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Smartwatch app detects epileptic seizures and texts a warning | New Scientist

After his wife had an unexpected seizure, programmer Ryan Clark wrote an app for her smartwatch to detect those characteristic movements and send a warning text… 249 more words


Four genes discovered that will help you live beyond 100 | New Scientist

Scanning the genomes of centenarians showed that four genes help them live longer. The discovery could boost the search for ways to protect against age-related diseases… 229 more words

Paris climate deal is agreed – but is it really good enough? | New Scientist

The Paris climate agreement is better than many expected but it is not enough to achieve the stated aim of limiting warming to 2 °C, let alone 1.5 °C… 340 more words

So you think you can read body language?

It is a common perception that one’s body language can be read, but how true is this?

In a recent article in New Scientist Magazine the author Caroline Williams debunks some ideas, which are commonly held as true. 658 more words