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A Guide to Byron Bay- The Perfect Beach Setting

Located approximately two hours south of the Gold Coast in New South Whales you will find the laidback, sunny, chilled and poetic suburb of Byron Bay… 558 more words


Shes got the look (Build process)

So we had the frame up and roof on with a few ideas rattling around inside our heads about how we wanted the cottage to look. 1,040 more words


Exploring me local

Since purchasing our property I have made many trips during the weekends and holiday breaks to carry out works on our cottage. some where in between i have also snuck in a few fishing expeditions in the surrounding estuary systems. 899 more words


Standing her up. (Build process)

Excited and somewhat nervous as i make the trip down to our property as 2 weeks prior i had finished the pouring of the slab for our cottage. 754 more words


The cottage (build process)

The evolution a rough idea……

When my wife and myself spent our first night camping on our newly purchased land we arrived around 1am. After a long commute (6 h0ur drive) we drove into the property having no idea where we wanted to set up camp and due to fatigue I drove straight to the first clearing i could see and switched the car off. 1,021 more words


First blog post

My first blog…..

After searching online to feed my own interest in living “off the grid” and “being “self sustainable” in Australia I did not really find what i was after. 303 more words



When I went there: November 2013

Sydney was my first stop on my year adventure back in 2013.  It will always hold a special place in my heart.   864 more words