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Prinz Eugen Current Stats

Along with the new patch comes a new leak of upcoming stuff; this time, from gamemodels3d, we’ve got a possible premium ship: Prinz Eugen, sister to the existing in-game… 231 more words

Premium Ship

German Battleship Stats: Part 2

And now we arrive to the second half of the upcoming German battleship branch! I don’t think this is intentional on Lesta’s part, but it’s an incredibly aesthetically pleasing coincidence that of the eight ships in the branch, exactly half each belong to the Kaiserliche Marine and the Kriegsmarine. 803 more words

New Ships

German Battleship Stats: Part 1

Sometime, hopefully within the next month, the long-awaited German battleships will be here. In anticipation of them, I’ll be posting up the detailed stats we know so far for each of the ships featured in their upcoming tech tree branch; remember, though, that… 663 more words

New Ships

Krispy Kremes Now Available in ASIA

Another Russian premium? Such a surprise! If you’re on the ASIA server, you can now buy the tier 5 cruiser I don’t think anyone was looking forward to: the… 101 more words

Premium Ship

French Battleship Dunkerque Stats

New test files for patch 5.9 have been leaked and are on gamemodels3d, meaning we get to look at the rest of the German battleship line – as well as an unexpected guest! 218 more words

Premium Ship

New Chinese Stuff in 5.8

No, this isn’t a post about some wacky gold-plated Anshan or something; in patch 5.8, a couple of curious things were added to the game client, namely a port icon and a pair of… 130 more words

New Ships

German battleships revealed

Source: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/ze-germans-coming/