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My generation: A society of Innovators or Idiots?

We have the ability to explore, discover, innovate, and be extraordinary thinkers. Are we utilizing our full potential as a generation open to constantly enterprising businesses, and incredibly complex technology? 656 more words

Make The Change

Boys...Boys...and MORE BOYS!!

I was scrolling Pinterest the other day just burning time. What covers my News Feed is mostly recipes, and workouts. So I was scrolling, and scrolling, and I was dumbstruck by what I saw, boys. 517 more words


"Just let me sing!"

Time for a little rant. I am sick and tired of people suggesting certain types of music to based on my age. I could care less about One Direction, Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga  and all those other people who need a bit of a reality check. 292 more words

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