good document but doesn’t cover every scenario/issue. 79 more words

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Qualities for the Future: To my future husband

To my future husband,

                We may have met already, or maybe we’ll meet next year, or years down the line. Neither of us knows, only God does because He has already decided when we meet the one He created for us. 1,941 more words


UFC New Weight Cutting Guidelines Announced

The UFC has been trying to find a safer alternative for weight cutting to keep fighters healthy, going so far as to ban IV use last October.   446 more words


The Angel And The Devil

On October of this year, Seli (The Angel) and I (The Devil) will be celebrating our thirtieth anniversary. So on mother’s day, she made me fucking dress up like a real man, then continued to drag me out of my comfort zone (our apartment) and into a photo studio, for this picture. 203 more words

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