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Camp Never Fails

It’s true what the title of this post says…camp never fails; and I mean that in more than one context. When I got here I’ll admit I was skeptical of the endless enthusiasm for the place and it’s work but as time has gone on, even though I don’t plan to come back something here surprises me almost every day. 210 more words


What's next?

This section is a place to catalogue the new skills that I have little or no experience in currently, but would like to investigate at some point in the future. 72 more words

New Skills

The Rift Valley: How Kenya drove a gulf between me and myself

I had a farm in Africa…. No, I didn’t really, but I did have an awesome time which may well prove to be one of those life-defining experiences where one learns something new about oneself. 629 more words


Happy Thoughts-It's ok to be a Learner

Hello :)

Have you ever tried to do a certain task, or master a certain technique & you just couldn’t get it right?

Don’t be too hard on yourself anymore. 160 more words


Felt Owl

So one of the things I decided to make to test out my hand sewing skills was a keyring felt owl. I’m not ashamed to admit that it took me nearly five hours to complete the little guy. 350 more words


Editing and the Table of Contents - for editors and writers

This article is all about what happens when a document that includes a Table of Contents (and a Table of Figures and/or a Table of Tables) is edited. 875 more words


Creative Octant

I mentioned previously that I’m working on various awards/challenges and that to make sure I keep posting and keep using my blog, I’d share some of it on here.  339 more words