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Steering in the Snow

Written by Emily Sordo and Rachel Ford |

When you put a bunch of new drivers together, there is always some parking lot troubles in high school. 423 more words


Broken Bicycles

When summer was finally over during that first year, I had to start school. my very first “new school” experience. i was freaked! new town, new school, my mom never bought me “cool” clothes throughout my entire school life. 2,027 more words

The New School Year

The first week of school

Prior to starting the new school year, ensure that your child is familiar with the school and the uniform.  Many schools offer a ‘meet and greet’ opportunity in the year before, allowing them to meet their teacher and their new classmates – encourage your child to attend, and as parents you can participate too.  1,279 more words


Photos As Our New School Nears Completion

Below are some photos of our new school taken on Friday of last week. As you can see we are very close to entering what is a beautifully appointed new school. 45 more words


The Girl in the Photographs (8/10)

Colleen works at a grocery store in Spearfish, South Dakota. Someone is leaving creepy photographs of dead, multilated young women around her workplace where she will find them. 185 more words

Horror Movies

Solo (7/10)

New-school take on an old-school formula. A teenage girl who has suffered some sort of trauma involving water takes a job as a counselor at a lakeside kids’ camp, presumably as a way to face her inner demons or some such. 147 more words

Horror Movies

The Good Neighbor (8/10)

A couple of teenage douchebags decide to conduct an “experiment” on their cranky old neighbor (perfectly portrayed by James Caan) by outfitting his house with surveillance cameras and electronic gizmos designed to make him believe he is being haunted. 77 more words

Horror Movies