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There's treasure to be found in discount bookstores.

It may sound rather overblown to make the claim above but, it does seem to be invariably true. Yes, of course it depends very much on what you’re looking for, and let’s face it, some of our hobbies and interests are somewhat esoteric in nature but, armed with an open mind and an open eye it’s amazing what you can find. 744 more words


my experience with Windows 8 was not great to say the least

Happiness! I detested using my new Dell laptop with Windows 8. The “charms” feature frustrated me to no end. Then last night I learned I could just go to my “Start” page (like my old laptop) and access the Internet there on the big “E” icon. 95 more words

Good Decisions & Bad Drugs

First of all to make one thing clear I don’t ever get sick, therefore am not use to it and do not like it. So back in January 2012 I got pretty sick, what started off as a plain cold turned into a huge infection, it all ended up in a trip to Homerton University Hospital where they pumped me up full of  two different kinds of antibiotics, had drips attached to both my arms and at the other end of each one of those there was a 500ml bottle full of, as far as I’ 117 more words


Day One of the Extraordinary Life and Light of YOU!

What an amazing day in the field of YOU yesterday.  And man oh man, talk about some rarefied light called YOU.  One thing for sure, we are going to have to completely reprogram the way we look at ourselves.  1,620 more words

The Shift

The Socks: Part I

If you read my first post ‘The Rule’ you will know that I recently started knitting socks as part of a bid to work through my yarn stash and use up a sock knitting kit I was given, very kindly, several Christmases ago. 354 more words


MailChimp 5 - linking to your sign-up form on Facebook and your website

After publishing my article on how to create a sign-up form, I had a query about how to publicise it. This article tells you how to find the URL for your sign-up form in order to promote and link to the sign-up form in various places on the Web, including your own website, Facebook, etc. 603 more words


New Skills

I’ve been very absent recently. Apologies.

As well as writing, I’ve started trying to learn new trades and tricks. One of the things I’m in the process of picking up is InDesign and my first project is a magazine for my place of work. 364 more words