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Will biggest danger from global warming be the change in diets? | New Scientist

A report claims that eating less fruit and vegetables could have the biggest health impact of climate change in the short term. Here’s the lowdown… 356 more words


On the mystery of "our deeply strange existence" from scientist David Eagleman

We are living in an era where humans seem to need the strong seasoning of certainty even more than ever. Militant atheism seems hell bent (pardon the expression, a tad inappropriate in this context, eh what?!) on ramming down our collective throats their conviction that religion is pernicious rubbish. 246 more words

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Smartwatch app detects epileptic seizures and texts a warning | New Scientist

After his wife had an unexpected seizure, programmer Ryan Clark wrote an app for her smartwatch to detect those characteristic movements and send a warning text… 249 more words


Four genes discovered that will help you live beyond 100 | New Scientist

Scanning the genomes of centenarians showed that four genes help them live longer. The discovery could boost the search for ways to protect against age-related diseases… 229 more words