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Gymnastics and Flexibility Update

I haven’t updated about my adult gymnastics class in a while, so I thought I would take the time today. These posts are mostly just for me. 390 more words


Got My Mojo Back on Monday

Happy Monday!

Was anyone else seriously OFF last week?  I’ve been attributing this to the shortened daylight hours, especially in “after work” time, which amounts to feeling like I have less energy and less time in each day… which causes discord because I still feel like I need/want to accomplish the same amount of stuff (more and more stuff!). 431 more words

General Happiness

Homegrown Adventures

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here on a regular basis, but I wouldn’t want you to think that I’ve not been cooking in the interim. 642 more words


Alright, update for weeks 5, 6 & 7…

So far, I am still only halfway through my second non fiction book (but I intend to read more as soon as the sun comes up!) Haven’t started any classics or religious texts yet. 209 more words

Weekly Update

More than I thought

I was talking with a friend the other week, and she said it made her the happiest as a quilty-educator when she was in a position to watch people push themselves, and learn new skills. 363 more words


Oh, the Things You Learn You Can Do

Up until recently, my faith in myself and my abilities was practically nonexistent. Writing is the only thing that I ever consistently believed I could do well. 272 more words

Plus Size

Handstands scare me, but I keep doing them

Well, I’ve had five gymnastics classes now. I’m still enjoying it and can see myself doing at least one more session after this one. I’m starting to develop preferences for some coaches over others, and I’m starting to get a feel for what events I enjoy and which I’d rather avoid if possible. 294 more words