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British Cruisers Current Stats, Part 1

As much as the Royal Navy has been hyped up for so long by the playerbase, naturally wanting perhaps the most important navy of the World Wars to be in the game, I get the feeling that people aren’t exactly… 683 more words

New Ships

Leningrad, Belfast Current Stats

The testing stats for a bunch of new ships, including tier 7 British cruiser Belfast and tier 7 Russian destroyer Leningrad are now here courtesy of… 356 more words

New Ships

British Cruisers Preview Pictures

Just as the title says: pictures of all the upcoming British cruisers. Since their models are done, I’m guessing most of the time spent on them from now until release will be tweaking and balancing, so we should be able to expect them… 67 more words

New Ships

Russian Destroyer Leningrad Coming Soon

Because attention can’t be away from the Soviet navy for more than a second, the Russian destroyer leader Leningrad will be arriving (soon?) as a new premium. 39 more words

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HMS Belfast Premium Coming Soon

The WoWs ASIA official Facebook page has shown a teaser of an upcoming premium ship: the (presumably) tier 8 British cruiser, HMS Belfast.

Tier 7 British cruiser Belfast… 115 more words

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British Cruisers Announced

As one line is released, the door opens for another: the cruisers of the Royal Navy. After waiting for so long, the Royal Navy will (eventually) be here in the game with a full line of ships! 90 more words

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Patch 5.10 Notes

Finally arriving after much hype, patch 5.10 will be here on August 17th for NA, and August 18th for ASIA and EU.

The main feature of this patch is something everybody knows by now: German battleships! 257 more words

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