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Tides of Numenera: The Explorer's Guide

So it’s probably not a secret that I’m a fan of the Cypher System. I have been ever since I got the original Numenera core book; I wasn’t lucky enough to jump on the original Kickstarter but I got it soon after and was enraptured. 1,225 more words

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Home Inspections - big changes coming to Ontario

Good news to hear that Ontario plans on regulating the home inspection industry, and that, among other things, they will be banning the limited liability clauses that appear in so many home inspection contracts. 284 more words


Star Trek: Cypher - Making Starships

This is more of a catch-all post to discuss two things. In order they are Starship Classes and How to Make a Starship. Since starships in  1,452 more words

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Star Trek: Cypher - Ship Descriptors and Foci

Since we’ve already gone over ship types, we need the other two parts of the equation: descriptor and focus. Ship’s also have classes to describe what they are like and the focus, type, and descriptor together give you the class (more on that Thursday). 5,327 more words

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Additional Communities

One of the steps to making a character in the Mouse Guard RPG is picking out where you were born. The map of the Mouse Territories shows tons of different towns but only a few of them but only the big eight are described in detail: Barkstone, Copperwood, Elmoss, Ivydale, Lockhaven, Port Sumac, Shaleburrow, and Sprucetuck. 407 more words

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Star Trek: Cypher - Starship Types

The last installment of Star Trek: Cypher introduced the basic rules for running starships in the game. These are really best used with starships, of course, so today I’m releasing the rules for making starships for your PCs. 7,134 more words

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