Transition period (Second Day)

On the way to school today I had an apple for breakfast then for lunch time I had a blueberry, Apple, banana, and blackberrie smoothie for an extra nutritional kick. 385 more words


About the blog and me...

This is my blog and this is my life.

I am a sixteen year old boy that lives in England and so far have spent my life rolling through the days without a care for my grades whilst ironically worrying for my future, you see I’m a huge procrastinatior when it comes to school work so I ended up doing 0 revision for my exams, albeit all this I did okay in my GCSE’s (General Certificate of Secondary Education) I got 6 B’s 2 C’s a D and an E but I was capable of getting straight A’s. 381 more words


Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3

The last New Stage movie. 3 is kind of lackluster in a way. The action is good but the story is kind of weak and isn’t anything special compared to New Stage 1 and 2. 1,985 more words

Turning points

16 December 2016

There are just those times,  those times when you know that something has changed and destiny calls.  Those times when you know that the time is now. 533 more words


New Street Fighter V Stage Inbound Called Skies of Honor

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

A new Street Fighter V stage called “Skies of Honor” will be available tomorrow. The new “Skies of Honor” stage takes place on the wing of an airplane clearly owned by… 62 more words


My King-Lover

As mentioned in the previous post, moving states away from my beloved family and MN peeps has been more bearable than expected. I’ve actually been enjoying myself. 508 more words


The King of My Heart is GOOD

I’m sitting along a river, the wind brushing my hair out of my face. The sound of rushing cars behind me is a reminder that I’m not in MN anymore, but in front of me shimmering, blue water reassures me that this place can feel like home too. 162 more words