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ZURVIVAL TIPS: Education | #EducationisKey #LearnNow

Education is key to survival. Think about your life now…

We have people who fix our cars, grow our food, keep the power flowing into our houses, make our clothing—we have people for pretty much everything we rely on. 68 more words

Zurvival Tips

Imagine Craftcation

Imagine a place where you:
-Explore your creativity and learn new skills
-Are surrounded by a community of passionate, welcoming, talented creatives
-Have all the tools you need to start the business of your dreams… 27 more words

Business Development

Serve, Set, Spike!

Since I started playing volleyball a few weeks ago, I have become more aware of my physical abilities. I would say that not having done much physical activity over the course of the summer break hasn’t put me in a good shape. 166 more words


Why Patience is a Virtue

Isn’t it so easy to flip your shit when life gets aggravating? Probably not how most would start a post, but it’s just so true. I’ve gone through multiple times in my life where I have the patience of an ox, and others when I can make it about 4.3 seconds through a lame excuse before I want to rip someone’s head off. 885 more words

TY Work Experience

During transition year every Tuesday we  go out into to the public and do work experience throughout the year.

I think this is a great opportunity and probably the biggest reason i choose to do TY, as I am undecided as to what career path I want to follow, which also makes me unsure as to which subjects to pick for Leaving Cert. 180 more words