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Spells to Repair a Dwelling

Over time I’ve written a few new Perdo and Rego spells for Terram and Herbam to damage parts of objects or structures (often using Target: Part as it is slightly harder but far more versatile), so in support of a breadth of magical spells for Ars Magica, here are a few ways to repair buildings and structures. 754 more words

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OTTER Update Four: Spell Variations and New Spells!

In the OTTER system, some of the 3.x spells work differently than they did in their original form; there are also spells included from other OGL systems, as well as variations of those spells, and last (but certainly not least!) some entirely new spells of my own design. 70 more words

The blog has now 450 spells for Ars Magica by year’s end, which means working in between work and family it’s possible to write roughly 50 new spells a season. 117 more words

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