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Mrs. R.: DIY Herb Garden

Mrs. R. has a new post for us. How many of you have tried to grow herbs at home? Lets see what our resident Kindergarten teacher has to say about it! 307 more words

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3 years and 6 months

My son Henry is getting stronger than ever. He now is walking up and down the stairs as supposed to climbing up them on his hands and knees, and is more stable on his feet. 328 more words

Mother And Baby

*WARNING: This blog contains adult themes and scenes of nudity*

That got your attention didn’t it, you dirty dogs!

No – it wasn’t me and yes – it was legal. 533 more words


Baby Steps Into the World of Photography

I have concluded that photography, while a great skill to have, does not come easily to everyone.  I have enjoyed learning about this new skill this week and hope that with lots of practice and more knowledge, I can become a decent photographer.   567 more words

Visual Media

Hyperbolic Crochet

Some time ago, I learned about hyperbolic crochet through our local knitting guild.  The concept fascinated me, and I was eager to find out more, but somehow, it ended up on the back burner.   204 more words


Princess Leia chronicles day 7

So actually started working on the belt yesterday. I still need to hem and out the elastic in the dress to make that iconic shape. But felt that I would get the elastic lined up better if I knew where the belt would be sitting. 307 more words

Week 12 - Get the Picture?

Total Cost: Free, or a few dollars with app purchases

Total Time: 5 hours

I have photogrophia. I don’t think that’s an actual word, but I’ve had a fear of being in photographs since high school.   1,771 more words

5 And 50