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Pottermore adds new spell in honor of Snape's birthday

In honor of Professor Snape’s birthday today, Pottermore added a new spell to the Dueling Club.

The Smokescreen Spell, or Fumos, is a defensive spell; … 93 more words

Harry Potter

New spells and alterations to Wizard Duel on Pottermore

On Friday, Pottermore announced plans to unveil four new spells on October 31 as part of their “Trick or Treat” Halloween celebration.

Wands at the ready! 261 more words


New Druid Spell - Illya's Earthen Prison

In my review of the excellent & Magazine, I noted how I thought it a good idea to introduce new monsters with a short, descriptive story, rather than a dry block of stats. 921 more words

Swords & Wizardry

New 1st-level Spell: Pistori's Most Expedient Repairing Dweomer

My father taught me, many years ago, that a wizard’s most important skill is not spellcasting, but fraud – followed hotly by ingenuity.
In the vein of the “Banquet” spell of Better Than Any Man, I present “Baker’s Magic Fixing Spell”, which he came up with long ago. 635 more words


Spell Seeds

Spell Seeds:

Spell seeds are the basic building blocks of all spells. Casters can combine these seeds to create new spells.

Seed Descriptions:

The description of each seed is presented in a standard format. 4,703 more words


Cataclysm warlock changes @85, the cliff notes edition

Ok, so you know how to play a warlock post 4.0, but you havn’t bothered to look up @85 changes? You want the cliff notes edition, quick and easy. 1,602 more words