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Why do transcribers charge by the audio minute, not by the word?

What is the industry standard and fair way to charge for transcription work? Why do transcribers charge by the audio minute rather than by the typed word? 904 more words


Language Learning (and Life) Advice

Here at the Language Resource Center, we realize the winter semester has ended and it’s much too soon to be thinking about the coming fall. However, there is at least one subject that you might not want to forget about so soon– your language skills! 720 more words

Language Resource Center

Feel the fear and do it anyway

At the beginning of this semester, back in February, I realised that my laptop wouldn’t last forever, that the battery life was getting rather low, that soon it wouldn’t last for the length of a whole lecture, in short, that I needed a new computer. 921 more words


Foundations are important for many reasons. They are what everything else rests on and if they aren’t solid, the rest of the structure, relationship, or learning will have weak spots. 794 more words


Manic Monday

That’s a bit misleading, since we don’t do much in the way of ‘manic’ these days.

This was pretty much the headline of our weekend — little man’s newest trick! 236 more words


Learning new skills should keep me busy

Yesterday, my dad bought himself an electric guitar. Keep in mind, my dad is old. Like real old. Older than 60. Yeah.

He passed down his old guitar to me and since it’s been in my room lately, there have been times when I’ve picked it up and tried learning some easy chords on my own. 166 more words

Night Thoughts

It's Gonna Be May

I never hear that without thinking of ‘N Sync, God love them.

I think that’s still the only album I went out of my way to purchase on it’s release day. 329 more words